Randy Blythe Confirms Working on Music for Richmond Ballet

Singer looking to get Testament's Alex Skolnick involved as well.

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Randy Blythe recently dropped somewhat of an unexpected announcement, confirming his involvement with the the Richmond Ballet and their New Works Festival.

Chatting with Radio.com, Lamb of God frontman noted he is working on a "piece of music" for the esteemed establishment. "I'm just finishing my book, 'Dark Days,'" he kicked off. "I'm trying to just relax for a minute, man! But I'm actually doing a piece of music for the Richmond Ballet, their New Works Festival, my buddy is choreographing that, he's a professional ballet dancer, I'm composing that right now."

Detailing his role in the project, Randy shared his desire to get Testament's Alex Skolnick involved as well. "I'm not a pianist or anything, but I have the ear to write music," he said. "I can't play guitar or whatever, but with the way digital editing is, you can compose little tiny bits at a time. It's a lot of fun and I think I'm going to get my buddy Alex Skolnick from Testament to lay some atmospheric guitar tracks on that, and we'll be in the ballet world!"

During the rest of the chat, Blythe discussed his manslaughter trial, criticizing the US government for not informing him about being a wanted man in Czech Republic. "The American government was not going to extradite me," he said. "They refused to cooperate with the Czechs in the initial investigation. And neglected to let me know that there had been one.

"But I wouldn't have been able to look myself in the mirror," the vocalist continued. "I'm not that good at lying to myself. And to my knowledge, I was the only one who held any sort of answer - and not a very clear one, from my perspective - for those parents. They lost their kid, they have to deal with that for the rest of their life, if I can give them any sort of closure, that's the least I could do."

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    Well that's that I suppose Ballet is now metal as f*ck.
    Randy Blythe is the definition of "A Man"
    I'm happy to accept the term 'Randy Blythe' as synonymous with 'Man'. "You won't jump over that ditch? Randy Blythe the f*** up, man!"
    Holy shit, he actually makes this idea sound ****ing manly. I'm stoked to hear this. Super duper stoked.
    We've got Serj Tankian doing classical music; Randy doing music for ballet; guess soon we'll hear Meshuggah's score for the next Pixar movie.
    buster hymen
    The wall of death should be interesting. Everyone runs towards each other snapping their fingers West Side Story style.
    I think it's pretty cool. If i was in his position and had the chance to do something different, i really would. best of luck to him i say.
    I think calling guys like This a "vocalist" is probably as big a stretch as you can make in music....
    So he can't play any instrumets, or really "sing" in the traditonal sense, which leads me to believe he probablly doesn't read music either. How exactly then does one compose ballet music? More power to him for even attempting it with such a limited skill set, but i'm really curious how he is doing this?
    So basically, he's having the time of his life evolving as a musician, even working with a ballet... Meanwhile the boy he decided to murder by throwing him onto a guard-rail is six feet under. His life cut short while Randy Blythe is set to make a king's ransom capitalizing on his murder by publishing a book that no doubt covers his crime in vivid detail. This is just sickening...