Randy Blythe: 'Prague Police Acted Like I Was 'Al Qaeda''

Singer recounts moment of arrest in new interview.

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Lamb Of God front man Randy Blythe has now returned to the fold after his imprisonment in a Prague jail. But the turbulent events of the past several months are still on the singer's mind. Blythe recounted the moment when he was arrested by a SWAT team in Prague:

"When I got to the top of the ramp there was a SWAT team there: five guys in masks with machine guns, three plainclothes officers and a female chief investigator. They looked like they were there to snatch somebody from Al Qaeda, not a member of a rock'n'roll band."

"Then they handed me a piece of paper saying they were charging me with manslaughter, and I was, 'Oh my God.' It was a big shock."

Blythe also revealed the number of emotions that he felt while imprisoned, after his expectations of a quick release bail were quickly disappointed:

"If I felt anxiety or fear or depression, I really quickly checked myself because that does no good, I've been through a good bit in my life. I never ever heard anyone say when a crisis arrived that good advice was to panic."

Blythe, who was imprisoned after a fan died from injuries sustained at a Lamb of God concert, has vowed to clear his name, offering the following statement back in August: "If it's necessary for me to return to Prague to go to this court thing, I certainly will. I'm no flight risk.

"It's very tragic that a young man died. I feel very bad that his family has to go through it. I feel awful for them - but it's a tragic coincidence in my mind."

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    I really can't wait for all the music he's written from this experience, and I'm glad he's out too.
    Dr. Knox666
    This. I bet my ass that their new stuff will be some dark heavy shitt, hopefully. I hope he wins his trial and that everything turns out well for him.
    I want to read the album's dedication: "To the Mother****ers that held me captive, these songs are about you." Then, cue the violent lyrics
    That would be cool, but I also feel like he'd dedicate it to the kid who died, cuz Randy does seem to really feel for the kids family.
    Pretty much this. Between Randy Blythe's manslaughter charges and Slayer's guitarist, Jeff Hanneman's, experience with necrotizing fasciitis, I expect some awesome music in the near future.
    It's hard to keep your fingers crossed and the horns high, but right on. If these guys ever needed the support of their fans, it's definitely been in the last while. \m/
    Anyone else click the rock'n'roll link?
    no i was too lazy, although i am curious.... and respect to Randy, everyone else has basically said everything i already feel.
    Handling this whole ordeal like a ****ing boss. If I didn't respect the dude before hand, I definitely respect him now.
    Obama FTW
    I'm not too big of a fan of Lamb of God, but this is a very interesting. It's very neat to see how he handled this whole situation.
    LOG are terrible, more like log of shit. I bet Randy's lyrics will be about getting raped in prison and crying like a little bitch everyday
    In an alternate universe Prague is the Batman that must be hated, for the good of all - in this case a new LOG album with some killer lyrics.
    Well Randy's voice is a lot like a bludgeoning massive metal explosion so...I guess his voice is like Al Qaeda
    This guy is a major class act, both as a front man and as a human being. His response to this could well have been a major piss fest on his part, but he's chosen to handle it with maturity and grace.
    tragic coincidence...that you're an ***** and you killed a fan and you, oh wait, you escaped justice, just like varg...**** me, justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone
    so the fact that you're not a Lamb of God fan has warped your judgment of the incident, in which case Randy is completely innocent? Come on, dude. Get your head out of your ass.
    how dare you quote Metallica and say anything bad about this class act of a man, who, if you watched the video, didnt even push him the security did, Im not saying anyone should die, it was a tragic accident, BUT that kid had no right to get on that stage
    I'm not a fan of Lamb of God, and frankly I think a lot of the time Randy comes off like a complete dick, but having read this it's nice to see that he can be a decent human being as well. He handled this whole incident well.
    I have a question. Were Lamb of God in the Czech Republic for a gig when Randy was arrested? Like was he on his way to a gig and when he got there, these people were there to arrest him or something?
    My regards of Randy and LoG keep shooting up. As much as I hope it doesn't happen, what will happen if he is convicted?