Reunited King Crimson Release First New Music

Excerpt of "Venturing Unto Joy" released online.

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The first new music from the reformed King Crimson line-up has appeared online, Classic Rock reports.

The DGM website recently unleashed a one minute fourteen second segment of the track "Venturing Unto Joy Pt. 1," recorded at rehearsal at Elstree Studios by four of the new seven man King Crimson line-up. Featured are Robert Fripp on guitar, Tony Levin on bass and drummers Bill Rieflin and Gavin Harrison.

On the site, DGM say: "Well, here we are. A bit of King Crimson 2014. One should always be wary of coming to judgement about anything based upon a clip that lasts less than a minute and a half but, but, but ... Taken from the rehearsals in Elstree Studios, this snippet has four of the seven-piece Crimso clearly enjoying themselves. There’s a wealth of back and forth interplay detail between Reiflin and Harrison and of course Levin and Fripp not only grab the lapels but go straight for the jugular. Oh, never mind about the rush to judgement: this is King Crimson and they're on fiery form!"

The clip prompted Prog writer and King Crimson biographer Sid Smith to state on Facebook: "Loving this excerpt of Crimso 2014 rearranging the paint work!"

King Crimson kick off their 2014 Us tour on September 9 with dates running through to October 6. No European or UK dates have been announced thus far.

Check out the clip below:

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    I love that Fripp can rip up the Guitar with the best of them but looks like a boring university professor.
    Yea, but when your alternative is the untalented, unable to play guitar, younger generation, you had better enjoy it while you can cause in 10-20 years you will have nothing but memories.....
    Don't lose faith, there are still good musicians out there.. Tough not as much and you won't find em on tv..
    Don't even bother every comment he's ever made is exactly like that. Ether troll or beyond saving.
    If you're on a search for talent and such; rock and metal aren't the only genres. I'm finding myself returning to jazz (bop/hardbop mostly).. Some incredibly genius artists who totally master their instrument.. For instance check out Joe Pass, probably my favorite guitarist..
    Shit that sounds way more like 70s era Crimson than anything they've done since.
    I dunno, some of their other newer stuff had that 70s Crim feel to it. And Fripp, Collins, and Jackzyk's "A Scarcity Of Miracles" kinda reminds me of a mix of this era Crimson and the Lake-era stuff. That was about as close to a new Crimson release as we had in a while, and all of those band members are in the current lineup, so that's kind of where I'm expecting the direction to go.
    I'll be honest, I never really kept up with some of the extended lineups and associated acts over the past decade. The last thing I heard was The Power To Believe, so that's where my perspective is coming from.
    Which was a very good record. But yeah the "ProjecKts" thing is kinda confusing and convoluted to me. And hardly any of them have Fripp in it. But "A Scarcity Of Miracles" is pretty much the entire current lineup save for Pat Mastelotto and Bill Reiflin (both of which are drummers!), so I dare say it's basically a KC record. Also the three drummer thing sounds interesting. Waiting for people to compare it to Slipknot (who are actually a pretty decent band, but not on the same level as KC of course).
    my man, ALL the projekcts have Fripp in them. Projekcts are the bridge between the double trio and the double duo (except Projekct X and the "Crimson ProjeKct"
    I'm with you, I never really dived into the Projekcts, and I agree they lost a lot of their 70's sound when the 80's hit. Power to Believe was the exception to that in some regards though, I really like that album.
    Sounds like Larks' Tongues. Awesome!
    Seriously you got downvoted for that? Larks' Tongues In Aspic might just be a statistically perfect record.
    I get the feeling there are a few people on this site that just don't like me because I'm an opinionated loudmouth so they downvote me regardless of what I say. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. But yeah, the description on the video actually compares it to Larks' Tongues too.