Rare Paul McCartney Recording Found On Lost Tape

Discovery captures Beatle performing 1964 Peter And Gordon hit "A World Without Love".

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A recording of Paul McCartney singing "A World Without Love" previously thought not to exist has been unearthed by Peter Asher.

The song was written by The Beatles star and given to Asher for his duo, Peter And Gordon, to record. Asher was also the brother of McCartney's then-girlfriend Jane Asher.

Until now it wasn't confirmed there was a recording of McCartney performing the song, which went to No 1 in both the UK and US after its release in February 1964.

This version, which features McCartney singing and accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, was unearthed a few months ago by Peter Asher.

In early 1964, McCartney was living in the Asher family home and shared the top floor with Peter. "He had two tape machines and I had one we were both into taping," Asher told. "Paul told me about the song and played it for me."

He added no one else wanted the song, and that McCartney's songwriting partner John Lennon didn't like the composition. According to NME, when asked about "A World Without Love" in interview, Lennon stated he believed Paul had already written the song before The Beatles formed, saying: "I think that was resurrected from the past. That has the line 'Please lock me away' that we always used to crack up at."

Mersey Beat artist Billy J. Kramer, is also said to have turned down the song, but Peter And Gordon were insistent they had the song to record for themselves.

Asher adds: "Paul said, 'Absolutely,' but I had to nag him to write the bridge. It came several weeks later, just in time for the session." As a result, the tape in Asher's possession doesn't feature the song's bridge.

He discovered the recording (a DAT tape of the reel-to-reel original) in a storage space in LA. There are no plans to release it, but Asher is playing the recording on his touring show Peter Asher: A Musical Memoir Of The '60s And Beyond, with which he is travelling around the US.

Also on the tape, from the same bedroom recording, is McCartney singing an early version of The Beatles' "I'll Follow The Sun".

"A World Without Love" is one of two Lennon & McCartney-written songs to have topped the US chart with another artist performing it. The other is Elton John's version of "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds".

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    As with most "unearthed" music I usually end up liking the anticipation more than the final product. It's always interesting to speculate on what it will sound like.
    Didn't Lennon/McCartney also write, "Come And Get It", which was a hit for Badfinger, or is that a myth?
    Paul actually wrote come and get it. he then gave it to Bad Finger when the Beatles signed "the Iveys"(later changing their name to Badfinger)and the song was on the Movie "the Magic Christian"
    It sounds so 'Beatles,' you almost get the sense that Lennon may have been a bit envious of the melody to not want to record it.
    McCartney also wrote "Those were the days" under a psudonym, for a singer named Mary Hopkins, to prove to himself that he could write a hit under any name and insurin it was his talent not his name that continued his songwriting success...the song/record was top ten and went gold
    I read the title as "Rape Paul McCartney Recording Found On Lost Tape" Really jumped the gun on that one!