Rap Metal Is Back, And It's Good, Journalist Claims

'90s metal was terrible, but new artists inspired by it are releasing quality material, the report claims.

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With rap metal making a bit of a comeback these years, prominent music blogĀ Village Voice has voiced in on the matter, noting that the new scene is rich with quality artists.

Initially bashing the genre, journalist Corey Deiterman dubbed the '90s rap metal "a serious low point."

However, the report further claims that the new scene is actually producing top-notch material, singling out such younger artists as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Emmure.

"Of course, '90s rap-metal was terrible. Even those who hand in inventing it, like Mike Patton of Faith No More, came out strongly against it; he famously once said, 'don't blame me for that s--t,'" the report reads.

"As bands copied the idea, not just collaborating with rappers but making it a vital part of their sound as rappers and DJs became full-fledged members, it became increasingly trite and awful. You may feel nostalgic for Linkin Park, but go listen to 'Hybrid Theory' again. It was s--t. Search your feelings; you know it to be true," the journalist further explains.

Noting how "bizarre" it is that the new bands are succeeding in creating quality music, the report singles out Devastator as an example of the genre "finally being exploited properly."

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Briefly praising Emmure, the author stresses that not all new rap metal is good, sharing Falling in Reverse as an example of "pure trash."

"As long as it continues to be done with tact, like the way Hacktivist or Emmure are doing it, and remains largely removed from the awful cliches Falling in Reverse are attempting to trade in, it should be a welcome addition to the genre. If nothing else, it lends variety to a style of metal that has increasingly become mired by copycat bands and devoid of true originality," the article concludes.

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Is the new rap metal scene superior to its originators? Let us know in the comments.

