Red Hot Chili Peppers to Play Super Bowl Half Time Show

Band are special guests of Bruno Mars.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers have been announced to play this year's Super Bowl half time show, NME reports. The band will join Bruno Mars as special guests at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday February 2nd.

There has been no news yet on whether the band will use the event to debut songs from their upcoming album. Back in March of last year, drummer Chad Smith told Billboard that the Chilis were scheduled to start work on a new record in September 2013:

"We're probably looking at getting together in September and getting on a roll and starting to write songs for the next record. We always have little ideas percolating in jams and rehearsal warm-ups and sound checks and gigs."

Describing their songwriting process, Smith said: "Sometimes we bust into stuff ... We just kind of play whatever, so we always have those little tidbits. But we don't have any fully-formed songs until the four of us get in a room together. That's when the real writing process starts. So, yeah, we're looking at the fall."

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    Bruno Mars with special guest RHCP...even though Mars is one of the better pop-acts of today it's still really sad to see.
    Even though I don't listen to his music, Bruno Mars is actually an incredible singer! Watch some of his live performances, they're near-perfect! And I love the RHCP but I have to say, Bruno is probably gonna make Anthony look bad in comparison (just being realistic lol)
    You have no idea. Anthony has played live for over 25 years. I saw him with the Chilis last year, his performance was immaculate. Bruno Mars has been around for how long? I'm sure his few years of experience will make him look so much better in comparison... The Chilis live performance is legendary for a reason and it's not just because of the cock socks. It's the energy, the experience, they make you want to just dance with no care whatsoever in the world, you will see this when the Chilis start playing.
    I have to say here, I saw the chilis 7 years ago, and then again in 2008, it broke my heart because they totally sucked I dont say that lightly, or to just flame the band, blood sugar totally got me through school... I hope they get some good form going again, or it was a bad phase.
    I've never met someone who has seen them live with your opinion other than seeing them on a stupidly massive stage where the sound was shyte. I took mates (some typ metal head) who where dragged there and said they where gobsmacked by them live especially the half hour frush and flea on trump jams at the end.
    I'll be specific, Hampden Arena show with Biffy Clyro support, Biffy blew them away without a shadow of a doubt, and TITP 06, they were really lazy, coulda been because it was cold and raining though (Scotland). All my friends who I went with said the same, we thought they had declined, hopefully we will be proved wrong.
    if anything it makes it better. HIs band is actually really good live and RHCP has some great songs.
    Gotta love where the younger generation is taking this country/world musically....I think its time for RHCP and others from their age/demographic to take it back....the kids are just too incompetent to carry the torch....
    At least there is a rock band this year...even if it's just as special guests. This should be good.
    As long as they don't do Just the Way You Are 4 times in a row, I guess I can live with it.
    Not sure whether to upvote for RHCP or downvote for the complete bullshit of the whole thing...
    Bruno Mars is ****ing horrible. I'd rather wear a used cock sock than to listen to his bland boring vocals over a ukelele with whistling sounds.
    Funny that the Superbowl is one of Americas most watched programs yet the nation's stereotype is a constantly right fat lazy american
    watching a sports program doesn't make you sporty. also NOT every football-player seems to be too sporty... (from the outer appearance)
    Well, it's not your first idea of a collaboration, but I think it'll be a good performance.
    Why with special guest? Oh, because Mars doesn't have enough ****ing good music to play a show like sick of this shit. First its the Black Eyed Penis, and this bullshit. Fuck. You. Super. Bowl. Put Rush or ****ing Metallica on there for Christ's sake.
    The problem with getting Metallica, AC/DC, Rush, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Queen, Cannibal Corpse, DevilDriver, Slayer, ZZ Top or Led Zeppelin to play the Super Bowl, is that the crowd would get so hyped up that the game would turn into a show.
    RHCP should headline the damn show and bruno mars should catch a grenade for them. Bruno probably only likes RHCP's new songs. ****ing pleb.
    Hopefully they don't do a duet or something like that. Split the set 50-50 and I'd be happy. Love the Chili's hate Bruno Mars.
    Jacques Nel
    What are they like since the guitarist left? Any good?
    Josh has improved since he first started performing with the band. You can say the fan base is still somewhat divided between those who still want John in the band and those who have finally accepted Josh. They'll still put on a great show though! I'm more worried about Anthony's performance, he tends to mix up the lyrics from different verses for multiple songs and I don't think anyone else knows if this is intentional or not.
    Josh is an unbelievable guitarist, anyone who says otherwise is just having trouble getting over Frusciante leaving... it's been 5 years... you'd think people would cop on.
    The NFL has really dropped the ball with the Super Bowl halftime show. The last decent one I remember was "The Who". I understand they want to cater to younger viewers or "pop culture", but they need to check their demographics.