Randy Blythe: 'I Am In No Way Shape Or Form A Happy Man Right Now'

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe was found not guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday.

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Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe was found not guilty of manslaughter on Tuesday (March 5) by a panel of Czech judges in the concert death of one of the Richmond, Virginia-based metal band's fans.

Blythe was facing the possibility of conviction and a long-term jail sentence after a May 2010 incident in which a fan, Daniel Nosek, who attended a Lamb Of God performance in Prague, died almost a month later, allegedly from injuries sustained when he was thrown off the stage.

In a new posting on his Facebook page, Blythe writes: "I am leaving Prague now - I hope not to return for a long while. This has nothing to do with this city, the people who live here, or the Czech Republic itself at all. This is a wonderful place, and many people have been kind to me. Not a single soul here has been rude or mean to me at all, nor done me any harm - in fact, it is quite the opposite. I have grown to love this city, for it is a marvelous, magical town. I encourage everyone to come visit here, to see this lovely country. But for me it is a place of great sadness.

"While I am relieved that my innocence was proven and apparently I shall not be going to prison, I am in no way shape or form a happy man right now. The small inconveniences I have been through since my arrest are not noteworthy. People go through much worse daily and still keep a smile on their faces, but currently my smiles are far and few between. A young man is still dead, and his family still suffers. Please remember that fact. This family did no wrong, and have shown me great kindness with silence, with actions, and finally with words - they spoke on my behalf to the court, and we had a private talk afterwards.

"All I will say about that is that they were very kind to me and displayed the utmost strength and class, and wished me a good life. They just want to get on with their lives the best they can. I wish them only the best, and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Please do the same - think good thoughts of them and healing thoughts for them. Trust me, they are good people, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. They did NOTHING wrong.

"This picture is from Kutna Hora, at the Sedlec Ossuary. I was there yesterday - like Prague, it is an amazing place. About this city, Kafka wrote: 'Prague doesn't let go... This old crone has claws. One has to yield, or else.' I have found this to be true. I am yielding, I am leaving a part of myself here, I think. Some bit of me will always roam these streets at night, and that is only fitting. Now I will go home and try to see what good I can make come out the destruction that occurred here - it is the only correct thing to do.

"Rest in peace, Daniel Nosek."

The state prosecutors have announced their intention to appeal the verdict; they have eight days to put this in writing.

Blythe was unaware of a warrant out for his arrest when he was detained last June after arriving at the Prague airport for a show with Lamb Of God. He spent five weeks in custody before being released on bail in August.

The parents of the alleged victim were demanding compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (approximately $530,000).

