Randy Blythe Opens Up About Substance Abuse: 'When I Got Money for the First Time, I Just Went Crazy'

artist: Lamb of God date: 09/11/2013 category: music news
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Randy Blythe Opens Up About Substance Abuse: 'When I Got Money for the First Time, I Just Went Crazy'
Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe opened up about his drinking and substance abuse problems, confessing that the issues began with his rising towards fame. During an RVA News interview, the singer explained that he started drinking out of fun and didn't plunge into alcoholism straight away. But when the band got signed to a major label, his habit began slipping out of control. "For me, when we signed to a major label it got particularly bad because all of a sudden I didn't have to work a regular job, and I didn't know what to do," Randy noted. "We all worked straight jobs for a long time, real jobs. When I got some money for the first time, I just went crazy, drinking." Blythe admitted falling into a vicious circle at a certain point, where he was managing to maintain sobriety at home, but then going out on the road where all hell broke loose. "I was coming home, sobering up, and then going back on tour and getting wasted," he said. "I was on tour in Australia in 2010, and I was like, 'Is this the way it's going to be forever?'" The vocalist soon turned into an addict, and isn't afraid to confess it. "For me, as a creative person, drinking and opiate-based pain pills I used those back in the day to some effect they unlocked a certain part of my consciousness," he said. "But then that stopped working, and for years it was me drinking and eating pills, sitting in my shed listening to Black Sabbath and pretending to write lyrics. Justifying it." The vocalist explained further, "The anger and hate will eat you alive if you sit in it. I definitely think that there's a place for that punk rock anger. There's a lot of screwed up stuff in the world, and people should speak against it. But, for me, when I was A) growing up, and B) drinking, it was all consuming, I couldn't do really anything about it. I couldn't perform any effective action towards change besides writing screamy records." Upon sobering up, Randy took on photography and is currently writing a memoir, none of which could happen if he was still an addict. As Blythe himself noted, going through recent murder trial in Czech Republic would've also been impossible. "Sobriety has enabled me to do things," he concluded.
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