Randy Blythe Found Not Guilty

Czech Court reached the verdict after nine months of court proceeding.

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Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was found "not guilty" of manslaughter on March 5, 2013, after a controversial legal situation that lasted nine months, Loudwire reports.

After the court's original ruling, prosecutors appealed the decision. However, the ruling was just re-evaluated by a Czech court and the vocalist's verdict has been upheld, effectively putting an end to the case.

Blythe was unexpectedly arrested at a Czech airport in June 2012, facing manslaughter charges for the death of Lamb of God fan Daniel Nosek. The singer was accused of pushing Nosek of the stage during a 2010 Czech Lamb of God performance. Nosek allegedly hit his head on the venue floor during the show, later leading to the 19-year-old fan's demise.

After Blythe was finally given the "not guilty" verdict, the Prague State Attorney announced that he would appeal the court's decision. However, the appeal failed, which leaves Blythe as a free man.

Lamb of God tweeted the news earlier today (June 5):

Randy Blythe officially cleared by Czech Republic courts - lambgoat.com/news/20544/Lam

Lamb Of God (@Lambofgodband) June 5, 2013

"I have been found not guilty and acquitted of all charges against me," Blythe posted on his Instagram account shortly after his initial ruling. "I am a free man. Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support."

Lamb of God are currently on a North American tour with Decapitated and Anciients. Hardcore act Terror were forced to drop out of the tour due to health issues, and the Acacia Strain are scheduled to join the tour in Indiana on June 12.

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    Finally. this case is Laid to Rest
    Whats with the douchey State Attorney? Name probably wasn't in the paper long enough! Peace
    yup. whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward.
    How is appealing to an established set of rules which apply to everyone equally a sign of foolishness or cowardice? The law lets the weak have a voice and is there to protect the vulnerable. In my opinion doing the opposite (i.e. attacking someone outwith the law) would be the cowardly thing to do as it suggests you cannot justify yourself openly.
    Who says the law is fair and unbiased. Private arbitration beats public legal discourse especially when you require your fellow man to pay for the whole mess in the form of taxpayer money
    this was all so unnecessary - on the other hand - I believe he has earned everybody's respect by being a real man and going to court!
    Wasn't unnecessary at all, I'm sure if you asked Randy he would say the same thing. The court case was about closure for the family, hopefully they have some.
    Wtf is wrong with you? If there were any evidence that he was responsible for this death, he would be in jail right now. It's pretty much the same that you are rapist because you have a dick. Retard...
    Never really listened to Lamb of God, but I'm happy that he is free and common-sense prevailed for once.
    I'm not a fan of LoG, but I gotta admit, along with the progression of this case, my respect for Randy has gradually increased more and more - More than what can be said for a certain mr. Lambesis...
    At least be a good troll. When your "edgy opinion" is just factually wrong, it just makes you look retarded.
    Nice to know that even in the Czech Republic, the idea of "innocent until proven guilty" still holds up. But, like he said, even though he was found not-guilty, there still is a family in grief.
    And were you there to judge him? Uploaded footage was quite blurry. In one of those articles there was that many of those eye-witnesses weren't able to confirm that Randy was the one who pushed the guy. It's a tragedy that this guy died, but unless you have proofs about it some way being Randy's fault, bring it! If not, shut your mouth! He would be in jail otherwise! Use some common sense! Violence or using some kind of force is not good, but in some cases it's nessecary. If it makes you instantly criminal then most of the cops and security guys across the world are criminals. Makes sense? And again... Label me as criminal too, rapist to be precise, because I have a dick and I have been with some women. Unless you have any proofs that I didn't force them to be with me, I am criminal! I don't care much about LoG, if there were any evidence that it was Randy's fault, I would be happy to hear him doing his time. It would be justice after all. But court found him not guilty twice. TWICE! Would court find criminal not guilty? Fcking retarded, honestly...
    Okay, Forgive me on this but I dont understand. A man pushes someone off from a fair height that leads to his death. How is this innocent? As I say not trying to be a git here just trying to understand. Okay so the fan perhaps shouldn't be up on stage (although I grew up with this happeneing and being acceptable, sometimes almost encouraged by the band, mine does, perhaps its a 90s alt rock thing?), but even so pushing him from that height would never be a good idea.
    A few things to take into consideration about it. 1) There was no solid evidence that the fall in question was caused by randy 2) The stage was a no fan zone, he went there at his own risk 3) The fall was likely exacerbated by the crowd 4) The only evidence showed A fall, but witnesses state the kid had gotten up like 3 or 4 times. With these facts it is almost impossible to determine that he caused the specific fall.
    This is an amazing piece of news to hear. My thoughts do go out to the family of Daniel Nosek, however.
    Mad repect for Randy Blythe, not a lot of people would have gone back on their own vallition to face charges in a foreign Country
    I feel stupid for saying this, but I thought he was declared innocent when he returned to the US, and the case was closed then.
    The prosecution in chech law allows for an appeal of the decision in which case if granted a retrial is held. The case is officially over because the appeal was denied meaning there is no action left that they can take.