Randy Blythe 'Getting Ready' To Stand Trial

Randy Blythe has posted a new message stating that he is preparing himself to return to Prague to stand trial on charges of manslaughter.

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According to Metal Hammer, Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has posted a new message via Instragram stating that he is preparing himself to return to Prague to stand trial on charges of manslaughter on February 4th:

"The last two or three days I have been getting ready mentally to leave my home and return to Prague to do this whole trial thing in early February, It's not something I particularly WANT to do; but inside, my gut and heart tells me it is the RIGHT thing to do. I cannot turn my back on the right thing."

Blythe's statement comes after the White House responded to a Free Randy Blythe petition back in December. The petition raised 30,000 signatures, and while the White House was expected to respond to it within 30 days, their final statement was over fifteen weeks late:

"We appreciate your inquiry about the case of D. Randall Blythe, who was released from detention in the Czech Republic on August 3, 2012, and returned to the United States shortly thereafter.

"Mr. Blythe has publicly stated his intention to return to the Czech Republic to face trial for the alleged manslaughter of a Czech man at a concert in 2010. He recently told MTV, 'It's the correct thing for me to do... this poor young man's family deserves some answers.'

"Pending Mr. Blythe's trial, we cannot discuss the details of his case. We are closely monitoring the progress of his trial.

"We expect that the Czech government will make all efforts to ensure a fair, transparent, and timely trial for Mr. Blythe, and guarantee full protection of his legal rights under Czech law and his welfare."

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    I hope everything will go well for Randy, it's crazy how a judicial system can prosecute someone who is so obviously innocent of a crime. Also, inb4 the trolls, the video footage of the guard at the venue slamming the deceased fan head first into the security fence, which obviously caused his death:
    Come on...honestly. This is truely rediculous. If you are at a metal show, especially a band like Lamb of God, expect some stuff to go down. It was definitely a tragedy what happened, and I hope their family are dealing with it best they can. But every since what happened to Dimebag...a man jumping onto the stage despite the security being there would definitely get me to start thinking. It is just rediculous.
    If u jump on stage in this day and age at a concert expect to be throttled like a top fuel dragster...if you accidentally die still your ****ing fault. Stay off the stage unless you are invited by the band to be there!!!!
    I do not like LOG or Randy as a singer, but really I hope that he will win this...Justice for all!
    If randy gets thrown in jail, he should sue the security because they failed to do their job. When the guy jumped on stage and charged randy, they should have kicked him the **** out. Now we might lose a great ****ign singer.
    ZOSO <(")
    I'm not a big fan of Lamb of God but I've been keeping up with this story because i think Randy is totally innocent here.
    Sometimes sh.it happens though. Justice does not necessarily mean prosecuting someone else. Its definitely a big shade of grey in this case, whether Randy faces a further jail term or not - a lot of people will be pissed off.
    The US Gov. really dropped the ball on this. An American citizen being detained against his will without trial and having his bail doubled to rot in a prison cell. First and foremost, LoG should never go back to the Czech republic. Second, this Trial will be a farce so lets hope he wins quick. Blythe 2013.
    Well when he does stand trial all the bail money by law is to be returned. It is after all just a deposit to ensure his return to court, and failure to attend means that money is to be used to make him return via any legal means (Such as hiring a bounty hunter to catch him and bring him in).
    I guarantee they would rather keep the money than punish the guy though. Publicity and money is all this has ever been about, and it's really a shame that America is letting countries push their citizens around just for the sake of sticking it to the big, bad Americans.
    Indeed, the man got INTENTIONALLY thrown off a stage he shouldn't have been on, by Randy Blythe and a security guard and he allegedly died because of that that (
    ). If the Czech coroner finds that the bloke died of a head injury because of him getting thrown off the stage, that's involuntary manslaughter (criminally negligent manslaughter). Regardless of whether he bloke was allowed to be on stage or not. Randy's going to need to pull something out of the hat to beat this charge, he's in serious trouble.
    Randy or riot! He loses, we march
    anvil is god
    I just put my palm through my head because of the stupidity in this post.
    I just put the palm of my hand through me head because of the stupidity of that avatar. When a brony gets a medal for no reason, the community is beyond repair
    Everyone seems to be in favor of the famous guy, but you know? I'm sure you wouldn't say the same thing if the guy who died was your brother/son/whatever. I'm sure you'd want justice. What I want to say is, not because he is famous, that means he automatically has the right to kill somebody, whether it was accidental or not.
    ZOSO <(")
    HE did not kill him. the man died after being thrown off of a stage HE shouldn't have been on. Randy Blythe is not at fault.
    Hope Randy takes this one home and proves that this situation is ridiculous
    Let's hope that whatever happens, music is ultimately the winner because if Lamb of God were a person, they would be called Terry Bull.