Republicans Not Enthusiastic For 3 Doors Down Show

artist: 3 Doors Down date: 08/30/2012 category: music news

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Republicans Not Enthusiastic For 3 Doors Down Show
Alt rock band 3 Doors Down may have seen the Republican National Convention as the perfect opportunity to debut a new track, but the audience at the event may not have been in agreement. According to Billboard, the Mississippi band took to the stage at the close of the convention on Tuesday night after New Jersey governor Chris Christie's keynote address to play new song "One Light". However, the "less-than-enthusiastic" reaction from the audience, primarily built up of old people, has prompted a number of reactions on twitter. CNN's Lisa Desjardins noted "I SEE NOT ONE Republican rocking, swaying or even halting to listen to the sounds of Three Doors Down. And I can see the whole place," while the Washington Post gave "Full credit to Chris Christie. Forcing 3 Doors Down on an unsuspecting audience is definitely telling people what they don't want to hear." The band is set to put out a greatest hits album this fall, which will feature 3 new tracks. According to guitarist Chris Henderson, releasing a greatest hits album was "a dream come true, but also scary, 'cause usually when a greatest hits record comes out people are like, 'OK, there ya go. You later, guys,' and we're not ready for that." The band isn't resting on their laurels just yet though. Their new album, according to Henderson will "probably happen pretty quick. Within the year we'll probably start working about. We're still writing songs better than ever, playing better than ever. We feel great. So our career is still going." The band's last album, Time Of My Life, was released on July 19th 2011. The new material on the greatest hits record will see the recording debut of guitarist Chet Roberts. Roberts replaced, the band's former guitarist, Matt Roberts, who departed due to health issues in May of this year.
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