Randy Blythe Case Postponed

artist: Randy Blythe date: 02/07/2013 category: music news
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Randy Blythe Case Postponed
Randy Blythe has returned to the US after his manslaughter case in Prague was postponed because a key witness is ill. Blythe swore to return and prove his innocence to the court when the case continues on March 4. He has permission to return to the US, because he proved he is not a flight risk when he returned from the US for this initial trial. Before the case was adjourned, other details emerged about the fateful night where Lamb Of God fan Daniel N. sustained a fatal injury. Apparently the band issued a list of security demands to the venue, including that barriers should be placed 1.5 meters away from the stage. The judge noted that this wasn't the case, but the venue owner said the band didn't express any concerns about the barrier either before or after the gig, according to the Prague Post. Yesterday we reported on witnesses who claimed Blythe's behaviour that night had been "extremely aggressive," but the court also heard how his stage persona is all an act and that in reality he's quiet and well-read. While Blythe admits to pushing a different fan from the stage that night, he swears that to the best of his knowledge he did not push the one who died. "I never saw [Daniel N.] or came into contact with him," he said.
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