Rare Pink Floyd Single Sold for More Than $3.000

"Not Now John," featuring on 1983's "The Final Cut" album, was sold via eBay.

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A rare Japanese 7-inch single of Pink Floyd's "Not Now John," from 1983's "The Final Cut" album has sold for $3,050 on eBay, Hennemusic reports.

The only single issued from the album, it is the only track featuring lead vocals by David Gilmour, with Roger Waters singing the refrains and interludes. The song reached No. 7 on the mainstream-rock chart in the U.S. and went to No. 3 in the U.K.

Written by Waters, "Not Now John" deals with war and criticism of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as general criticisms of the greed and corruption that Waters saw as dangers to society.

The special promotional edition of the "Not Now John" single features a rare white CBS label.

The band was on the verge of splitting up by this point, since the LP is basically a Waters solo record. Founding keyboardist Richard Wright had been ousted during the album's difficult sessions and replaced by Michael Kamen and Andy Bown.

Here's the cover art for the Japanese edition:

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    An above average made far below average by the lack of collaboration, and tensions in the band. I imagine what songs like "Fletcher Memorial" would sound like if David had been engaged.
    Ugh... Not Now John was not about the war, it was a crack at Alan Parker, the director of The Wall movie. Also, Rick Wright was kicked out of Floyd during the making of The Wall, he was long gone by the time Roger made The Final Cut.
    But the wikipedia article UG copy and pasted the song information from clearly states it's about Thatcher and war. Wikipedia couldn't possibly be wrong... I found a few different interpretations of Not Now John while I was looking for the meaning of the lyrics. The Alan Parker link seems plausible but some of the lyrics don't seem to fit with that idea and fit much better with the war/Thatcher theme. Where did you hear it was about Parker, did Waters say it in an interview or something?
    well seeing is how this album was all written by roger waters and was based off of his dad leaving for war and never coming home i assume its about the war...
    It's pretty well known that Roger didn't like the movie and had massive fights with Alan Parker throughout the making of it. This song was one way of getting back at him, apparently Parker was less interested in making the movie than hanging out with a rock star. The lyrics sum it up pretty clearly: make em laugh make em cry make em dance in the aisles make em pay make em stay make em feel ok we've got to get on with the film show hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow who cares what it's all about as long as the kids go
    Yea I got that bit but some of the song doesn't seem to about Parker. I was asking where you'd heard it stated.
    Gilmour said he only liked about 3 songs on this album. I guess that a lot of it was left over material from the wall that they deemed inferior at the time. He said that they basically just came in when they were asked to lay down a guitar track and then that was it.