Randy Rhoads Family Suing Filmmakers Over Unauthorized Book

Family alleges that filmmakers used materials from failed documentary in coffee table biography.

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The Randy Rhoads estate and family have filed a lawsuit against filmmakers Peter Margolis and Andrew Klein, the publishing company Velocity Publishing Group, Inc., and co-author Steven Rosen in connection with a failed documentary film project on the life of Randy Rhoads and the recent publication of a book stemming from the defendants' involvement in the project.

The suit came about after the Rhoads estate came into possession of a copy of the coffee table biography, simply titled Randy Rhoads, and discovered that materials that Peter Margolis and Andrew Klein had acquired for the film, had been used in the book without the estate's permission: As an official statement notes, the Rhoads estate was "both astonished and horrified to see that Klein and Margolis are holding themselves out as 'experts' on the life of Randy Rhoads, implying that they had the approval and cooperation of the Rhoads family, which they did not."

The statement also notes that the documentary made by Margolis and Klein was never completed, although individuals who saw clips from the film reported that "it was 'edited poorly and unprofessionally,' and that the quality of the film was 'abysmal.'"

The complaint accuses the defendants of fraud, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of rights of publicity and making extensive and unauthorized use of personal information and photos from the documentary project.

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    Too bad. I would love to see a well executed, and properly done documentary on the life of one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time...oh well
    I agree. we all know some parts or rumors about his life. I would love to see a good documentary telling the true story of Randy Rhodes. He is one of the reasons I picked up a guitar back in the day and have not put it down since.
    I was interviewed for this "very poorly made documentary" twice ,once with me just showing up in street clothes and just 2 guitars with me taking" which was the better of the 2.The second was a mess because the director kept stopping me in the middle of sentences and asking me ridicules questions that .....were ,or had nothing to do with Randy! The first interview I posted on youtube and is called" Randy Rhoads and I" this was shot back in 2008 and is not the best but I do talk about Randy and other cool stuff the goofy editor didn't cut! I saw Delores Rhoades ,kelli and Kathy at the Burbank court house trying to stop this joke of a documentary,I,ve seen some of the and it looks like it was shot by a brain damaged 6 year old! The Rhoades family should do all they can to stop the movie and the extremely over priced "book" . Plus these guys are doing this for money , not Randy . I was told by a family member that Randys mom was crying at the end of the movie because it was sooooo bad! Do not buy this book or help Margolis make money off somebody who never even knew Randy!
    Would love to see something materialize with this. Ozzy should financially back it, yet keep him and his wife's trap shut. That might be too much to ask though. Something similar just happened with the Jimi Hendrix film project that is in the works, that I would love to see as well.
    Macheted01 Obvoisly you know **** all about ozzy, ozzy is the only one to know about randy rhoads truely, iso go fk yourself, and if you do some fkin some research then 'her' made their career. , you fkin listeners are shit, try being an actual musician, before being a ****? Your worse than axl haha
    Even if I could read this, I still probably wouldn't care what it said.
    Obviously Ozzy knows quite abit about Randy. At that time he was passionate about his work. After though, he and her just trampled over people and burnt alot of bridges from Jake E Lee to Ozzfest. I personally knew one of his limo drivers from his early Zak days. They will most likely find a loop hole to make this happen about Randy. They usually do. His story needs to be put out there. It should of been done a long time ago.
    The only one that has told the Randy Rhoads story as it was and with most unbias was Rudy Sarzo in his book Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz.