Randy Blythe Trial Continues, Verdict Expected Today

Frontman returns to Prague for a final part of his manslaughter trial.

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About a month after his manslaughter trial in Czech Republic has been postponed, Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has yesterday officially returned to Prague to face the court in the final part of his case.

After a psychological analysis from a court expert Tereza Soukupova, Blythe was described as possibly being antisocial, with the psychologist stating the singer "may have some antisocial personality traits." However, a criminal psychiatrist has later stated that Blythe "didn't meet several of the conditions for antisocial personality disorder," adding that even with the stressful prison life, the vocalist showed no aggressive behavior.

A 19-year-old female fan has also given her testimony, stating she has witnessed Blythe pushing Daniel Nosek off stage from the front row at the 2010 concert in Prague. She also added that crowd has parted once Nosek started falling, causing him to directly hit the floor. The trial also saw the testimonies of two security guards, one of which didn't see Blythe pushing anyone. The other guard did however notice Nosek being carried to an ambulance by two individuals.

Today will mark one more witness testimony for Blythe's defense, as well as closing statements from both sides. After the singer has addressed the court, the final verdict can be expected. If found guilty, Blythe can face up to 10 years in prison. According to Blesk.cz, the deceased fan's family is asking for a compensation of 10,000,000 Czech Koruna (about $530,000).

So what are your opinions on the current trial situation? And do you think Randy Blythe has a chance to walk out as a free man? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    He's been found not guilty. http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/news/randy-...
    Hopefully now this will all be *ahem* laid to rest
    The best part is in his statement before the verdict, he says Resolution as well.
    Very punny, now get back to working in the salt mines! I'm not paying you to slack off, in fact I'm not paying you at all! Mwuhahaha *cough* ... Nothing to see here folks, move along.
    Great news. I'm not the biggest LoG fan, but gosh damn was I hoping he'd make it out of this whole fiasco. Congrats, Randy.
    Yeah my sentiments exactly, there would have been mad ramifications for all rock/metal live shows if he'd gone down. Nobody would wanna go within 20 feet of the audience. Great news.
    Read the news on metal-hammer and came to UG just to see if they're as late as always... Verdict: nothing has changed. We will read this as news tomorrow... maybe
    Man, I've never felt so happy for someone I've never met before. This whole situation was pretty ridiculous, so I'm glad Randy was able to make it through. He's been such a trooper, and I've gained a huge amount of respect for the man because of the way he's handled what he's been through.
    Just clicked on the link. It appears from the picture that the stress of the trial has caused Randy to turn into a beardless Abraham Lincoln.
    Either way, he's got to be the ballsiest mother f*cker on the planet. No way I'd go back over there.
    Thanks God for that criminal psychiatrist elaborating that Randy doesn't actually have Antisocial Personality Disorder. If they concluded that he did, the results of the trial may have been substantially different.
    That's great news. Now give him back his 400,000+ dollars for all this bullshit.
    Not a fan but I have to hand it to the guy...he has a lot of brass....I never would have gone back there.....
    YES, so glad that he got acquitted. An innocent man deserves nothing else.
    He was acquitted before this article even ran. UG news in charge of timely delivery.
    UG prepare the articles hours before they get put up on the site, the news of Randy getting aquitted happened almost literally now.
    Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has yesterday officially returned to Prague to face the court in the final part of his case. Maybe with all the advertsing on this site they can pay an editor
    Acquitted - so now will some of you immature fools who were badmouthing the Czech Republic apologize for your xenophobic comments???
    He never should have been charged in the first place.
    He was involved in an incident that resulted in someone's death. There were witnesses who claimed they saw him push the person, which resulted in death. Yes, he should have been charged. Just because dim metalhead fanboys disagree, doesn't mean it's wrong. He's lucky he was acquitted. Maybe now he'll learn not to be an aggressive prick on stage.
    Yes, maybe now he will sit in an easy chair when he's up on stage and sing like a crooner.
    You should take your ignorance about randy being a prick on stage and tell that to dimebag.
    Thousands of people jump on stage at metal shows every year and then one time in the past 25 years one guy had a gun and killed one person. Hardly a precedent, idiot.
    Anyone remember "Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward - whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to assialant 'If I live, I will kill you. If I die, you are forgiven' such is the rule of honor.."
    I'm soo happy he wasn't found guilty, the people who tried to persecute him for something that wasn't his fault, should all be ashamed of themselves, aside from that, the way he carried himself was admirable
    So you're saying the family of a person who died should be 'ashamed of themselves' for trying to seek justice as they saw it? Maybe you should be ashamed of yourself for attacking a grieving family.
    A guy who goes to a metal show, gets totally drunk, rushes the stage 3 times, and then dies from his injuries. And the family thinks their entitled to half a million dollars?
    Agreed. If you're going to be a ****ing retard and jump on stage and get up in the singers face then you should face the consequences. You're not supposed to get on the stage, there are rules for a reason >_> As un-metal as that sounds. The stage is for the performers.
    You should be really proud of yourself for speaking ill of a guy who died and for attacking his grieving family who are just trying to cope with their loss. You're a terrible human being.
    coming from somebody called rabidgoon? nuff said... he was only under suspicion cause he looks like a ****ing maniac 90% of the time, but yeah course you agree that a family who wants money (unsure how that makes you feel better about a deasd son)
    coming from somebody called rabidgoon? nuff said... he was only under suspicion cause he looks like a ****ing maniac 90% of the time, but yeah course you agree that a family who wants money (unsure how that makes you feel better about a dead son) over a court case that's hardly been rushed, and has been in contradiction of several international agreements. Nice logic there