Red Hot Chili Peppers Set to Perform For Dalai Lama

The Chili Peppers announce the unique May performance at Maitripa College in Portland.

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When you've been in a band like Red Hot Chili Peppers for about three decades, there's a chance you ran out of groundbreaking things to do. But that time hasn't come yet, as the Californian four-piece was officially confirmed to perform in front of Dalai Lama at his annual environmental summit.

Set to take place on May 11 at 3:30 p.m., the show will be held at Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon, the first and only Tibetan Buddhist college in the Pacific Northwest.

"The musical element of this event is intended to be a display of joyful celebration and an inspiration to future generations to care for our planet," says the official announcement. "The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been great supporters of the Tibetan cause, of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and of the need to work to protect and preserve our environment."

The officials have also stressed out that no separate tickets for the RHCP show will be available, meaning you will have to participate throughout the entire summit if you want to attend the concert. The group didn't post any official comments so far, but is expected any time soon.

The remainder of this year's confirmed RHCP shows includes a handful of dates consisting of some of today's most prominent festivals such as Coachella, Outside Lands and Metallica's very own Orion Music.

The group's latest release, "I'm With You," came out in August 2011 as their tenth record. With 229,000 copies sold in the first week, it debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart.

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    Are they going to play Funky Monks?
    HAHA! That would be amazing! And it is actually one of their very best songs IMHO, the beat, the dual vox, the lazy-to-crazy solo... the outro even!! Thank you for sticking this song right back in my head!!
    The Dalai Lama personally asked Anthony to play the Tibetan Freedom Festival in '98 (or at least he asked Anthony to say 'yes' if they were asked). So maybe he is somewhat into the music, or he's just into them as people....or knows that a lot of people are into them. Either way it's pretty cool.
    i hope they play some of their old stuff knock me down or even jungle man!
    Should just get Ramstein to play "Dalai Lama" to him, freak him right out. Imagine the quotes of wisdom after watching Til walk a gimp around for a bit then jizz all over everyone in a 20 meter radius.
    I bet you don't even know what that song is about, but I tell you as much that only its title is related to the Dalai Lama.
    Oh come on, don't take it so seriously. I'm just joking about. It's about as relevant to the actual Dalai Lama as Metallica's song One is to maths. I read some shit about the actual guy being afraid of planes but it's all totally irrelevant now. I'm humbly sorry for any offence I may have caused you in this delicate Rammstein knowledge situation. xxx
    No, I'm sorry. I think I just overreacted, because I had my fair share with idiots who claim to be Rammstein fans and somehow still have huge misconceptions about the band (like them being nazis and similar stuff). I shouldn't have been jumping to conclusions, for which I apologize.
    I love Rammstein. I am English though so naturally I am ignorant. For the best part I have read translations of their songs so I at least grasp a concept of what I am listening to. I don't see anything Nazi about them, I think they are one of the most talented performance bands of all time. I honestly love them. One of just a few bands I haven't actually gotten around to seeing live yet. I've been on the Rammstein defence for years, people are very quick to judge. Peace
    As I said I'm sorry, and of course I didn't mean the nazi comment at you. I also don't speak German really well, mainly just on some basic conversation level. You are right, they are talented and put on an amazing show, so if you ever get the chance, don't hesitate about seeing them live, my best concert experience is still my very first Ramsmtein concert