Red Hot Chili's Tribute In Malta

A tribute band for the Red Hot Chili Peppers performs in Malta.

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A Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, called the Red Mock Chili Peppers, will be performing in Bugibba on Friday for the commemoration of the World Tourism Day.

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) in association with St Paul's Bay Joint Tourism Committee will be holding the pop-rock concert at Bugibba Bay Square on Friday 28 September. The concert starts at 2000 hrs.

The Music Makers presented by Batista Leisure Group as well as the rock band Red Mock Chili Peppers will be presented by Classic Rock Promotions.

Andrew Portelli, a spokesperson for the Classic Rock Promotions told that the Chili's tribute band is promising to rock Bugibba's main square. "This is yet another attraction for tourists and Maltese alike to come and enjoy an evening in Bugibba," Mr Portelli said.

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    tribue bands playing gigs? Hows that news? Oh and first comment
    While I don't see it newsworthy, it's nice to see the huge influence the Chilis have had on so many people, including myself.
    In Malta? I'm from Malta! Strangely enough, I met Anthony Kiedis here in Malta a couple of months ago! Coincidence?
    chris_red wrote: Oh and... this already happened last week apparently!
    Hooray for old irrevelent news!
    The quality of news here is going down. I mean seriously, who the hell wrote this? Or moreover, who the hell cares? Also, it's Chilis, not Chili's. I remember reading about a gig here once, a battle of the bands. Yeah. A battle of the bands. The thing that crap schoolboy bands do to figure out who has the most friends. Sorry, I mean who is the least crap. I mean, I've not really got anything against schoolboy bands - they're almost universally crap, but so were everyone at that age. I just really don't think it's news. I can name a great many tribute bands playing my area soon. Kounterfeit Kinks, Shine On, etc etc etc. I can name a few little local festivals that celebrate my area - the last one was headlined by acts like Tony Christie, The Twang, Yourcodenameis:Milo, etc. Acts that've been heard of. I don't like them, but people know them. Acts that've won magazine awards. All for free. Neither of those get any news. I also don't think they really should, unless there's something truly odd or amazing going on. There's hundreds of festivals that book award winning bands. Hell, there's a fair few that admit for free. The only thing that sets apart this Maltese event is just how crap it sounds for a national celebration. Also, it's really inconsistent here. You miss a lot of news that is waaaaay more important and relevant. Let's put it this way, you tend to announce support bands a lot, and yet don't really give much mention to the headliners, despite the fact that about four people will go purely for the support band. I mean, seriously. Why on earth has this made it into the news?
    just been on there website and they're @*!^, no1 can beat the real band i think tribute bands are good but they have no creativity, they just copy other peoples hard work and add a few guitar licks or a few different words ( i mean wat's the point ?!?!?)