Rammstein Blamed For School Shooting

The 15-year-old accused of shooting a classmate at a suburban Baltimore high school on the first day of school was "obsessed" with the German industrial metal band Rammstein.

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According to New York's Daily News, the 15-year-old accused of shooting a classmate at a suburban Baltimore high school on the first day of school was "obsessed" with the German industrial metal band Rammstein, Blabbermouth reports.

Bobby Gladden was arrested Monday (August 27) after allegedly opening fire in the lunchroom at Perry Hall High School. Police say he critically injured a fellow student, Daniel Borowy, before guidance counselor Jesse Wasmer tackled Gladden and took the gun away.

Gladden, who listed his nickname as "SuicidalSmile" on his Facebook page, posted the following status update the morning of the shooting: "First day of school, last day of my life. ... f--k the world."

Gladden described himself as a "metalhead" and a fan of Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, and had picture of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann as his Facebook "cover photo."

Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson said at a news conference that Gladden rode to school on the bus with a bag containing a disassembled shotgun, 21 rounds of ammunition and a bottle of vodka.

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    Yeah, it's the bands' fault. Funny how parents are never to blame for tragedies their children commit, but the musicians they listen to get cast into the fire. Absolutely ridiculous.
    sam dunn should make a documentary on how industrial metal is constantly blamed for school shootings
    Actually the Baltimore Sun has an article that describes this kid's pretty messed up home life. The article strongly implies how the parents are responsible. It also doesn't mention the shooter's taste in music once.
    He was wearing a green t-shirt on the day of the shooting. Clovers are also green... coincidence? i think not!
    Rammstien have nothing wrong at all and also just wondering who supply's this boy with achol and guns???
    Murcah! The land of the ''free'' and stoopid. Just implement proper gun-laws like the rest of the world and it wouldn't be so easy to get gunns.
    What if he had a picture of Mario and Luigi in facebook?
    Quick everyone! Hide your turtles!
    Joshua Garcia
    Then we'd blame the Mario Bros for giving him the idea to use mushrooms. Obviously.
    You laugh, I once got suspended for wearing a shirt with the green 1-Up mushroom on it, because it "has other connotations." At the time, I was completely drug free and just liked to play video games, but looked like a typical high school stoner.
    This needs to stop. No band should have their music listed as a reason for someone who's mentally ill committing an action like this.
    They just like to point it out when its rap or metal, and ill be willing to bet there are more serial killers obsessed with classical music. Crazy people do things normal people do, period.
    Hey, shush on the classical music blame. I can't stand how classical music is always related to insanity, it's not! Ahhhhh...
    Remember when Blink 182 was blamed for that kid committing suicide? This just never stops.
    Suicide soloution by ozzy back in the 80's supposedly caused a young suicide. the family tried to sue and the judge laughed out loud in the court. lol
    Yeah, and it didn't even talked about how "the solution" is suicide; Ozzy said it's aboud drinking a lot of whisky and doing other drugs, which would be a mixed 'deadly' solution. He also said the song was dedicated to the a Ac/Dc singer, in case somebody didn't know. ^.^
    No where in this article does it reference anyone "blaming" any band for the shooting.
    Yea, it's not in the Blabbermouth article or the source of that article. The New York Daily News. UG just likes to take news and twist everything around.
    no, the media never said it outright but they were definitely implying it was the music's fault, UG only pointed out what they implied
    The NY Daily News article heavily implies it, and that's what the title references.
    Look at the title, lol
    That's the point. The title has nothing to do with the article. I guess it's possible UG didn't copy and paste the portion of the article that talks about people blaming Rammstein, but it's not in this article they posted.
    Articles like this are ****ing dumb. I can't believe it's 2012 and music still gets blamed for stupid shit like this. What if Rammstein had fans that were doctors, lawyers, people of admirable stature... bands never get the positive credit, do they?
    If it was a non-metal band, they wouldn't have even been mentioned as a link to what he did
