Record Store Day Album Sales Rise by 60%

Success attributed to efforts of indie record stores.

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As MusicWeek is reporting (via NME), Record Store Day album sales were up 60% compared to last year, while single sales rose 20%. There was an average customer spend of £45, with some spending hundreds of pounds on limited edition products, and eight of the top 10 Vinyl albums in the UK charts this week were Record Store Day exclusives.

Record Store Day UK coordinator Spencer Hickman has praised indie retailers for the success:

"Indie record shops pulled out all the stops once again to make Record Store Day UK a huge success. They proved yet again indie stores are more than just shops at their best they are a focus for the passion, the excitement, the stubborn belief in the power of great music which is the hallmark of the true music fan.

"What was particularly exciting visiting stores on Saturday was to see so many families who had made a day-out of it, and were clearly introducing a whole new generation to the joys of record buying."

Paul Quirk, chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association which organizes the event added:

"Record Store Day reached a new level this year. What is clear is that it is the stores that have done the most in terms of organising gigs and special events which have seen the highest sales."

Quirk also noted that re-sales of Record Store Day exclusives on sites like eBay were down:

"There is a lot of revulsion among music fans when people try to cash in on Record Store Day. But the stores have made strenuous efforts to restrict this trade and our researchers suggest less than two per cent of product ended up on eBay this year which means that 98 per cent did not."

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    Awesome, it's good to see vinyl doing so well. I hope RSD keeps doing as well for a long time to come.
    This year was my first time doing Record Store Day and I was very happy with how it turned out. I got into collecting about a year ago, so this holiday got me as excited as Christmas did when I was younger. I woke up early on a Saturday and was one of the first people into my local record store in the mall and picked up At The Drive-In's Relationship of Command, Deftones Live Selections from Adrenaline, Bayside live @ the Bayside social club, Coheed and Cambria Descension Demos, South Park San Diego/Gayfish single and Between the Buried and Me The Anatomy of. Spent about $175 and got a free shirt so I was happy to help out my local store.
    Man, I'm glad some people actually had a good time this year. My local record store was a clusterf***, and I ended up buying nothing. I hope they can get their act together for next year.
    I can't justify buying vinyl unless the record was recorded in analog. The purpose of records is to get the perfectly continuous waveform provided by analog information, as opposed to finite samples in digital music. If you buy vinyls from the 70s, you're absolutely getting what you pay for.. but when you buy vinyls from electronic bands or most rock bands in 2013, you're throwing your money away since the "analog" signal you're listening to is the analog version of the original digital recording, hence it's not truly analog.
    I really want to get into vinyl, but new vinyl is sooo damn expensive and most people don't even have a record player these days. If they really wanted record store day, or record sales for that matter to explode, maybe they should make a pretty much dead music format just a little more reasonably priced.
    How come nobody ever tells me when all the cool holidays are? How the **** do you people find out about this stuff?