Randy Blythe's Trial 'Bankrupted' Lamb of God, Says Drummer Chris Adler

The band paid over $500,000 throughout the entire process, the drummer reveals.

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Although the fact that Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was found not guilty on his manslaughter charges is what matters the most, the entire court battle still made a severe financial impact on the band.

During a recent chat with the Virginian-Pilot, drummer Chris Adler discussed just how much was the band financially set back by the legal ordeal, revealing a hefty sum of over half a million dollars.

"Not only were we not able to generate any income, but we ended up having to pay more than half a million dollars in legal fees," the drummer said. "It bankrupted the entire band, no money left for any kind of payroll or anything. When Randy was acquitted, everything was on the line at that point. Either it was completely over, or we had a chance to get back out there and pay these bills and get ourselves back on our feet."

Adler also confessed that the trial made him worried about his own financial future, saying, "We have kids now, and it was nice to spend that time at home. But in the back of your head, it's always nagging you: 'Is my career over? What am I gonna do now?'

"I love this job. Every night is a Friday night, and when that's threatened, you get scared."

The drummer concluded the chat with the following: "From an outsider's view, this is just an example of how metal could be dangerous or harmful in some way, and that's unfortunate. But after this, we're going to be some kind of advocate for concert safety and try to make that stereotype very untrue."

As far as the group's future plans go, bassist John Campbell recently announced that Lamb of God is aiming to put out the new record by the end of next year, commenting that the five-piece had already sat down to discuss the future studio plans.

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    This is really sad. These guys worked their asses off all these years to be were they are now and then something like this happens and knocks them off their feet. They don't deserve this and I hope everything falls back into place.
    It was only in 2004 with Ashes of the Wake that they even started to have any financial security where they could quit they're jobs. To bad that when they get to the point where they can reap the rewards something like this happens. I also love Chris' comment on how he loves his job and every days a friday. Nice to see he appreciates things
    just remember kids. keep downloading their albums instead of paying for them. because they dont need the money..
    Or keep downloading their albums and go to their shows/buy merch direct from the band because that's a much better way to support them anyway and don't be a condescending jerk face.
    here u go again blamming downloads...and where is there record company? ohhh sleeping in there 15 room 3 garage house...
    Do you one better. I won't download or buy their albums because their sound is very generic. Also, I love how anytime somebody gets corrected on their terrible English (How do people not know the different your, you're, their, they're, there, to, too, etc. ??? ) it's always because "It was early in the morning" or "It was late at night"
    I feel like people who make grammatical corrections on the internet lack any serious victories in their lives and feel the need to be needlessly hostile to complete strangers on the internet. Lets make a big deal out of it when they are submitting a thesis and not a music article, teacher of the year. Same goes for Westley up there. Punk ass kids.. Anyways. This really sucks. He shouldn't have had to go through this shit to begin with if that dumbass kid would have stayed off the ****in stage.
    I think Grammatical corrections are fine on the internet. If there is some form of typo, understandable. But for example, if I were to talk about the notes of a G Major scale having F# and C# I would be corrected on that, and if I made that mistake be happy to be taught the correct theory, similar to someone teaching me correct grammatical terms. People just get pissed off at being corrected with grammar, because deep down they know that it upsets them as they can't do something they have been taught and doing since they were kids, without getting it wrong.
    That's quite the assumption to make about somebody just because they correct somebody's spelling. Holy shit.
    Why else in all seriousness would someone be concerned about a person they've never met's spelling? It's the only thing that makes them feel superior and it's really freakin sad.
    Why are you so angry about the fact that they care about somebody else's spelling?
    Probably because people make more mistakes early in the morning or late at night. Statistically, that makes good sense to me. And if "terrible English" qualifies as using the wrong they're/their/there, then you're wasting your time on the internet.
    make a kickstarter for LoG. if little shits like Tobuscus can have people pay him to make a game then loyal fans that want to help a band important to them and see them thrive should be able to do so. like most kickstartes, you can have exclusive gifts for donating a certain amount that u wont be able to get anywhere else.
    Hell, I'd throw down $5 or whatever. LoG isn't my favorite band, but they do have some catchy riffs.
    I don't even like LoG and I'd probably donate something. This was all a complete load of shit. Sad for both the band and the fans. It's disappointing to hear a band that's worked this hard go through financial struggles over something like this.
    I'd be more than happy to help fund the recording of their future albums. The fans would be glad to help! Get them back on their feet, and back into their vibe.
    I don't know the Czech laws, but shouldn't the lawyer and court fees be borne by the plaintiff (the state in this case, I presume) if Randy was not held liable?
    That's not even how it works in the US really...
    It's how it works in a lot of countries, US is not the benchmark for legal systems. If you get wrongly accused of something you shouldn't have the financial burden afterwards.
    Total bullshit how that all went down... Hope they come back with a vengeance with their new album!
    Ill be honest, i havent bought a cd in a while... im going to go out and buy a LoG album now.. they are awesome dudes and deserve my money!!
    Nero Galon
    Not a fan or listener of the band but wish them the best still, situations like these suck.
    If they set up a Kickstarter for their new album, I'd throw a few dollars in their direction.
    I wish them the best! I was lucky enough to see them a few days before he got arrested.
    To those saying that $500,000 isn't enough to bankrupt them, I personally know one of the children of a member of the band and have been to their house. It is a nice house, but very average and not at all what you'd expect from a rock star. I'd be surprised if they made a shit ton of money. The family lives very normally.
    Do them a favor; buy their t-shirts. Buy all of their albums if you haven't already. If you haven't, buy their deluxe editions. Go see them live, even in small venues. Stream their music on services like Spotify and Pandora so they get royalty money. Oddly enough I was shopping for some new band t-shirts the other day and I had a Lamb of God one picked out. I'll add another to the cart since I read this. Hope they can stay together and their families can ride this out.
    I don't think you can just buy there t-sirts anywhere can you? They don't make profit that way either I don't think ,YOu'd have to buy EVERYTHING at their shows. That's where they would get most profit at
    UG should seriously ask the band if they can start a fundraiser for them. We can all throw in like 5 bucks or whatever. I think it wouldn't be too bad of an idea.
    Record deals are horrible. Typical arrangements are where the artist makes about 8 to 10 cents an album after its all said and done paying lawyers, agents, producers etc. I dont know LOGs deal of course but for instance Van Halen was in debt over two million dollars after their first album that went platinum many times over. So even during a time in where artists did sell albums they were in debt a major amount of money so just think of today in where no one sells albums and a band has to rely on touring to make money. Van Halen would get a paycheck of %83.80 every week for the 4 of them to split. This article and video explains it all. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/2011070...
    Buying one of they're CDs won't help them a whole heck of a lot. Just go to one of their shows, you won't regret it. Remember kids, this is a metal band, they aren't made of money. It's not the 80's anymore. You'd be surprised how many popular bands out there are struggling to survive financially.