    That was something I wanted to say. You never hear about the idiot that listens to Dr. Dre or something joins a gang and then shoots up his school to get thug credit. Or the angry redneck that blows his wife head off because he listened to Garth Brooks.
    Yeah, you're right, I listened to Reise, Reise yesterday and I could not stop shooting people. /sigh Music only rarely influenciates someone to this point. And for someone to do that, the person already has a really ****ed up mind. Good old moralism...
    The only time music has actually pushed someone to this point was with the killing of Dimebag. And that was a COMPLETELY different situation
    No, there have been plenty of instances where music has been 'a factor', be it metal, country, rap or whatever. In each case, though, it's not the fault of the artist. It's the fault of the individual for letting obsessions take over and completely distort their world view. It's the fault of those around the individual for not noticing and/or offering the needed help, and the fault of the system for letting people with such huge issues slip through. Music can affect people like very few other stimuli, but a person has to be pretty much broken for anything to influence them to this kind of thing.
    mass shootings have been happening all year. everyday couple days theres another one. this worlds going insane.
    Not being funny, but notice its always america, and almost never europe, despite having a larger population???
    But even then that guy was ****ed up. Also it's very discomforting how many mass shootings have happened in the past few months...
    Between every "metal-related" shooting, there are about a hundred NON-metal-related shootings. I'm tired of the media trying to show a correlation that clearly doesn't exist. It's called confirmation bias. Apparently the media hasn't heard of it.
    Here's an idea, lets just blame the kid. My friends like Rammstein, and they're the nicest people in the world.
    I blame whoever sold this guy Vodka and a Gun - Lethal - Surely it wasn't Rammstein XD
    The only one blaming Rammstein for the shooting is UG
    Seriously. They take a tidbit of info that was reported on to help paint a picture of the criminal's personal life, turn it into a headline about a metal band being responsible for making him shoot people and then complain about bias and media hype. Bloody idiots. You are the problem.
    Oh come on. They leave little hints all over the article to try and plant ideas in people's heads. Just because they didn't flat-out blame any one, doesn't mean they're not putting anyone under fire by what they wrote. Really though, open your eyes. They're not putting that info into the article for no reason; it's not just "fun facts" about the kid. They want you to read it and think to yourself that it's those bands' fault. Instead of telling you themselves and insulting your intelligence, they want you to "figure it out" on your own because then people start fighting for something they believe, not something they were told. It's literal brain-washing. Because then all these people have these self-righteous agendas, going off and fighting bands that have no relation to occurrences like these like they're fighting crusades. It's really sad. And I have to agree with so many of the other comments on here. So many good points. I wish the media could just see these. No one blames the parents, or thinks about the obvious possibility that these people are already just ****ed up in the head, or mentions all the other shootings that have no relation to metal at all. They're always just looking for a scape goat. I mean, no one blames jazz or Frank Sinatra, or opera when a guy goes and shoots up a building, which if I were one of the professionals investigating that, Opera would be the first culprit over any other factor; I'd kill a bunch of people if I had to hear that shit too! (Zing!) No but really...
    Basically what I'm trying to say is that, granted, 99% of the headlines I see on this site are pretty much the opposite of their corresponding article, you can't bash UG for picking up on the agonizingly un-subtle hints of this one.
    I (personally) think that the music didn't create the monster, the monster was created in the house he grew up in. For all we know rammstein might have kept him from doing this until now? is that not a possibility?
    "now why would he does this?" "he listens to metal music..." "THAT MUST BE THE PROBLEM!" - our ****ed up society
    Funny, whenever somebody does something amazing and it turns out they like metal they never say "it's all down to the metal music."
    He describes himself as a metalhead, because of listening to Slipknot and Marilyn Manson? Ouch...
