Randy Blythe Case Postponed

The Lamb Of God singer will return to the US until the case continues in March. Meanwhile, new details about security failings at the venue have emerged.

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Randy Blythe has returned to the US after his manslaughter case in Prague was postponed because a key witness is ill.

Blythe swore to return and prove his innocence to the court when the case continues on March 4. He has permission to return to the US, because he proved he is not a flight risk when he returned from the US for this initial trial.

Before the case was adjourned, other details emerged about the fateful night where Lamb Of God fan Daniel N. sustained a fatal injury.

Apparently the band issued a list of security demands to the venue, including that barriers should be placed 1.5 meters away from the stage. The judge noted that this wasn't the case, but the venue owner said the band didn't express any concerns about the barrier either before or after the gig, according to the Prague Post.

Yesterday we reported on witnesses who claimed Blythe's behaviour that night had been "extremely aggressive," but the court also heard how his stage persona is all an act and that in reality he's quiet and well-read.

While Blythe admits to pushing a different fan from the stage that night, he swears that to the best of his knowledge he did not push the one who died. "I never saw [Daniel N.] or came into contact with him," he said.

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    It's good to see the court has seen that he is responsible and letting him leave for the US. Who knows what another month in prison would have done to him.
    I'm sure he would have been fine, and would probably just have another month's worth of writing material ahaha
    The only best advice i could give to my dear friend, Randy Blythe : RIDE THE LIGHTNING! ... if you know what i mean.
    Ride the lightning refers to the electric chair sooo. *pats on head* Okay son.
    pretty sure that guy knows exactly what it meant. glad you could feel like you enlightened us all with your vast knowledge of Metallica. thank you for that. *kicks in ass*
    Randy has been nothing but respectful to the Czech government, and to the poor kid's family. The least people could do is respect his professionalism. He's expressed nothing but sorrow about the death. I think the proof of his innocence is clear from the fact that he has willingly returned to Prague, and is seeing this case through. If he was guilty, he likely wouldn't be so eager to head back over, know what I mean? He hasn't acted guilty, and he hasn't been trying to hide out in a shack somewhere in the marshes of Virginia. Anytime an innocent person dies, it's a tragedy. But Randy's not to blame in this situation. Mourn the kid, but don't crucify the singer just because he's the frontman of a metal band. Anyone who has been to a Lamb of God concert knows that they can get quite rowdy. As cruel as this will sound, the kid should've known better.
    The people are still in mourning or something and their judgement is screwed. Leave the poor guy alone, he didn't do anything
    It's been a few years since the fan actually died, and while the pain of losing a family member never really goes away the mourning period has probably ended and they should be thinking clearly.
    The kid acted like an *****. You rush the stage as a fan and you deserve what you get. Dont want to die? Dont be a dumbass.
    All I have to say is look what happened to Dimebag Darrell when a fan came on stage. I don't blame Randy for What he did and i would feel bad too if a fan died because of it, but you can never be to sure what is going to happen when a fan gets on stage.
    Okay, so this has bugged the hell out of me since Randy was accused so many months ago, but I feel now is the time to say it. Isn't the band not liable for injuries sustained from ignoring safety measures at shows, such as the barricades that were in place? I thought that rule was well known. Or are people in the Czech Republic not aware that the same rules for metal shows in the rest of the world apply for them too?
    Are you really this stupid? There are no 'rules for metal shows' that apply worldwide. Each country has its own laws. That said, this incident allegedly involves Blythe assaulting someone - that's a crime in every country in the world. I realize metal heads tend to not be th sharpest tools in the shed, but you've hit a new low.
    Alright, so being an ***** to me isn't gonna change anything. But I know music and bands, and I know you have to sign a contract before playing shows (at least around my area) that you have to sign that states that the band isn't liable for injuries. I understand fully that this fan should be mourned for and that Randy is feeling the full impact of his death. We all are. But the management is to blame for not reading the fine print of whatever shitty contract they made the band sign that holds Randy liable for this. And either way, this is a manslaughter charge and they're acting as if he physically tried to kill the kid. That's what's irritating the shit out of me. Oh and FYI, I'm smarter than any rap, country, or pop head that I've ever met. So hate on me if you want, but I'm entitled to my own opinions as well.
    Calling people names doesn't get you anywhere. Besides, Randy didn't 'assault' anyone. Even IF he did help in this kid getting shoved off the stage, it was because this kid was stupid enough to try rushing the stage to begin with.
    Precisely. People need to understand this is not a matter of Randy is a metal artist being blamed. They need to realize that this kid, who will be sorely missed, did something reckless and because of it died. Let this be a lesson that people need to control themselves and let's hope this never happens to another poor metal fan, or music fan in general, ever again.
    Second Rate
