Randy Blythe 'Disgusted' With Fans

Blythe asked for one minute of silence at a Lamb Of God show to respect Friday's massacry victims, but he's outraged at some in the audience who were "cursing and laughing" instead.

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Randy Blythe was furious when fans at a Lamb Of God show didn't take part in a minute of silence for the Connecticut victims.

The band were performing at Medford, Oregon when Blythe asked the audience to take part in a short silence to honor the 26 women and children who died in a massacre in Newtown, Connecticut that day.

While many in the crowd respectfully took part in the silence, others ignored Blythe's request. Later, Blythe shared his disappointment on Instagram (via Antiquiet):

"I have never been more disgusted with an audience in my life. I wish we hadn't played," Blythe said. "Most of the crowd complied, but several didn't, some cursing & even laughing. I wanted to walk off stage.

"I am so disgusted right now - if you were one of those who wouldn't shut up for SIXTY LOUSY SECONDS to honor twenty MURDERED CHILDREN - go look in the mirror. You are looking at a piece of sh-t.

"To the fans who were respectful, I thank you. I am also sorry you have so many goddamned aholes in your community. You should do something about that. This sh-t would not have happened at a lamb of god show where I live, & that is a FACT.

"I am just disgusted. Thoroughly DISGUSTED. You yelling people give metal a band name-screw that, you give humanity a bad name.

