Rage Against the Machine to Perform Again?

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 08/09/2013 category: music news
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Rage Against the Machine to Perform Again?
Rage Against the Machine could return to the stage next year, despite recent rumours that the band's future was uncertain. A recent picture on the band's Facebook, seen below, shows the band are organising another L.A. rising festival for next year. "August 2014 may seem distant, but THE ROAD TO L.A. RISING will NOT be barren. More info to come," says the teaser. Guitarist Tom Morello had shaken fans' faith when he hinted that RATM might not play any more live shows. "Whether or not we play any more shows is unknown." he said last month. There's no sign of a lineup for the festival yet, but since it's effectively their festival we think it's a pretty safe bet to assume they'll make an appearance. Sadly, there's no sign that the band will record any new music. Rage Against the Machine first reunited in 2010 after a campaign to get their classic song "Killing in the Name" to number 1 in the UK chart, having split a decade before. Members have been occupied with other projects in the meanwhile, with drummer Brad Wilk appearing on the new Black Sabbath album "13."
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