RATM Will Probably Never Perform Together Again, Says Brad Wilk

Drummer says 2011 show at the LA Rising festival was a "good way to go out."

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Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk says the band will probably never perform together again.

The sticksman, who appeared on Black Sabbath's comeback album "13" last year, believes his outfit's headline slot at the LA Rising festival in 2011 was their swan song.

He tells Pulse of Radio (via ClassicRockMagazine): "As far as I know, we played our last show at the Coliseum - and if that was our last show, that's a good way to go out.

"I sort of had to put it in my head that that band is over in order for me to just move on with my life, to be honest with you, so that's kind of where that lies."

Guitarist Tom Morello hinted in 2012 that RATM had come to an end when he told Rolling Stone: "Whether or not we ever play music again in any capacity is unknown." He added: "I'm grateful for the music we played together."

In 2009, their anthem "Killing In The Name" took the UK Christmas number one single slot after a campaign by music fans to prevent the X Factor gameshow winner taking top spot for the fifth year in a row. At the time frontman Zach de la Rocha described the chart victory as "an incredible organic grassroots campaign." They later played a free concert in London to celebrate the event.

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    Rage and Tool - with all these scares - should just do a world tour together and go out with a bang. (Not that I want any of them to throw in the towel).
    Tool iz art pop. hopfully dey dnt evr prform again!
    Ok KerryKing01, so is any guitar riff that isn't --0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-- art pop? :/
    RATM is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. I have their debut CD in my car CD player at all times...so this is sad to think I'll never see them play live, but trying to be positive, it really makes me excited to see what stuff each of the members move on to. Such as Morello with Springsteen right now as well as his stuff on the new Linkin Park record!
    I hate myself everyday for being "responsible" and saving the money I could have spent to fly and see LA Rising. It was only like 2 states away and yeah...I seriously hate myself. Of course I have a buddy that flew to Coachella to see them on their first reunion show. And of course, he never lets me forget it. I fear my dream of seeing Rage will never happen
    The world needs another RATM album, gotdamn
    Does seem weird that no one has even bothered to copy their style..... I wouldn't mind, if they rocked
    I think the band letlive. (yes it's really spelled lowercase and with a period at the end) is the closest thing we have to a modern RATM. Pretty different style in many ways, yet they still capture that same rebellious, intelligent spirit and have a lot of funky elements.
    acidtone sound quite a bit like rage.....
    I've never listened but there is a band called...Stray From The Path who supposedly is pretty Rage-like. A bit of Hardcore, a bit of groove, a bit of rap.
    My soul feels crushed. Caught them on the 2007 reunion tour and it was absolutely unreal. I still haven't seen a show that has topped that.
    This is news? In other related music news dave grohl is still a *****, courtney love is still a bitch, gene simmonds is greedy, and metallica try to remain relevant.
    any thoughts on what that 5 letter edit might be? careful insulting grohl on ug, pretty sure he owns it.
    It's probably for the best. They were half way to being a heritage act.
    Get out your comb-overs cause RATM is back for more political elephant shit. On what planet is shitty rap rock still cool? Welcome to 1989 again.
    That's disapointing. I'm glad I got to see them at the Ulster hall during their original time together. It was an amazing gig, the hall was lined with RUC because they were expecting trouble and people were going mental, flipping above the crowd just like in the church scene in Blues Brothers.
    To be honest, with all the stuff going on at the moment, the crimea crisis , etc. we all need a band like Rage against the Machine. Now more then ever.
    So dumb. Not even because they don't want to make any more new music, but just because of the tease. If you can't get along and never want to make an album together, I get it. But don't play these "reunion" shows 10 years after breaking up and let fans think there is some kind of hope for a new project. What a waste of time.
    I was browsing thro the website yesterday and i thought its been a while since we,ve had a ratm or soad article about them not performing/recording again.I dont think anyone expects them to do anything together again.
    Though they are a good band I stopped caring about these guys a long time ago, just look at the related articles..Also, I kinda want Audioslave to get back together.
    That's weird. Usually proclamations like this come with a "btw, please by my solo album I just released." I guess that applies more to news of dormant bands potentially reuniting than news of them not reuniting.
    That sucks. I would really love to see them live. I understand if they don't wanna make albums anymore, but they should really do a farewell tour.
    Wasn't there talk of trying to bring LA Rising back not too long ago? This band is like the biggest tease ever. Shame I wasn't able to go to the LA show though if it really does end up being their finish.
    I never thought I would get to see them live, then I managed to catch them 3 times between 2008-2010 including the free Finsbury Park gig. Life made.