Rapper To Play Hendrix In New Biopic

artist: Jimi Hendrix date: 05/08/2012 category: music news
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Rapper To Play Hendrix In New Biopic
Andre 3000 is probably best known as one half of hip-hop duo Outkast, according to IFTN though, the rapper-turned-actor has something a bit more "classic rock" in sights for his next project. Specifically, he's set to play the role of guitar hero Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic, titled "All Is By My Side", which will begin shooting in Ireland in three weeks. IFTN offers the following summary of the film: "The film will be set in 1966 and 1967 and cover the period in which Hendrix was discovered in a New York club by Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richard's then girlfriend Linda Keith. She subsequently introduced Hendrix to manager Chas Chandler who brought Hendrix to London in 1966, where he recorded his debut album "Are You Experienced" and had his first taste of success. Over that period 1966 to 67 Hendrix went on to formulate some of the greatest guitar-driven records ever made." Last week, over 7,000 guitarists broke the world record for "Largest Guitar Ensemble", playing a version of the Hendrix classic "Hey Joe" the record attempt took place at the Thanks Jimi Festival in Poland and was open to participants playing electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars. According to the Guardian newspaper, the film is the first Hendrix biopic to have been greenlit by the Hendrix estate of several that have been proposed in recent years. Previously, the Hendrix estate had taken issue with licensing the late musician's music. The news that "All Is By My Side" has been greenlit suggests that the Hendrix estate has either now relented or that film won't feature any Hendrix songs. The last time that the iconic musician's life was committed to film was in "Hendrix", a made for TV biopic of the guitarist released in 2000.
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