Rex Brown: 'If There Ever Was a Time for Pantera Reunion, It's Now'

"We're getting older," the bassist adds.

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As drummer Vinnie Paul categorically shot down any chance of a Pantera reunion, bassist Rex Brown came up with a different approach, saying that "if there ever was a time" for the surviving three members to get together, "it's now."

Chatting with Loudwire, Rex was initially asked about the group's legacy. "Dude, it's all about the fans," he replied. "And look, we left a f--king legacy out there. Those songs aren't necessarily ours anymore. The fans f--king want 'em. And you know, I never say never when it comes to talk of the three of us getting back together and doing something.

"But at the same time, you have to walk on down life and do it on its own terms. I just stay true to what I know and we'll see what happens. I hate this question, cause I can skate around it all f--king day, but in the end, it's up to the fans. That's really what it's all the f--k about.

Getting to the reunion talk, the bassist added, "And for me, sitting on the sidelines, not that [Brown's current band] Kill Devil Hill is the sidelines, but look - we're getting older. If there ever was a time to maybe come together, it's now - as a tribute to the fallen hero or whatever you want to call it. It's still that legacy of songs that you're talking about. That's what it’s all about.

"I've grown on. It took me a long time to get through that. How do you lose your best friend, you know, especially when something as tragic as that happens? It's not a blow that can be fixed. It's one of those things that it's happened and we have to get on with life. But it took me a while to figure that one out, and you still figure it out every day.

"But like I was saying, it's about the fans. And the music isn't ours anymore, it's the fans, and at some point it needs to be addressed - and sooner than f--king later. And I would use that quote right there. I wouldn't use anything else."

As reported, Vinnie Paul compared the idea of a Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar to a hypothetical situation in which Eddie Van Halen was killed and someone called Zakk to fill in. Specifically, the drummer called everyone cheering for the idea "selfish" and the whole matter "stupid." More info here.


