Randy Blythe: 'Prague Police Acted Like I Was 'Al Qaeda''

artist: Randy Blythe date: 11/02/2012 category: music news
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Randy Blythe: 'Prague Police Acted Like I Was 'Al Qaeda''
Lamb Of God front man Randy Blythe has now returned to the fold after his imprisonment in a Prague jail. But the turbulent events of the past several months are still on the singer's mind. Blythe recounted the moment when he was arrested by a SWAT team in Prague: "When I got to the top of the ramp there was a SWAT team there: five guys in masks with machine guns, three plainclothes officers and a female chief investigator. They looked like they were there to snatch somebody from Al Qaeda, not a member of a rock'n'roll band." "Then they handed me a piece of paper saying they were charging me with manslaughter, and I was, 'Oh my God.' It was a big shock." Blythe also revealed the number of emotions that he felt while imprisoned, after his expectations of a quick release bail were quickly disappointed: "If I felt anxiety or fear or depression, I really quickly checked myself because that does no good, I've been through a good bit in my life. I never ever heard anyone say when a crisis arrived that good advice was to panic." Blythe, who was imprisoned after a fan died from injuries sustained at a Lamb of God concert, has vowed to clear his name, offering the following statement back in August: "If it's necessary for me to return to Prague to go to this court thing, I certainly will. I'm no flight risk. "It's very tragic that a young man died. I feel very bad that his family has to go through it. I feel awful for them - but it's a tragic coincidence in my mind."
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