R.E.M, Screaming Trees Supergroup Tuatara Joined by Pearl Jam's Mike McCready, New Double Album Announced

"Underwold" due out on August 15, more details inside.

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Instrumental supergroup Tuatara, the band consisting of R.E.M. and Screaming Trees members among others, was recently joined by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready on their upcoming double album "Underworld."

The group was formed back in 1996 by R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, drummer Barrett Martin of the Screaming Trees, Justin Harwood of Luna on bass and Skerik of Critters Buggin on saxophone.

"Underworld" marks the band's eighth studio effort and will see its release on August 15.

"Hey folks, Barrett Martin has just finished producing the forthcoming album from Tuatara, the renowned instrumental group which features Pearl Jam/Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready, Barrett, saxophone virtuoso Skerik, and R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck," Screaming Trees Facebook post reads.

"Their new double album is titled 'Underworld,' and it has a song in a new short film from underwater filmmaker Drew Alston. Drew is a contributor to Google Ocean, and he uses the Tuatara song 'She Dreams of Snow' for his short film about ocean conservancy. His film, 'Save Your Planet Everyday,' will debut on June 8 at the Reef Renaissance Film Festival on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, but you can preview it here first!" the announcement concludes, along with the clip below.

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