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    After Queen nailing a performance with Adam Lambert on their tour, anything can happen. Metal fans are so conservative and thick headed sometimes. Sometimes band members die or leave, but it doesn't mean the essence of the band is lost. Phil is still around, and his vocal delivery was HUGE for Pantera. Vinnie is still around and his grooves also played a huge role. Yeah Dimebag was arguably the biggest part of Pantera, but most fans want it. It's better to have something than nothing!
    Yes that's true in most cases, but as Vinne pointed out, Darrell was his brother. He'd feel like he was betraying him.
    The Queen comparison is not a good one to me, as no one in the band was directly related to Mercury. Vinnie's reasons for not doing a reunion are completely reasonable.
    forget the reunion idea and just make it a tribute to pantera and dimebag with guest guitarists and not just zakk wylde. if vinnie still wouldn't be open to that, then whatever...start looking for another drummer if they're so gun-ho about doing some pantera. and honestly, i don't think phil cares anymore whether vinnie wants to or not...he tried pretty hard to make things right with him, but there's just so much you can do until all you can do is move on too. as much as i like down, i hope phil focuses a lil more on the illegals and less on these little media goose chases. love him or hate him, phil's always had a good musical direction and does it for the love of music and the fans. and despite all that's happened(he's human like the rest of us afterall), he's kept on, fought, learned, and it's made him one of the most modest people out there.
    I think they should do a re-union. It'd be a tribute 10 years after his passing. Rather than 'replace' Dime with another guitarist, they should have a show with multiple guest guitarists, all paying their respects.
    I don't see why anyone, especially Pantera fans, would not want to see a tribute show. Maybe have multiple guitar players doing different songs. Heck Pantera influenced tons of today's guitarist so why not?
    I place no blame on Vinnie. It's his own brother that is being replaced... I'm not going to judge how he feels on it. As much as I'd love to see Zakk fill in for Dimebag, It really isn't up to us.
    This "reuinion" would be Panterrible.
    that was a vulgar display of humor.
    ughhh reunion* I guess my typing is what's really terrible.
    The UG-clickbait-headline used the word reunion, Rex never did. It would be a tribute, not a reunion. They aren't getting together to write a new record, just to play some shows for the fans.
    Well, Phil has been pushing the reunion for a while now. I'm not necessarily commenting on exactly what Rex said... but the general mindset of any form of Pantera "reunion" or "tribute" happening with Zakk on guitar.
    I agree with Vinnie. Leave it alone.
    Musically, I'm on Phil & Rex's side... but Vinnie's right on this one: Pantera is OVER. Dime was too unique of a player & a person to have some one "fill in" for him.
    And yet there are tons of musicians all over youtube playing Pantera covers that are spot on. Lets face facts if musicians like Dimebagg were so unique and/or untouchable then people wouldn't be able to play they're material.
    Jesus Christ! Are we going for a record on how many times we can post an article concerning a Pantera reunion in 1 week?!?! Let it go!
    You know... I'm really curious what Phil has to say on that... And did we hear an ex-manager with 'inside information' yet?
    aint happening. VP wont do it. wave a million dollars in his face and he'd still say no. Let it go. He has.
    He's right about the time being now, but I guess that doesn't mean it will happen. Pantera and Dime played a big part in my teenage years, and Zakk was pretty much the guy that really made me want to practice guitar. I'd love to see it, or even just more of Zakk and Phil. Imagine a Zakk/Phil sideproject with dual vocals?
    Why can't there be a "Pantera Experience" (name it whatever you'd like) tour much like the Experience Hendrix tour where its all guest musicians and its a tribute to hendrix because guess what... PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR IT. I don't see any problem with that and it wouldn't be reforming the band without a key component. There will be no new songs played, recorded, thought of. Just play the hits and let everyone have a good time.
    Do it without Vinnie then... Every member of PANTERA is entitled to live on with the legacy. It is horrible what happened to Darrell... But, to dismiss the legacy that is Pantera just because Darrell is no longer here is well stupid!!! It is a slap in the face to Darrell's legacy and the other members of Pantera that have had just as much an influence on the music that was created and influenced us all... I say if the majority of the founders of Pantera want to reunite... Just do it!!! And, celebrate the magic and power that was and could still be PANTERA!!! That is not Selfish!!! That is RESPECT for the legacy!!!
    "the drummer called everyone cheering for the idea 'selfish'" It sounds to me like Vinny is the one being selfish.
    You can't blame him dude, it was his brother. The brother who refused to join Megadeth without him.
    But at what point do you move on? I get that he was litteraly his brother but you can't keep living in the past. You can seriously become mentally screwed for doing that. I'll give you an example. There is a man named Killung Ung who is a genocide survivor. Pol Pots genocide to be exact, his army killed over 250,000 people including his parents and members of his extended family. When he escaped he made it to America and would fantasize what could do to get some revenge if ever given the opportunity....That opportunity came to him when he went back to Cambodia (I think back in 1998) this friend of his found a member of Pol Pots army and for $800 he said I could kill him for you or you could do it yourself. Now at the time the country didn't have an established so he could get away with it....but by the time it was too late. He became a father, an American, and realized he had to fly the flag for the survivors and recently made a documentary where he forgave a member of Pol Pots army. If he was able to move on from something so tragic then there is no reason why Vinnie can't and fly the flag for his brother.
    I like how people say that vinnie needs to move on, and yet by not doing a "reunion" he is moving on and not looking back to the past.
    No Dimebag = No Pantera. Simple math but it looks hard to understand for some people.
    No Dime, no Pantera. Every member of that band was irreplaceable. Leave it lie, people.
    This sounds like Slipknot after the death of Paul! One member says yay, drummer says nay, and eventually the drummer got fired, leaving the band two original members short. Maybe the answer is to fire Vinnie?
    Vinnie not only lost his guitar player, but lost his brother! It would be criminal to called a band Pantera without Dime!
    Led Zeppelin - Jason Bonham AC/DC - Brian Johnson Queen - Adam Lambert Deep Purple - Steve Morse Metallica - Jason Newsted/Rob Trujillo (Rob's better) These guys replaced some irreplaceable members and it worked. Give Zakk a chance. Give it to the fans Pantera! ...and I love Dimebag. I met him too!
    I would maybe more say Jon Lord for Deep Purple. Although he left the band, it wasn't because of such dramatic heights as for Mr.Blackmore
    I see it like this: Rex, Phil, Zakk (or him + other guitarists), a kickass drummer (maybe Lombardo), call the band "Leopard", give a couple of badass shows paying tribute to Darrell.
    Well, I feel it would do some good for the thrash scene if they'd have a "retribunion". I say take Phil and Vinnie and put them in a ring, let them beat the shit out of each other, hug it out like men, play the show of the decade. even I know that a good show can happen if there's a disagreement among members. It's like good sex with a bad girlfriend