Randy Blythe Opens Up About Substance Abuse: 'When I Got Money for the First Time, I Just Went Crazy'

"For years it was me drinking and eating pills, sitting in my shed listening to Black Sabbath," confesses Lamb of God frontman.

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Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe opened up about his drinking and substance abuse problems, confessing that the issues began with his rising towards fame.

During an RVA News interview, the singer explained that he started drinking out of fun and didn't plunge into alcoholism straight away. But when the band got signed to a major label, his habit began slipping out of control.

"For me, when we signed to a major label it got particularly bad because all of a sudden I didn't have to work a regular job, and I didn't know what to do," Randy noted. "We all worked straight jobs for a long time, real jobs. When I got some money for the first time, I just went crazy, drinking."

Blythe admitted falling into a vicious circle at a certain point, where he was managing to maintain sobriety at home, but then going out on the road where all hell broke loose. "I was coming home, sobering up, and then going back on tour and getting wasted," he said. "I was on tour in Australia in 2010, and I was like, 'Is this the way it's going to be forever?'"

The vocalist soon turned into an addict, and isn't afraid to confess it. "For me, as a creative person, drinking and opiate-based pain pills I used those back in the day to some effect they unlocked a certain part of my consciousness," he said.

"But then that stopped working, and for years it was me drinking and eating pills, sitting in my shed listening to Black Sabbath and pretending to write lyrics. Justifying it."

The vocalist explained further, "The anger and hate will eat you alive if you sit in it. I definitely think that there's a place for that punk rock anger. There's a lot of screwed up stuff in the world, and people should speak against it. But, for me, when I was A) growing up, and B) drinking, it was all consuming, I couldn't do really anything about it. I couldn't perform any effective action towards change besides writing screamy records."

Upon sobering up, Randy took on photography and is currently writing a memoir, none of which could happen if he was still an addict. As Blythe himself noted, going through recent murder trial in Czech Republic would've also been impossible.

"Sobriety has enabled me to do things," he concluded.

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    Well, you're just a special kind of *****, aren't you?
    Addiction IS a real problem, whether you're poor, working class, middle class, upper class, math class, physics class, yoga class, whatever. Not to mention, he didn't bitch and moan. Way to read.
    Damn right. Addiction is very politically correct. It doesn't care who you are...an equal opportunity destroyer!
    i have struggled with alcoholism for the past 8 years now, and having someone like Randy Blythe (whom i have the utmost respect for) to come out and say something like "But then that stopped working, and for years it was me drinking and eating pills, sitting in my shed listening to Black Sabbath and pretending to write lyrics. Justifying it," really makes me stop and think once more about the way i live my life, and the things i want to do to change it. i am not sorry to the kid on the first comment, because it is apparent you have never dealt with addiction head on, if you you had, you would understand what he was saying in this article. I have no sympathy for addicts, and I do not feel sorry for myself. I am a product of the actions I have taken in life, and I don't regret it. Randy Blythe is one of my favorite frontman of all time because I have always been able to relate to his lyrics. The fact he came out publicly and talked about his addictions is huge. It is embarrassing for a lot of people to even speak out loud about it. idk. I have nothing but respect for him, and maybe some people who read this article will think twice about the way they live their lives as well....and yeah. "the middle class" doesnt ****ing exist anymore. There are people with exorbitant amounts of money, and then there's the people who don't. think before you speak, and maybe invest time into learning about addiction, because you sound like an ignorant person.
    The middle class certainly exists. Very prominently. That said, the whole world changes and opens up for you when you stop drinking. It's a real eye-opening experience. Been sober for 7+ years now, and never want to go back. That said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having sympathy for addicts. I have tons of it, having gone through it myself. That doesn't mean we aren't responsible for our own actions - we certainly are!
    Right on. Be careful though brother. 7 years can be a slippery time. I relapsed for the first time at 7 years clean. I got two years again off of everything (alcohol and H). I have the utmost respect for people who admit their struggles with addiction, especially people like Randy (celebrities in the spotlight per se). When they admit their addictions people are going to be watching them closely, waiting for them to mess up so that they can point fingers. Best wishes
    The middle class still exist. The majority of our population is middle class. Middle class=equity. People who own homes, businesses, cars, go on vacation, buy appliances and electronics for no solid reason, attend concerts, etc. Not to be "that guy", but the middle class is the driving force of all of North America (predominately central Canada and US).
    Middle class? lol Did you honestly just imply that the middle class is the "rest of us"? Why don't you log off your parents computer, walk outside your parents house, get a job that your parents didn't find you and see where the "real" problems start.
    Its pretty hard to find a job I'll admit I've had trouble.
    Join the Military.
    yeah join the military if you really want to be apart of the problem. You will get you a nice brilliant boss like Geroge W Bush Jr. You will get to kill inocent people for their land and oil, because someone else dont have the balls to do so they talk you into doing it for middle wage pay. They will lie to you and call you a hero, give you discounts on car loans to make you feel justified for kill the inocent people for oil. You will be fed from the tip of uncle sams dick. You will be the scapegoat for big business and politicians. You will be the pawn. Yeah join the military brilliant ****ing idea. Lets just make shit worse.
    He isn't asking for sympathy, he's just sharing some of his own personal experiences which others can find very interesting or even helpful for themselves.
    I get drunk and high n listen to Slayer and Black Sabbath n pretend to write lyrics in my shed too.....who'd a thought
    Addiction destroys lives, families, health, etc. You think that's not a real problem? What's a real problem, then? Not finishing the dishes in time to watch Pokemon repeats
    I don't see any moaning. More just an insight in to Randy's past... And yeah, the poor 'middle class'.... You and your 'real' problems, like your iphone breaking or your inability to lose your virginity... Don't talk shit when Randy Blythe has done a ****load more for people less fortunate. What have you done? Other than write a useless, irrelevant comment, obviously.
    There yeah go. Getting online and yelling at people who complain about a problem they are going through, doesn't do anything to fix problems in the world. In fact it just drives people further apart. If you want to fix something or help someone, get out from in front of the computer and go do it.
    Good to here one of the musicians I look up to, is doing better for himself. Also, this isn't a political debate forum. Why are we having a class warfare debate?
    Right on. We need more mature people like you, sir, who have their feet on the ground and know about what real life problems look like... Mr. Gokuandpikachu.
    Ok I know this is old but I just found this article. On the Unholy Alliance tour, in Toronto I recall him asking if anyone in the crowd had any cocaine. I took it as being serious because I knew nothing of him or the band at the time. I had no respect for him until the trial.