    To be fair, he probably listened to loads of other bands, but the media are only going to report on the bands who have got a 'controversial' reputation in the mainstream. My aunty has heard of Marilyn Manson, so she can be outraged at this. She hasn't heard of, I dunno, Opeth.
    that's what i was thinking. that kind of "metal" is what makes kids wanna shoot people. i'm a "metalhead", but my faves include Megadeth, Children of Bodom, Whitechapel.... i agree with Whitechapel's lyrics about us as humans and how hateful and seemingly worthless most of us really are, but that doesn't mean kill everyone you hate. complete bullshit.
    Mr Winters
    Also, if you allow anyone, even 15 year old kids, to carry guns, well, don't be surprised if people get shot.
    If music is to blame for this shooting, how come Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon who made peaceful music? Stupid media.... Come Together doesnt make me wanna kill people, and same with Pussy by Rammstein
    Pretty sure if im going to go on a rampage.. its going to because of Justin bieber or something... see if we can get him blamed for somethin at least
    "New Justin Bieber album reported to have turned people gay, Rammstein is to blame"
    I'm sorry that I have to use Nazi Card but Hitler listened to Wagner and still I haven't heard that anyone blaims classical music about the mass-murders in the World War II.
    I like food. Now I'll go shoot some people, and wait for the world to starve because food inspired my murders.
    Electric Wizard MADE me smoke pot. Hank Sr. made me drink excessively. Cyndi Pauper made me search for One Eyed Willie's treasure. Darn you music!
    I wonder what everyone would think if he was a huge fan of the Gaither Family Vocal Band... "Oh! So he's a fan of GOSPEL music." "We must burn the churches to stop this,"
    Root Beer
    The kid's a loser for shooting up a school, the parents are losers for raising him so horribly, and UG are losers for, once again, flat out lying in the article title. So I think there's enough loser-ism to go around.
    For ****s sake, why, did the bands give the kid a gun. I'm fairly certain he listened to the bands as an escape from the shitty life that caused him to do it. I'm not saying what he did was right, I'm saying the bands aren't to blame.
    Mr Winters
    Apparently the fact that the other millions of metal fans are not ****ed up psychopaths is not enough to prove that music doesn't have shit to do with stuff like this. Because well, if it were true that metal makes you violent and all, I would have killed thousands by now.
    Let's see... Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, school shootings, subliminal messages in lyrics etc etc. Smells like 1999. It's really sad to see that there are people so ignorant to put the blame on bands for a mad kid's bloodthirst.
    metal heads don't listen to those bands...
    I must be the only one not understanding these comments... They are metal
    yes, they are metal. But someone who identifies themselves as a metal head does not listen to their brand on metal. Nu Metal.....
    I dont't want to SEE THIS on a page where I want to look for music tabs. This has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with music. It doesn't belong here, its just trying to catch your attention by using "Attention" words like bands or artist names and tries to make you read such RIDICULOUS SHIT!!!!! (I admit, it worked for myself and I am pretty angry for wasting my time by reading such a CRAP! I am with those who say "STOP THIS!" and in my opinion it would give a more realistic picture to blame the effing TV or Mario and Luigi for shooting, because both serve the same function: Distract from the real problem, which is a social-issue, not an entertainment issue.
    Seriously... Some of the guys in Rammstein have children, and they are a tongue in cheek kind of band. I've never listened to Rammstein and suddenly had the urge to kill someone. Pretty calm with all shades of death metal, but I tend to get quite angry if I hear a Nicki Minaj song. Still no urge to shoot someone though.
    Anyone else think the article title is a bit misleading? No one blamed Rammstein...just said he was obsessed with them. I think UG is stirring up some trouble with the title. Now IF they did blame it on Rammstein at some point, then that would be ****ing stupid
    Adding to that, I do think that the mention of the music he likes is a little ridiculous. Shame on the media for trying to correlate musical taste with firing a shotgun at a student. There's no real accountability anymore.
    And there lies the issue, why mention Rammstein at all...A disturbed child traumatizes and assaults his classmates.....period...Blame the originators of the article, whom first mentioned Rammstein.....non-sence