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    - describes Hybrid Theory as shit - highlights Emmure as 'producing top-notch material' Yeah, this guy has no idea what he's talking about.
    Also, he is including Whitechapel and Suicide Silence; bands that have absolutely nothing to do with rap.
    Just listened to the new Emmure album yesterday. It was seriously the most uninspired metal/deathcore album I've ever heard.
    90s actually had some quality bands. I can't say same about these metalcore groups that are popular now.
    Slipknot and Mudvayne are the two bands that come straight to mind. That rap-metal was decent in my opinion. If new rap-metal is kind of like that, I may keep an ear out for it.
    At least the 90's and 00's efforts generally all carved out their own sound within the genre, the modern attempts sound way less original/unique. Just because they happen to be a bit more "br00tal" it doesn't mean they're better.
    ONE rap metal band made it work. Rage. The rest are terrible. Every band mentioned so far. Pure shite. Faith No More were amazing but Patton is a signer first.
    I agree with the main point this guy is getting across, that the genre has always had potential, and you can hear in these clips the awesome and interesting interplay that is possible between a rapper and a live drummer, regardless of "genre". Hell, Questlove has been doing it for more than 20 years with The Roots. It's about time artists start exploring the avenues of rapping without a damned drum machine, sampler, or un-imagined live beats
    Except this article is about rap metal. Are you seriously insinuating that The Roots are metal? Or did you just skim to the comments section?
    No one will do it quite as good as RATM. But I like the concept of good rap used with metal-ish music. But it's hard to find something worthy of checking out.
    Nowadays, I will agree with you about there being not many songs worth checking out. But when it was popular, there are quite a lot to suggest, RATM being one of the bands with worthy rap-metal songs.
    Emmure may as well call themselves Limp Bizkit 2, and they are far far worse than anything LB ever put out.
    Limp Bizkit at least have good musicians and a competent singer. Even if he writes terrible lyrics most of the time. Emmure can't say the same thing musically speaking and lyrically they're terrible as well
    It's a shame that someone like Mark Castillo (drummer) gets overshadowed by shitty musicians too. Being an ex member of Between the Buried and Me, Crossfade, and founding member of Bury Your Dead. Im sure Frankie Palmeri is whats making the band worse.
    This is an old article. Like from 2 months ago. How about accepting new articles UG? I've sent a few noteworthy ones.
    Regina George says, "Stop making rap-metal happen because it's not going to happen." Fuck this article.
    Id much rather have a second Hybrid Theory album than anything by those bands, especially Emmure. I dont mind a couple of their songs, but to actually listen to a full album, just no.
    "oducing top-notch material, singling out such younger artists as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Emmure." HAHAHAHAHAHA So muuuchhh nooooo!
    Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Linkin Park are good nu-metal bands. Whether you like the personalities involved/lyrics of the songs does not mean they're bad. John Lennon was a knob but people will say he was a brilliant musician. Same rule applies here. And Hybrid Theory is a brilliant album. And I'd rather listen to Falling In Reverse than Emmure thank you very much. At least Falling In Reverse can play their instruments and Ronnie Radke can sing somewhat
    Yeeeeeaaaaah if you start saying anything about liking Falling In Reverse, you're gonna have a hard time.
    Unless he talks about Jacky Vincent. He is a decent guitar player, it's hard to ignore. In FIR, there is talent, but is over-shadowed by Radke's ego.
    You forgot Static-X, Slipknot, Mushroomhead and Mudvayne (they are other bands that come to mind). There are others, but, including your list (excluding FIR), they may make up the most successful nu-metal bands back then (correct me if I'm wrong, which is most likely).
    RATM Is the definition of 90s rapmetal, and theyre awesome....this article makes no sense
    The only band to successfully merge rap and metal for anything more than a gimmick was Rage Against the Machine. Literally every other band that made a career out of it is kind of ****ing horrible.
    Fuck that Wigger shit music i went to an Oz fest back in the lat 90s When Limp B. was on the set list this is the O.F. where they had Slayer Tool Rob Zombie .Now all the Limp B. fans were White punk ass black hood acting wannabes who started a lot of fights and jumping people and for the most part they all got the shit beat out of them i even lended a hand in myself I hate everything about this shit
    I don't remember Linkin Park being rap metal. I think they've been nu metal/rapcore band.
    Pfft. Are you saying there's some profound difference between "rap metal" & "nu metal/rapcore"? ...Because there isn't any.
    Why is Linkin Park the whipping boy for 'Rap-Metal' detractors anyway? There were far worse offenders.
    Ya Limp Bizkit is pretty much crap- plus they are all tools (although secretly Rollin' is my guilty pleasure, I'm sorry)
    IMO, it's Fred Durst. He brings down the otherwise average band to shit.
    Wes Borland is a pretty under-rated guitarist. Have you heard some of his non limp bizkit stuff? John Otto is also a better than average drummer.
    I think its because they are still around and probably got the most publicity for that style. Hybrid Theory reminds me of the first song posted here.
    What do Whitechapel and Suicide Silence have to do with rap metal? Even Emmure has barely anything to do with rap. Is this a troll-article?
    I was thinking that, same two videos to back up nu-djent being the next big thing I believe? Probably the same journo, getting slipped the odd thin ten to rage about these artists.
    Praising Emmure makes his opinion invalid. I don't care how troll-ish and narrow minded that comes off. For once I have a potentially abrasive opinion that I thoroughly believe.
    This is just a basic re-print of that bullshit 'nu-djent' article, it even uses the same two songs for examples Rap over metal is ****ing wank and this is proof beyond proof, it didn't work then and it won't work now just because the guitarists have 2 extra strings but only use 1
    In time, we will see every genre of music combined in some way and I can't wait for CountryCore with Country breakdowns and some Rap thrown in there too. Br00tal
    Lol I freaking called this when they called it "NuDjent" I'm glad that name didn't stick, this was done before, now its cleaned up and way more technical
    Senser did rap metal back in the '90s and were amazing, completely unlike like most of the awful nu-metal stuff that gets lumped into the same genre.
    This guy seems to be one of the biggest idiots whose texts I've had the displeasure of reading recently.
    Okay, I was about to go on a rant. The snippet preview of the article said "'90's metal was terrible..." And in the actual article it says "'90's rap metal was terrible". Okay UG, you're saf.
    None of this stuff will ever better what FNM did with Angel Dust - that album is so genius and ahead of its time....
    Both those tunes were completely shit. This journo needs to find better examples to back his argument.
    All I know is these new rap metal acts are far better at staring into cameras trying to look hard.
    That devastator was awful!!! The other one was not my taste, but I could see how people could like it. If you like rap mixed with metal... Go for Downset... Really good underrated band.
    Hacktivist yay. Devestator nah. They seem like a bland attempt at imitating Hacktivist's sound.