Rage Against the Machine to Quit?

Tom Morello says the band's future is "unknown," but global protests are keeping their music alive.

Ultimate Guitar
Tom Morello has stirred up fears that Rage Against the Machine will not perform together again after saying their future is "unknown." He added that the band have no plans to tour, but acknowledges that their music has some resonance with the receipt street protests in Brazil and Turkey. "All I can say is that the music we created is so vital and contemporary to what is happening today in Sao Paolo and Istanbul," Morello told the NME. "Those songs are being played over PA systems and sung in the streets wherever people are standing up for their rights. In that regard, the band is alive and well. Whether or not we play any more shows is ... unknown." Last year, he also said that the band had no plans to record new material. "When bands make albums it's because everybody wants to, and that's not the case with Rage Against The Machine at the moment. Everyone in the band gets along very well, we consider each other friends and comrades in arms, but people sometimes don't feel ready to do it ... If at some point Rage were to get it together to work more I would be open to that, but that's not on the table right now." Rage Against the Machine most recently reunited in 2010 after an online campaign to get their song "Killing in the Name" to beat X Factor to the Christmas Number 1 slot.

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    Future "Unknown" means band is to "quit?" Good one UG
    they will stay together if a non-liberal president get's elected in 2016 then they'll make more music, notice how this happens with political bands like SOAD and etc. now that their guy is in power they can't bitch without being hypocrites.
    Actually, they are radical leftists, not liberals, not democrats and have been plenty critical of Obama.
    It's funny, cuz usually a news article will twist the words to make it sound worse than what somebody actually says; however, in this case it seems what Morello said is worse. He said he doesn't know if they will play again in the future... which kinda does mean quit.
    It has a question mark at the end. It's left as a question, it's not a statement. Nothing misleading about this one. I swear people just look for headlines to call out so they can hop on the band wagon.
    "Rage Against the Machine first recorded in 2010..." Waffuk?
    UG, there's a difference between constructing a title to make an article more appealing at a glance, and using something blatantly misleading.
    How about a full One Day as a Lion album? Haven't forgot about that!
    As much as I love One Day as a Lion, I think the five song EP was just about as long as I could listen to them at one sitting.
    I stood through a whole live show where they played the whole EP plus more songs... yeah.. they're ok.. but the mainstage at soundwave fest wasnt suited
    Well to me theyve 'quit' since 2000.A couple of shows a year doesnt really count to me.Its a damn shame as i would love new material but ive never believed they would get back together and record again.
    "Did Rage Against The Machine Ever Start Again?" Fixed your headline for you.
    must be a slow news day... their last album was in 2000, who's really holding their breath for these guys anymore?
    I thought they already quit.. I thought they just reunited for a moment for that Christmas thing.
    I need to see Rage live before I die, I just have too, I hope they tour again sometime in the future, and a new album would be even better!
    Saw them at Lollapalooza in 93 with Primus & AIC. They crushed; biggest pit I've ever seen at Mountain View. Damn, those were the days...
    I'm fine with Rage ending, or not touring anymore because in my mind they're a nostalgia act right now. That's just my opinion, feel free to disagree.
    All right... I disagree. AC/DC and The Rolling Stones; now they're nostalgia acts! But I do sympathise with the point. Maybe they could form up with Immortal Technique and create a new album that way.
    AC/DC still makes new music and tours to support it. Yeah, there's definitely nostalgia to their shows, but like Rush, they're not just coasting on their past laurels.
    Mr. X-RaY
    If Tom is open to make some new Rage songs and they're friends, it's just a matter of time before a new record will come out. At least I hope so.
    The Spoon
    I wonder if the fact that the music they've already made still being relevant and still having an impact is the reason they don't feel the drive to make a new album.
    I think everyone would like a new album and is mad that they keep saying no, but I don't believe Tom is wrong. The value of their albums and the band is high, and if they released an album that didn't measure up to anything else the value would decrease. It's like Nirvana or Sublime, in that, they only made a few albums that will live on. Now Rage has a different situation but the point is that I think they are consent with being that awesome political band from the 90's.
    'with the receipt protests'. You probably mean recent.
    No, you didn't hear about the receipt protests? Hundreds of stores with an "if we don't provide a receipt, your next purchase is free" policy refused to hold up their end, and millions took to the streets.
    Oh, you mean The Receipt Protest of aught 13, what a bloodbath. The papercuts, the PAPERCUTS!
    Misleading much. They should reform. All of the problems of today could easily inspire a new album for these guys. They have too much talent and energy that shouldn't go to waste.
    So why did they even reform? The whole thing seems really hypocritical to me since it's basically just been a cash grab.
    Exactly. Tom Morello is entering that Bono territory where it is more about him than the issues.
    Someone should start an online petition for them to create a new album and tour. Would be interesting to see how many people would sign. I would. If they got enough people I bet that would get them interested to put something out. Or maybe they're just not raging anymore...
    I hope they do quit. It's so obviously a cash grab at this point. And I think Morello saying this stuff all the time is to leverage promoters into giving them more money for shows.
    Dead Eye Dick
    How is it a cash grab when most of their shows are free?
    They certainly did not play a free show when I saw them. In fact, they have some of the most expensive tickets out there. Make no mistake, these guys are all multi millionaires.
    Psycho Pigeon
    These guys were good to listen to as a kid, jumping about and shouting "Fuck you I won't do as you tell me!", but now it's it like, whatever. They aren't going to change anything that way, maybe if they handed out a reading list at every gig you'd get some change amongst people. Also these guys are a bit Marxist which is an outdated view as well.