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    This is how to deal with a hard situation with dignity. Absolute respect, Randy.
    It's amazing how people can just write him off as some "metal guy" who is ignorant and angry all the time. However, it is very clear that when his character was tested, Randy has shown great resolve and great dignity.
    This is true but I've yet so see anyone write him off as ignorant or angry. It seems to me that everyone has been fairly mature and adult about the situation, which is exactly what Randy has said himself. Either way, I'm glad he was acquitted as this whole tragedy seems to be a mostly blameless accident. Respect to Mr. Blythe and everybody who has shown such support throughout this!
    Axle Starr
    I had interpretted the comment in a broader sense; to me, it sounded like it was aimed at those who would write Randy Blythe off (not to mention other musicians and/or fans of Metal in general) as being "ignorant or angry" simply because of the music they choose to embrace Little do those people know that one Randy Blythe would probably make a better president than any recent hopefuls (and winners...)
    Yes exactly. I didn't articulate that very well. As far as Randy goes from here, I hope that he can eventually move on from this tragedy.
    That guy from Slayer who fired Lombardo should learn from Randy how stay classy.
    It's so sad, a fan still passed away and Randy is never going to forget that, it will haunt him.
    I just got a respection
    was that a boner joke?
    If it was, it was pretty hard for me.
    Not a Lamb of God fan, but this guy just earned so much respect from me throughout the whole case
    Horns high and head bowed. This man represents something I'd like to see more of in this world: honor, integrity, and respect.
    Randy is the epitome of a true gentlemen, though all the shit he's gone through he's still an honest and respectful man. I believe that Randy is someone in the Metal Industry to look up to. But I hope that smile is returned to you when/if you start touring again, and that the music that LoG has made put a smile on Randy's face, like it has done to Hundreds upon thousands of fans. Peace out guys!
    Was not a fan, but musicians showing the character of Randy Blythe is very rare - from any genre. The class and courage he's displayed is simply inspiring. Especially when you see these 'party stars' weaselling their way out of DUI or other minor charges. And the media for the most part completely ignored it! This guy is a role model.
    While understandably most people are focusing on the Nosek family (as they should be) I think that a lot of people are forgetting the impact that the entire ordeal has had on Randy as well as the rest of LOG. I know this sort of thing has happened before but to be singled out and charged with a crime must be hard. To have to live with that over you for the rest of your life can't be easy. A true gentleman who has dealt with all of this so well, much respect to Randy Blythe and hopefully he and the Nosek family can start to move on with life again.
    After all the dave mustaine and slayer articles on UG, it's nice to read of a guy in heavy metal who handled himself with class.
    Randy has been been the definition of class in this whole situation and still is even after being found innocent. Props to him and much respect.
    This man is some one to look up to, if more people could think or even communicate the way he does I think we would be better off!
    I don't think I've ever listened to any Lamb of God's music, nor had I even heard of Randy Blythe before this debacle. That said, he's come out of this with my utmost respect. He's dealt with the situation incredibly well. A brave man to actually go and face the charges, and has still come out humble and with dignity. A genuine class act.
    legato boy
    I saw LoG supporting Metallica and they didn't really impress me but this right here is why I have the upmost respect for this man
    I don't really know what to make of this. I have got no end of respect for how Randy has handled this whole situation, I know I for one would not have been as calm and brave as him. But I don't see how he cannot be over the moon that he's been proven innocent? I know it's never going to bring the kid that died back but it's not like the half a million his family wanted in damages would have brought him back either. It's time Randy forgot about this bullshit he's been dragged through the past few months and celebrates his freedom. Dwelling on this will not make it any easier for anybody, the family included.
    So admirable that he went back. Lots of people would have just have buried the case under the mountains of red tape that's involved in extradition. It's not just his innocence that was at stake, it's the truth.
    Everyone keeps praising him, but he could just be saying this stuff. When I read "The small inconveniences I have been through since my arrest are not noteworthy." I think he is just loving all the "oh, he's so noble!" talk on the internet. Wouldn't have been happy to see him go to jail though.
    Not a fan of his music, but he gained much rexpect for me in those last months. He seems to be a good man.
    A decent, respectful, down to Earth dude. This will indeed haunt him the rest of his days. We all hope he gets through this, and know he will still do what helps him through things, like all of us musicians, make music. Hope the best for him. Cheers.
    i hate cheeesy crap texts, they are usualy such a miss, but this is just touching. You can feel the sadness ooze from his words. Respect Randy
    It sucks how people stereotype 'death metal' members as 'agro' and 'rude' and all that. It just makes me think of when Suicide Silence donated toys to children, they are some of the kindest souls on Earth!
    now this guy is a class act. I have so much respect for him for how he handled this situation. He stood by his word and returned to Czech Rep. although many other people would not do that even when innocent (fear of wrongful imprisonment in foreign country). Thumbs up for the courage and the big heart.
    Have you ever heard of extradition? He had little choice but to return.
    You have no clue. US courts would decide first if he would be extradited. You should consider that "two parties to the treaties have the right to reject the extradition of their citizens" and that "perpetrator can be extradited to the other country" - "can" =/= "will be"
    Must be hard to go day by day wondering if you had something to do with an innocent person's death. I'm not sure if I could keep performing if that happens to one of my fans. Props to Randy for carrying on.
    Wow. I have come to love Blythe as a musician and a great man in the passed couple of years. I hope he finds happiness after all this struggle. As a good man, he deserves it.
    Me and the other guitarist of my band were talking about this whole situation last practice and at this point, I'm not really sure how to feel. He said that he would probably want to quit music if he accidentally killed a fan. I can understand his view on this cause that guilt would eat away at me til I went insane.
    wait didnt.the article say the prosecuters.planned.to appeal the.ruling? as in retry him so is double jeopardy not a thing in the.czech republic?
    Appealing a judgement is different to a retrial. Assuming the Czech legal system is similar to what I am familiar with (thought it may not be) the prosecutors will have to argue that the judge made some errors in law or judgement and based on those errors the result of the trial should be different. If that were to happen then Blythe could then appeal that ruling and so forth until all avenues of appeal open to both the prosecution and the defence have been exhausted.