Randy Blythe Taking Break from Music: 'I Won't Be Thinking About Lamb of God for a Good Long While'

artist: Lamb of God date: 01/27/2014 category: music news
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Randy Blythe Taking Break from Music: 'I Won't Be Thinking About Lamb of God for a Good Long While'
Wrapping up the band's latest touring cycle, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe opened up about the impact of last year's events, announcing a break from music "for a good long while."

"And so another album cycle comes to an end," Randy kicked off via Instagram. "This has been a very eventful, at times very stressful, album cycle, and it's been about three years since we started on this one in our practice space - I need a break."

The vocalist focused on taking time off, adding, "Tomorrow is a 19-hour flight back to the USA, and then another one home to RVA, and except for two festival shows in 2014, I will not be thinking about Lamb of God, touring, playing heavy metal, writing new Lamb of God material - none of that stuff - at all - for a good long while.

"Time to do other things for a bit, and let my brain regroup, and be a somewhat normal human being," Blythe continued. "This has been a pretty wild ride though, and to end it in Africa of all places still amazes the crap outta me. So thanks Johannesburg for an awesome end to the 'Resolution' tour cycle, and to all you other bands, hear this: the game has been stepped up, and the ante has risen.

"You are not a Real G until you come to South Africa and your fans throw one of these to you on stage - a warthog skull. Takes the cake for the strangest thing throw at me on stage ever, and I've had some weird shit thrown at me - I named him Jeff. Jeff, the South African warthog. Top that, y'all. Don't front like your ballin' if you ain't rockin' that wart hog shizzy. I figured I'd finish up the cycle with a nice self-portrait. Me and Jeff are outty. Peace, and one love," the singer concluded, along with an attached image."

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