Do certain members of the metal community have an attitude problem? What's your position on the gun control debate? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Attitude problem? Laughing in the face of memories of twenty dead children, as well as the 6 teachers and support staff that died to protect the others, is utterly disgusting. I can see why he freaked out. RIP and my condolences to their families and friends. I don't want to begin to imagine what they're going through.
    "What's your position on the gun control debate?" Um, that's not really even related to the article... are you that desperate to start a war, UG?
    Yeah, that kind of pisses me off. What the hell is with UG trying to be some political battlezone? That is definitely not the most important point that this story is trying to make.
    My Last Words
    Same thing with the dave mustaine-tarantula article where 50% of the article is about Obama and politics. Oh and about the gun control.. Guns don't kill people People kill people with guns.
    guns are made to kill people though, and like you said" people kill people... with guns" so take the guns out of teh equation and a big part of the problem is solved
    The main point of allowing guns are for self-defense, however there are psychopaths who misuse this. I do agree that gun use should be controlled but definitely not abolished.
    that's what I'm saying " however there are psychopaths who misuse this", psychopaths wouldn't " misuse" guns if they didn't have access to it, what's so hard to get? I dont think that there's less mentaly ill people in europe, but they do have a MUCH lower rate of murder AND murder by fire arm, why? cause possessing and selling weapons is illegal
    and self defense against what? have you ever used your M16 in the street to protect you from somebody? it's all about the small d*ck syndrome, that's just a big toy and you find lame excuses to ahve one, and if you rellay believe in what you sayn, you should grow ball and take self defense lessons, cause if you dont feel secure and safe without a big barrel in your hand, you got some issues
    Anyone who has never shot a gun or used one usually is a giant pussy and thinks taking away law abiding citizen's guns away will solve some this stuff magically. Learn responsible gun care to protect yourself because the Police will never be there to save you. The real issue is the blindness to mental health and the problems the person obviously had that went untreated. Take your anti-gun bullshit somewhere else, he could have just as easily used a katana or machete and nobody could have stopped him.
    I've grown up to believe differences can be settled (as a last resort) with an honest scrap. I don't see how someone who would rather use his fists to the talking than a f*ggot gun is a pussy
    Anyone who has never shot a gun or used one usually is a giant pussy and thinks taking away law abiding citizen's guns away will solve some this stuff magically. Learn responsible gun care to protect yourself because the Police will never be there to save you. The real issue is the blindness to mental health and the problems the person obviously had that went untreated. Take your anti-gun bullshit somewhere else, he could have just as easily used a katana or machete and nobody could have stopped him.
    yeah cause it's so much manlier to defend yourself with an automatic weapon than to fist fight... even a 12 year old girl could take a 7ft man's life with a gun, couldn't say the same if she was using her fists
    and there is a paradox, you don't need guns for self-defence if other people don't have guns to threaten you with in the first place. That line of argument leads to one of two places, either everyone has guns to protect themselves from everyone else's guns or nobody has guns and thus nobody needs a gun to protect themselves from the other guns. I know which one I prefer!
    Yeah but dude, you could outlaw all guns but the psychopaths would still be abel to get their hands on them through gangs and stuff. I mean, marijuanas illegal in most states but that stop people from smoking it.
    People will kill people regardless of what is available to them. Guns, bombs, knives, hell, even pencils can be used to kill. The common denominator in all of these methods is the person. In the case of most mass murders the killer has one or more mental disorders that leads to the killing. We need to fix the problem (treatment of mental illness in America). Guns are a tool, only one means to an end. If someone is so committed to murder, that they would go to a elementary school for christs sake, then they will kill, no matter what is available to them.
    that's why you hear a lot of news about psychopaths killing children with pencils... or knives... there's nothing in what you say that advocates for gun possession, you only say " if they want to kill they could use other weapons", where does that sentence contradicts the fact that guns should be made illegal? we can't make pencils illegal, nore knives, cause people need them, but who needs automatic weapons? only insecure weaklings like this kids, you take them out of the equation, you might not cure all america's violence problem, but a good damn part of it
    without guns, next time a weak stupid kid like him feel frustrated he will punch the wall, break his hand, cry a bit, and voila, rather than pickin mama's guns ( who was also a weapon freak) and press the easykilling button, at least with a knife he would have thought twice about attacking adults with it, cause it's MUCH harder that just pressing a trigger
    You know you can make guns quite easily. He could also fashion an explosive device with household stuff. If people want to kill, they'll find a way. H won't just "punch the wall", he'll take whatever he can find and kill someone. In the moment, it's just as easy to stab someone as it is to pull the trigger.
    however I don't recall any innicident where a crazy guy went into a school and killed 26 people with a pencil.
    you're missing the point, it's a lot more difficult to commit mass-murder without a gun! Your targets stand a much better chance of either defending themselves or running away too if you can't shoot them!
    You're right. He said "people kill people... with guns." So take people out of the equation and a big part of the problem is solved. Nailed it!
    Will taking away utensils stop people from being overweight?
    will taking your fingers away stop you from scratching your anus? maybe not but it will help
    I agree it's not something thats going to keep the peace, but it's not like guns have nothing to do with an article based on the effects of a shooting..
    I think he might be disgusted.
    No need to explain those upvotes...
    There are enough 12 year olds on this site that it doesn't matter what he says, a picture of tits will get him lots of upvotes
    oh im sorry did YOU want the medal? izzy take down your tits irish connor wants the medal. sadly its more realistically probably 20 year olds and up upvoting his stuff for the tits. and i think at this point we are all VERY aware of why he gets upvotes...especially when he just repeats what we already know haha
    Yes!!! Been waiting for WholeLottaIzzy for a few days now. Thank you.
    I agree with him, but he have acknowledged those who were quiet first instead of lumping them together with his firs statement.
    Yeah, but he posted the comments on instagram. Chances are he couldn't fit them all together so he posted separately. I actually wrote a 2-page journal entry not too long ago on the effects of the internet. One of the effects I wrote about was a growing amount of apathy amongst humans, which i'll post as a reply to this comment.
    The lack of humanity in this new world of online-interactions becomes apparent within a few seconds on a social-networking site when a person is exposed to the humor that is promoted throughout the internet. When one browses through the humorous posts made on the site, one is often bombarded with thousands of machine-pressed images with different humorous sayings posted in similar fonts and similar colours. It is deeply disturbing that most of these humorous photographs look as though they were created by robots in a lab, rather than by humans using a computer. It is also disturbing that most of the photographs are filled with apathetic humor that makes people chuckle at subjects such as suicide, death, pedophilia, rape and genocide. Looking at the various humorous photographs, I have come to the conclusion that it comes as no surprise that most of the people on social-networking sites have become apathetic towards many of the people on the same social networking sites. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that Amanda Todd was taunted by thousands of strangers after she committed suicide because of, ironically, taunts similar to those she received after her suicide.
    I agree with you to an extent, that online interactions have a certain dehumanizing effect. I think most of that comes from how it has progressively rendered actual person-to-person contact unnecessary, and that at some point we will have to ask ourselves how much is too much. However I think you can relax, because i doubt that internet humor is creating mass murderers, or people who laugh during moments of silence for a mass murder
    they're lucky he didn't throw them on their heads
    You're one of those pieces of shit he's talking about.
    How is that comment worth liking in anyway? You think you're funny don't you. Obviously 84 other people think you're funny. Proving that there are far more stupid and inconsiderate people on the planet than people with a conscience.
    Dude, he was making a light of a bad situation. It's not an offensive joke so stfu and stop trying to get likes.
    I disagree. I am a man of outstanding class and intelligence. Infact, when i read his comment, my monocle fell out into my glass of champagne. You need to lighten up bud, this is UG. Home of moron 17 year old metalheads, not "high-brow bi-weekly."
    Might just be one of the single best comments I've seen in my life
    Whoa dude, chill. He was AGREEING with Randy in a lighthearted way. I think it's horrible that people at a show could be so disrespectful, but I thought his comment was funny. Burn me at the stake while you're at it.
    point proven my frien im backing Blythe on this....those ppl who were laughing are pieces of shit and give metal a horrible name. i wonder if they would be laughing if it happened to them? as a human i hope it doesnt happen to anyone
    Murders judging murders