Report: Axl Rose Is Joining AC/DC as Replacement for Brian Johnson

Mr. Rose already rehearsed with the band...

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UPDATE: The son of co-founding AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, Ross Malcolm Young, has confirmed that this report is true and that Axl is indeed joining the band. Read about it here.

According to a new report from Atlanta Radio 100.5, Guns N' Roses vocalist Axl Rose will be joining AC/DC as a replacement for Brian Johnson for the remainder of the band's tour.

This is what Axl Rose sounds like singing AC/DC songs.

As widely reported, Mr. Johnson has recently suffered major hearing issues, with doctors urging him not to perform anymore at risk of hearing loss.

Axl was spotted in Atlanta over the weekend, where he reportedly flew for rehearsals, but not with GN'R.

Rumors started spreading about Rose negotiating with AC/DC, and now radio DJ Jason Bailey revealed that a "very, very good source" confirmed that all the speculation is true.

Jason said: "This is what I'm being told: Axl was meeting with the AC/DC group, because it's all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the 10 remaining shows. All 10, including Atlanta.

"From what I was told, this was all kind of new inside information to me, Angus is a very black-and-white guy. He's like, Brian, for health reasons, can't continue fronting the band.

"He was supposed to retire after the last tour, so they wanted to continue going out on the road and continue making music, so if you can't do it, we appreciate your services, but the show must go on. They're in town, they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in. Again, this is from my source."

So, Axl/DC, thoughs?

