Rage Against the Machine to Perform Again?

The band give the strongest hint yet that they'll be returning to the stage.

Ultimate Guitar

Rage Against the Machine could return to the stage next year, despite recent rumours that the band's future was uncertain.

A recent picture on the band's Facebook, seen below, shows the band are organising another L.A. rising festival for next year. "August 2014 may seem distant, but THE ROAD TO L.A. RISING will NOT be barren. More info to come," says the teaser.

Guitarist Tom Morello had shaken fans' faith when he hinted that RATM might not play any more live shows. "Whether or not we play any more shows is unknown." he said last month.

There's no sign of a lineup for the festival yet, but since it's effectively their festival we think it's a pretty safe bet to assume they'll make an appearance. Sadly, there's no sign that the band will record any new music.

Rage Against the Machine first reunited in 2010 after a campaign to get their classic song "Killing in the Name" to number 1 in the UK chart, having split a decade before. Members have been occupied with other projects in the meanwhile, with drummer Brad Wilk appearing on the new Black Sabbath album "13."

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    They will, they wont...they will, they wont. I love them, but honestly, I don't care anymore...
    Yeah man! Talk about getting a little fed up with it all. Until they announce dates, I don't know if I'm ready to listen. My hopes are over being dashed
    Indeed. Also there is a full year for them to change their minds and go back on their word, which isn't worth a dollar anyway.
    Just do a f***ing tour with a new album once and for all, for god's sake!! please!!!
    I understand if the band's doing this on purpose in order to make their fanbase restless and thus more excited for a RATM return, but at this stage I'd rather just hear a concrete 'Yes' or 'No'.
    I just don't see why bands reform just to do sporadic touring, but no new material. If you don't want to damage the legacy you had with the old albums and shows, maybe you shouldn't reform at all, or just do a one off show. And with Tom Morello saying all this stuff about RATM not working on new material because "not everybody wants to make a new album"...well Tom says he's open to it, Zac has told interviewers that they had been working on material so he seems keen, and Tim said "definitely maybe, anything's possible" so yeah, I guess he'd be open too. So who is it stopping them, Brad Wilk? I haven't read about him talking about new material.
    Agree, and it is frustrating! I wonder is it UG and similar "News" sources, the band members or what who continually give us--the fans--this run around, yes, no, maybe BS!
    Just release an ep guys. C'mon your bound to have made some songs but your never gonna record an album.
    I don't really care about all the "yes they will / no they won't" rumors. I'll just keep listening to their amazing albums in the hopes of seeing them again live one day.
    I would love to see RATM live, don't get me wrong, but this is just getting irritating. In a week, there'll be an article titled "Tom Morello shoots down RATM tour rumor" or something along these lines. If they're for sure going to perform live, then write about it. Until then, what's the point?
    I'm not really following all their news so I'm not too bothered by their vagueness. If they play LA Rising I'll be sure to try and make it. I had to miss out the prior one.