Red Hot Biography

date: 02/25/2004 category: music news
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Red Hot Biography
Anthony Kiedis's long awaited biography, "Scar Tissue" should be out in time for Christmas this year. Kiedis spent much of his time on Chili Peppers tour break to work on the book, which is ghostwritten by Ratso who also co-wrote Howard Stern's first book "Private Parts." From an advance review: In 'Scar Tissue,' charismatic and articulate frontman Anthony Keidis tells the astonishing story of the band, and his own rollercoaster life. He tells of his childhood living in LA with his father Blackie Dammett, an early life spent hobnobbing with celebrities and starring opposite Sly Stallone in 'Fist'; setting up the band with his school friend Flea in the early '80s, crossing paths with an eclectic group of music's most compelling acts, from George Clinton to Nirvana. And the years spent struggling with an addiction that left him a homeless multi-millionaire living on speedball mixtures of heroin and cocaine. 'Scar Tissue' far transcends the typical rock biography, because Anthony Kiedis is anything but a typical rock star. Thanks to Net Music Count Down.
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