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    It's not April 1st yet..
    Since I know it's close to April 1st I literally had to remind myself that it's still 8 days away when I read this. Crazy shit.
    This is so interesting. I'd be upset if I was going to one of those 10 shows and the singer had to be replaced. I seen them this summer though so now I'm actually more curious to see Axl playing with AC/DC. Ever hear Bruce belt out AC/DC/? He does a fine job.
    Not bad. Very "Brucified". Pink does not a bad cover of H2H and Terri Nunn from "Berlin" too.
    I heard Pink do While My Guitar Gently Weep's I think and it was really good. She has a good backing band.
    Let's not pretend this is a bad choice just because we don't like Axl (I don't either) because let's face it, ACDC have to finish this tour. Axl is a big name, and they aren't gonna finish it with anyone other than someone as big as axl cos bigger crowds! Not to mention in his hay-day, Axl's literally perfect for the role and if he can tap into that even a little bit then it should be a'ight.
    I actually agree with you. Im surprised by how many people are complaining about this. Ive always compared Axl's vocal style to ACDC's, and have thought he would make a good fit for years. It's a match up ive had in my minds eye for a long time
    It's more comparable to Nazareth, really (another band he was really into), but AC/DC isn't too far off at all. There's not many people here complaining, though. But on reddit and other forums where memes are somehow even more prevalent than they are here, well...
    OK. It's a bad choice because Axl likely can't hit Brian Johnson notes. Especially not for a whole show. I'd much rather see, say, Sammy Hagar take over for the remaining dates.
    WTF news of the day. I could possibly see it happening, Axl is in the same weight-class so to speak, and is a huge AC/DC fan
    Totally assumed this was a fat joke.
    Nah I meant that regardless of your opinions on GN'R, they're basically considered classic/dad rock in the same class as Floyd, AC/DC, Zep, Rolling Stones etc.
    Oh yeah I get it, just had something in my head before I completed reading the comment.
    Kinda wish that the AC/DC guys were a bit fat too, so my sentence would work on both levels, lol
    I would like this not to happen. I would have also liked AC/DC to retire after the Black Ice Tour but hey
    Why? Rock or Bust was a better album and the shows they just played were kick ass!
    I disagree with all of that. I think the show last summer was rather bad and Black Ice is a way better album than Rock or Bust.
    Because of Malcom - I think Rock or Bust was a great album as well but it gets to a point where going out on a high note is the best thing. AC/DC has been my favorite band since I was 12 and now im 31 and have seen them live twice and have all the fanboy special releases, DVD's, etc.
    I agree the show was better on this tour. Less focus on the new album and heavier focus on the hits. Loved it
    Like I Is
    I honestly don't have a problem with it. I'd rather Brian get replaced by another well-known rocker than by some lookalike nobody. It'd be cool if they rotated singers. Axl, Springsteen, I bet even Jack White could make it work. It just seems like the best solution to the really, really unfortunate problem of Brian being sidelined.
    well, Axel Rose is one of the few who have strong stage presence as Brian Johnson, so why not? After all Ac/Dc have always had the best fronting duo (no matter the era) and it would be a shame to take a good singer who doesn't have the presence and charisma of Brian Johnson. So I'd be glad to see Axl do it.
    Can't wait for AC/DC to cancel half of their shows and stop midway when their singer huffs off stage. Awesome choice!
    This might actually be interesting. Axl definetly has big enough feet to fill the boots Brian (presumably until officially confirmed) left behind. But they are bit different singers. Brian sings with a broken/strained throat voice where Axl has high pitched screams, almost falsetto even. Might come as a shock to some fans.
    It's like they actually sat down and tried to find someone with an even more grating and obnoxious voice than Brian Johnson.
    Axl Rose singer in the universe and's will be awesome seeing Axl front AC/DC..I wish was true. Is it really true about Axl Rose be a singer in AD/DC?
    never heared of that AD/DC band you're talking about, are they worth checking out???
    I can kind of see it happen. I can imagine Axl singing Highway to hell or Rock'N roll Train and such...
    Ewww... I just hope don´t see on youtube or UG a video called "Axl Rose chokes while trying to sing Shoot To Thrill - FAIL"
    That actually sounds like it would be right up his alley. He would probably nail that one.
    If he can still sing anywhere close to how he used to it would be great, but my gut is telling me this is total bullshit.
    Arfing Thumb
    Axl won't show up anyways
    just so you know,Axl has been on time give or take a few minutes at all the shows I have been to over the last few years..get your info correct!!!
    LOL, more than a few minutes. He was a half hour late when I saw them. And AC/DC is a well oiled machine; there's no skipping rehearsal or going onstage late with Angus.
    So, does this mean AC/DC will be over an hour late to take the stage for those shows?
    Then he kicks Angus and everyone else out of the band to get the rights to the name..... He's a decent singer so I wouldn't mind but I'd rather hear them go back to the Bon Scott era sound though..... Bon Scott could sing about sex and make it interesting. When Brian did it, it just sounded creepy....
    I myself think it will work, Ac Dc is a kick ass band and Axl is a kick ass singer, I love his style and I think its best to have an experienced vocal than to only be worried about some street look a like, I think he done great as GNR, & He kicked ass with Zakk Wylde, Why not Ac Dc, Sure he can be an ass, sure he has a low tolerance temper. Until ya been in one of em shoe's you shouldn't judge It's A dog eat dog world & I for one Say when ya got it ya got it, & Axl has got it. & they flew him in for a reason,ROCK ON !!!!
    Irwin Navarro
    ACDC should have retired when Malcolm had to retire. No point in going on any further if it takes a toll in their health and their well being
    Worst idea ever. It was bad enough they replaced Bon Scott and Malcom Young. Angus must be one greedy bastard...
    I am one of AC/DC's biggest fans since the late 1970's. They are really the only band I've ever listen to for the most part besides some blues. One of the biggest reasons I have loved these guys for so many years is because of WHAT THEY HAVE STOOD FOR. No glam rock, no spandex during the 80's, no hype, and no bullshit. AC/DC has never been sell outs. They have stood by their music and their ballsy message of blue collar rock and roll since the early 70's. NOW WHAT! They are hiring this guy (I won't even say his name because he offends me). This fraud shares none of their values, he shares absolutely zero musical roots with Angus and Malcolm, and he is a poser. You could hear Brian's life and what Brian was made of in every line he sang. Brian worked his ass off for this band. AC/DC's popularity and album sales exploded when he took the mic. This whole decision is sickening. My honest opinion is that Malcolm would have never let this happen. Angus has never been the business brains of the operation like Malcolm was. I'm not taking anything away from Angus. I love the man like a brother and he is the best blues guitarist on the planet, but Angus has become vulnerable. I am very disappointed and I hurt for Brian and for the AC/DC legacy.
    Everybody, AC/DC Fans please take a moment of your time listening and put all your attention on this video. Please focus and listen to the whole song and watch the actual video please. This is not a cover band or tribute band. This is a performance of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by real good musicians, they are already known.
    Listen to the singer, his voice is between Brian Johnson and Bon Scott. He can easily pull off AC/DC songs. He is not a cheap impersonator of Bon Scott, Brian Johnson wanna be. He has his own style, its his clean voice, he sounds nature and not forced and fake which can fill and it can work in AC/DC music. But not only his voice but look at his persona, he got the attitude and the experience to fill big stages, and he already did filled big stages. I already seen a lot of suggestions like krokus and angry anderson, etc But CONSIDER this, like Eddie Trunk said, that would be a dinosaur act. its not 80’s anymore. Thats a POINT, a FACT. Who know who are those singers nowadays? The audience is younger. most of them didn’t exist when these singers where on the scene. I know they are good but they don’t have the mainstream AC/DC has. Now with Corey he can help expand AC/DC music to the whole new generations. He is not the best or the only one, but he can do the job. Its far better than that fucked up Axl Rose, even John Lydon can be interesting or kid rock haha. And last but not least hope you enjoy the video John 5 hit every dam high note on that guitar perfectly.
    These comments are the most positive thing I've seen regarding Axl here in at least a decade. That's more surprising than this rumor is.
    I've heard this is just to cover the North American dates they had lined up, which leads to the real question of the day, which is; Who the fuck can they possibly get for the UK/Europe dates that has the same "star power" as Axl!?