    There are no such things as international laws, despite what diplomats and dignitaries may say to try and make themselves seem more than irrelevant. I see you are a fellow American. In the U.S., this case would possibly be thrown out because of something called "assumed risk." When you willingly ignore safety rules, you have waived your right to legal recourse. It's akin to going to a baseball game and getting cracked upside the head by a foul ball and rendered retarded.... you can't sue the player, team, stadium, etc. because you knew that there was a possibility that this could happen, and you acknowledged that the second you parked your posterior in the seat. The laws may be (and likely are) different in the Czech Republic.
    "I realize metal heads tend to not be th sharpest tools in the shed, but you've hit a new low...." So which or whom is the sharpest tool in the shed coz i wanna hit/stab you with it.
    I've said it before and i'l say it again. He doesn't need to go back there. Why he ever went back i'll never know. Yeah its sad but Randy didn't do f--k all wrong. Its that guys own fault he's dead. Nobody elses. As LoG themselves have said 'get the f--k off our stage'. All this is about is some deluded parents who have brought a lawsuit against someone famous in the hope of pinning the blame for their idiot son's death and getting some $$$ for it. Call me sick, call me what you will, but thats the truth. Dont wanna die? Stay off the stage, dumbass. And anyway, even if the Czech morons had tried to have him sent there from the states to face trial, the US authorities have the final say and they would say "no" cause theres not enough hard evidence. All he has to do now is not return to the Czech Republic ever in his lifetime, be it on his own or with LoG. If it was my band, i wouldnt be returning to a country that tried putting me in jail for something i did not do, i'd be like f--k you guys, enjoy the CDs cause thats all your gonna get out of us
    If this case were in a US court, it probably would've been thrown out by now. Since my knowledge of the Czech justice system is a bit limited, this could get interesting.
    Mike Quall
    if you were going to die and were a diehard log fan, what better place than on stage at a lamb concert? maybe it was the guys fate.. i mean if this guy was still alive would he really want randy in prison for so many years?
    miregal have you got a brain? You do realise there is a difference between getting charged for manslaughter and murder don't you? Look up the two different charges, understand what they mean THEN form an opinion....
    He murdered a kid. End of story.
    Second Rate
    you're a twit, end of story. Again, i don't know how the law works in the Czech Republic, but in America there is such a thing as "assumed risk." When you willingly undertake a dangerous activity or you ignore safety rules, you can not seek a legal recourse against people. It is a shame that this kid is dead, but this is not murder. He was not supposed to be on the stage (those "barriers" are there for a reason), and we he hopped up there he assumed any and all risks that come with being up there. If in the course of being ejected from the stage, he lost his life, oh well. His family has nothing to blame except his stupidity. And again, i'm sure the laws in the Czech Republic are different than my country's, but any liberal democratic republic should have a respect for personal responsibility. This manslaughter charge is a crock of shit.
    That's just a stupid comment. I'm sure most people have seen the video in question where it appears Randy's hand pushes the kid along off the stage. I'm not physicist or anything, but look at the flight path that kid took. he SOARED into the crowd. There's no god damn way Randy could've sent the kid flying like that with one hand. 90% of the force that made that kid take a dive was the 2-handed shove by the security guard, as well it sort of looks like the kid may have attempted a stage-dive and propeled himself forward as well. Calling Randy an outright murderer is such a close-minded, retarded statement to make when there's nothing about this case that concludes the kid was murdered. You, miregal, are an absolute idiot.
    I hadn't seen the video, thanks for mentioning it. Looks a lot better for Randy than I thought
    LOLOLOLOL... 1/10, you terrible-ass troll.
    I'm entitled to my own opinion. The kid got killed. Why wouldn't he go back to Prague? it would be ridiculous for him not to. It would be wise of him to show nothing but respect. I don't respect him for doing what he had to do because if he didn't go the Czech Republic would have sent for him either way. It just so happened that they didn't, because he came right to them. Whether he did it or not he has to answer to it. The video shows both him and the security guard shoving the kid off stage.
    Apparently you are not privy to extradition laws. There is not a guaranteed chance he would be forced to even go and face a trial, and it would probably take a long time to muster the evidence to get an extradition granted. Furthermore, you, sir, are powerfully ignorant if you think you can see a 30-second video and know all the facts, and even more ignorant if you think ANYONE is exempt from the right of due process. TL;DR You are an imbecile.
    Oh please continue to tell me how you are more intelligent than I.
    anvil is god
    Just put him in jail already.
    Stupid brony
    anvil is god
    Stupid asshat. EDIT: Seriously though, personal attacks are a bad way to make a point.
    Note: when telling people to not make personal attacks, don't make personal attacks.
    Apparently you are not privy to extradition laws. There is not a guaranteed chance he would be forced to even go and face a trial, and it would probably take a long time to muster the evidence to get an extradition granted. Furthermore, you, sir, are powerfully ignorant if you think you can see a 30-second video and know all the facts, and even more ignorant if you think ANYONE is exempt from the right of due process. TL;DR You're an imbecile.
    I'll not be committing a crime next time I'm in Prague. That being said, I wouldn't go back if I were him.