Randy Rhoads Family Suing Filmmakers Over Unauthorized Book

artist: Randy Rhoads date: 01/09/2013 category: music news
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Randy Rhoads Family Suing Filmmakers Over Unauthorized Book
The Randy Rhoads estate and family have filed a lawsuit against filmmakers Peter Margolis and Andrew Klein, the publishing company Velocity Publishing Group, Inc., and co-author Steven Rosen in connection with a failed documentary film project on the life of Randy Rhoads and the recent publication of a book stemming from the defendants' involvement in the project. The suit came about after the Rhoads estate came into possession of a copy of the coffee table biography, simply titled Randy Rhoads, and discovered that materials that Peter Margolis and Andrew Klein had acquired for the film, had been used in the book without the estate's permission: As an official statement notes, the Rhoads estate was "both astonished and horrified to see that Klein and Margolis are holding themselves out as 'experts' on the life of Randy Rhoads, implying that they had the approval and cooperation of the Rhoads family, which they did not." The statement also notes that the documentary made by Margolis and Klein was never completed, although individuals who saw clips from the film reported that "it was 'edited poorly and unprofessionally,' and that the quality of the film was 'abysmal.'" The complaint accuses the defendants of fraud, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, misappropriation of rights of publicity and making extensive and unauthorized use of personal information and photos from the documentary project.
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