RATM: 'No Plans To Record New Album'

Tom Morello counters claims that they're working on a brand new album, but hints that there could be similar 20th anniversary releases to their forthcoming "Rage Against The Machine XX" when their time comes.

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Tom Morello has said that Rage Against The Machine have "no plans" to record beyond releasing their forthcoming 20th anniversary rerelease of their debut album, with the amended title "Rage Against The Machine XX".

Fans had been hopeful for new music when in early November bassist Tim Commerford told TMZ (via Antiquiet) that the band were "definitely, maybe" working on a new album.

However, Morello hinted that there could be similar special editions of their other albums when their 20th anniversaries come up.

"One at a time, man!" he told Billboard. "The good news is that we've got time to think about it. I think the next one ('Evil Empire') came out in '96, so there's four years to decide on that."

The problem is, their other albums have less potential bonus content, unlike the forthcoming "Rage Against The Machine XX" which features a full CD of demo tracks. "There have been a lot of shows recorded professionally, but there are not unreleased songs", he added.

"Rage Against The Machine XX" is set for release on November 27 as regular single disc version, a Special Edition with two CDs and two DVDs, and a deluxe box set with the CDs, DVDs, vinyl and a 40-page book full of photos with liner notes by Chuck D from Public Enemy.

Could Morello be hiding the truth so that a new album release will be a surprise? Would any new music from the band live up to your expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    "One at a time, man!" Seriously, how time-consuming can releasing an album of already-recorded music be? Stop fannying around and get in the damn studio!
    Seriously, I love the Nightwatchman/SSSC, but what the hell. Things are worse then ever, and RATM isnt making any music. It doesnt make any sense. The world needs a new RATM album, everyone is still alive at the moment. Might as well get in the studio and get it done. If they really cared about "changing the world" like they want to, its going to get done alot quicker with RATM rather then Nightwatchman, SSSC, or One Day as a Lion.
    ...so they reunited to make money touring? yeah, thats what I thought. All the jaw-boning about anti free market and capitalism for years results in them reuniting just to tour and make money, hence the "re-release" of old material with abunch of new gimmicks attached to it.
    I like Audioslave a lot and agree with a lot of things they say, but you're right: You have to keep a sense of coherence between your actions and thoughts, and everyone knows that re-releases are almost always just to make cash (specially when there are no bonus material involved, like on these). Shame!
    Aw dammit. Nothing that surprises me though, they always take a little too long with studio albums... but the wait is worth it.
    They could start a new side project called "Rage In Favor of the Machine" where they join Tom and continue to around supporting goldbricking government employees and their fantastic salary and benefit packages.
    moody git
    i can't be dealing with this constant yesnoyesMAYBEyesno. just make your mind up and stick to it please?
    With the worlds current state, I would say that the people need a voice more than ever - and that voice is RAGE!
    Better they wait it out than pulling a Metallica and releasing a number of poor albums.
    Carl Hungus
    The funny thing is that there is an entire generation of people who believe that the everything post black album is the best thing Metallica ever did.
    Psycho Pigeon
    Tom, since you're a communist, would you mind giving me some of your earnings? It's only fair, I have no job, you have job, equality.
    You obviously have no idea what the definition of Communism is: The People controlling the profits they produce.
    How hard can it be... just repeat the same lines over and over again and you got a RATM Song....they could make 50 albums in a week. "And now you do what they told ya" x11. HEY ANOTHER SONG DONE
    Not really interested anyway. All tom morello does now a days is protest ****in politicians and shit.
    I actually laughed out loud to this. Not sure if trolling or just plain ignorant
    Of course I'm ignorant for stating my opinion.(sarcasm) but honestly, I'm sick of hearing about him doing all these rallies. Thats not his job, just making music.
    stating one's opinion is not ignorant...your opinion in particular, however, is the very definition of ignorance...
    Considering that he is getting royalties from RATM and Audioslave (and will be probably receiving royalties for decades), he can do whatever the fu ck he wants. Do I like his protesting either? No. However, his job is to do whatever he wants, as long as he can afford it. Furthermore, he is using personal songs to protest, meaning he is making music.
    I wish Tom Morello would find his "real place" in the music industry and just join Soundgarden as the new rhythm guitar player.
    I really dont understand these dudes, RATM is one of the most populair bands of all time, why whouldn't they hit the studio and tour the world?!
    so, does that mean they're pulling a courtney love? saying it wont happen, then announce a release date...you know, UG logic
    Carl Hungus
    They probably either dont get along with the vocalist anymore or are tired of 20+ years of touring and need an extended rest.