Rare Eminem CD Distribution Blocked

A court ruling has stopped hip-hop magazine The Source from distributing a CD of a previously unreleased recording by rapper Eminem that includes phrases such as "black girls are dumb."

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A court ruling has stopped hip-hop magazine The Source from distributing a CD of a previously unreleased recording by rapper Eminem that includes phrases such as "black girls are dumb."

Manhattan federal Judge Gerald Lynch granted Eminem's lawyers an injunction preventing the magazine from enclosing the CD in its February issue, which goes on sale in mid-January. The magazine had planned extensive coverage of the recording.

The Source said it exposed the Eminem track while investigating the forces corrupting hip-hop, including racism.

"The fact that our opinion regarding the prevalence of racism in the music industry is being censored is just another step in the effort to cover up the racial bias destroying hip-hop culture," The Source said in a statement Thursday.

Eminem's record company, Interscope Records, declined comment on the ruling.

Eminem's lawyers had argued that distributing the CD violates copyright laws.

Last month, The Source held a news conference to accuse Eminem, who is white, of racism, citing lyrics on the recording such as "black girls are dumb, and white girls are good chicks."

The tape was provided to the magazine by "three white hip-hop fans from Detroit who were peers of Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, in the early '90s, at the time of the recording," the Source said last month.

The 31-year-old rapper has said the recording was "foolishness" that he'd made as a teen "out of anger, stupidity and frustration" after breaking up with a black girlfriend.

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    he is a great musicican and I think he is the best rapper in the world.....
    i hate eminem...i mean slim shady...i mean mathers...oh what the hell, they all make me soil my xxxl jeans.
    I don't mind rap, I guess. I definitly don't listen to it though. Eminem...Hmmmm...I like that, a crazy white guy who talks lots of trash. It cracks a smile upon my face.
    why does every try and kill ems music just because hes a white rapper which means he gets the music to a lot more kids and his stuff all over the place and then the people doing this accuse him of racial discrimanation
    Scumfuc: I agree w/ u a 100% what u said made a lot of sense. btw Eminem is a horrible musician who only makes "obscene" lyrics to get attention
    Rappers have been using racist slurs in their songs for as long as I've been listening to rap. Its common now. But now that a white guy says it, no matter what context, its wrong? I believe that is the epitomy of double standards.
    i'd side eminem, coz im one of his fans, come on man, put yourself in his shoes, if u juz got dumped by a chic, the first thing you'd be is sad, then sudden outbursts of anger, and well, this type of shit happens, come on man, everybody makes mistakes, learn from them, and dun exploit other ppl's quick tongue(a rappers trait), so *** the source and that bitch of a boss they have
    Oswald...know what you're talking about and grow some testacles, then maybe you can speak. Well, honestly i think that is quite stupid. I, however, ofcourse, hate eminem i think he belongs in a concentration camp w/ the rest of his kind. But ofcourse tis just an opinion.
    yeah benzino just trying to get famouse by accusing em because knowbody gives a f*** bout benzino and also he is goin bankrupt to so this is a move thats desperate for him
    How come black rappers can use passively racist lyrics against whites & no one cares? I'm not a racist, & I know that not all african-americans are, but I have friends who like rap for some odd reason, so I know it does happen. I don't know about copyright laws that much, but free speech is being denied here, since the Source is a Rap magazine who has helped out passively racist rappers like I mentioned ^
    for those that don't know, eminem had a beef with a rapper that works in the source, benzino, so i think benzino is just being gay cause em just ended him up with both of his response to a battle that benzino started. uhm... yeah, *** the source.
    He sucks!!!!! Oswald you are so stupid, saying he's a good musician, look at the definition of music in the dictionnary, u'll see that rap is not music.