Rainbow Reunion Is 'Very Possible,' Says Joe Lynn Turner

"Last year, I wouldn't say it. But this year I say it."

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Singer Joe Lynn Turner recently noted that a full-on Rainbow reunion with band leader Ritchie Blackmore is "very possible" in the near future.

Chatting with Rock Overdose, the vocalist confirmed that after 17-year hiatus, the group might get back on track.

"Well, I'm gonna be honest with you right now. Yes. Possibly. It's very possible," Turner said (via Blabbermouth). "Last year, I wouldn't say it. But this year I say it. It's possible. It's a very big possibility that something might, just might, happen.

"I heard talk of it and all I can say is I'm not supposed to talk about it, but I'm talking to you now, and all I want you to do is say yes. There's a very big possibility that we may have a reunion. And it would be phenomenal."

Rainbow were active for a decade since the 1975 formation, and have subsequently reunited in 1993, only to stop working in 1997. As for Turner, the vocalist was a member of the fold between 1980 and 1984, performing such classic tracks as "I Surrender," "Street of Dreams," "Can't Happen Here" and more.

Many rock icons have passed through the ranks of Rainbow, including Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, keyboardist extraordinaire Don Airey, drummer Cozy Powell, and late great Ronnie James Dio.

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    I only really liked Dio-era Rainbow, but of course, that can't happen.
    From what i have read, there was almost a Dio Rainbow reunion in '98, but it fell through.
    Dio-era Rainbow is the best thing ever. I like the rest too, though.
    I'll be honest, I never really liked any of the songs that Rainbow put out without Ronnie James Dio. It was too much of a change in direction for the band. Though it will be interesting seeing Ritchie Blackmore moving back towards rock again.
    Never cared for the Joe Lynn version of Rainbow with those goofy white sneakers.....now Dio Rainbow..thats a whole different story...
    one of my fave bands(dio era of course). i didnt mind post-dio eras, it still rocked pretty good, but it became a little cheesier with the lyrics/vocals(pretty much always about girls and/or missing them lol). blackmore(the kerry king of those times), wanted dio to write less fantasy type lyrics and more relevant generic stuff. so dio left and did his own thing, rainbow slowly crumbled and dio became an even bigger monster of hard rock and heavy metal. \m/ if they reunite, i'd hope they could play the dio era(at least a few of them anyways)...JLT couldn't do worse than that crappy tribute album that came out not long ago(this is your life?). especially the cover of moasm halford did...it hurt my soul just trying to listen to it.
    This is your life exceeded my expectations. The Scorpions cover was spot on
    i'll admit, scorpions version of temple of the king wasn't bad...but i'm not a huge scorpions fan(music is great, but those vocals are fkn annoying imo..no offense)...if i had to choose 1 song i actually didn't mind from it...surprisingly, for me, i think tenacious d's cover of last in line was prob the best on that whole album lol.
    The first albums with Dio are the goldmine, each album with dio(even the live ones!) are among my favorite albums of all time! Graham bonnet is a killer singer in the studio but he cant do it live anymore(and Down To Earth is just as good as any Dio era album, it only had 2 or 3 cheesy songs) Then JLT came around, he is a great singer but there is some kind of edge that im missing with him, he was way better on Odyssey with Yngwie IMO But to hear Ritchie pick up a strat is the biggest thing ever for me!
    Fuck yes bring it on! Would be awesome to see Blackmore back in the world of hard rock!
    "I heard talk of it and all I can say is I'm not supposed to talk about it, but I'm talking to you now, and all I want you to do is say yes" - Translated, this means - [I heard talk of it] = I am not involved/ [I'm not supposed to talk about it but I'm talking to you now] = Just to emphasise that I'm not involved, I am making a press statement about something that is supposed to be secret and that would be a global music headline/ [all I want you to do is say yes] = I am being deliberately ambiguous. Its sad that JLT has to make publicity for himself by teasing fans with something they would like but which will never happen because Ritchie has moved on.....
    Pretty sure if you find a box of "sunglasses" in an alleyway, you don't want to look at that picture with them on.
    The only post Dio Rainbow album I could ever really get into was the one with Doogie White. Wish he could have done another album with them, good stuff.