Rex Brown On Pantera Reunion: 'Never Say Never'

Former Pantera bassist addresses the possibility of a band reunion.

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There's been quite a lot of talk about the Pantera reunion during the last year. But despite some of the band members being seemingly open for such an idea, it looked as thought it wasn't going to happen due to various personal issues.

But it seems that the bassist Rex Brown isn't willing to completely discard that thought either. In a recent interview with the Sonic Excess, current Kill Devil Hill member did admit that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but eventually stated that he will "never say never" on the group's reunion.

When asked whether the Pantera reunion talk is frustrating for him, Brown answered:

"Not at all. I think it's kind of funny, in a weird way. Who are you going to get to replace Dime? Who's going to be able to play the way he did? There are a ton of players our there, there are a tone of pickets out there, and we've got a ton of offers on the table, but until things are water underneath the bridge between Phil [Anselmo] and Vince [Paul], I just don't know. Let me say this also, I never say never. Phillip and I, we are open armed. It's up to Vinnie if he wants to go ahead and do something like that, but I just don't see that in the immediate forecast."

The bassist is currently busy promoting his newly published memoir called "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera". The book gives a detailed insight of the time Brown spent in the band from his own point of view.

"This book is just my truth about what my eyes saw. I had the really good, cheap seats. There were only four of us in the band that really knew what went on with the internal Pantera situation. I thought it was about time for me to go ahead and spill some truths. Even with the private life I do like to lead, I think that there was something inside of me that said, 'OK, Rex, it's time to go ahead and let this thing out.' It's just my side of the story."

The bassist added that if late guitarist Dimebag Darrel was still alive, he would hope that the band would somehow resolve all of their issues, which he now considers impossible.

"I just hope we would have worked our stuff out by now. We all get into the same room, beat the shit out of each other, go to rehab together, and figure it out. We can't do it without the original band. There is just no way."

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    I think it would be awesome if the guys were able to work things out and do a big memorial event for Dime or something. Get a bunch of Dime's favourite guitarists to come together and perform a bunch of Pantera songs. And broadcast the whole thing to theaters so that all the fans can get in on it and pay respects to Dime.
    Yeah a once in a lifetime event - in respect to all in the band but thats what they owe to the fans!
    Um. Band makes albums for the fans. Fans buy albums for the band. Band puts on shows for the fans. Fans buy tickets to the shows for the band. What, exactly, does Pantera owe their fans?
    Yes, fans pay for the cds/concerts. They do help keep the band afloat, however, one could argue that what the music does for the fans is priceless. say a song gets someone through a particularly hard event...can you really put a price on that? i can't. people also try to force musicians to be 'role models', which i think is crap, too, but...
    So you're saying the fans owe the band then?
    well, the term 'soundtrack of our lives' comes to mind. if a band's music helped someone get through a rough patch in their life, then yes. that music did an infinite amount of good for that person and you can't put a price on that. it is all in how you look at it.
    I fully agree with that. But who's to say the fans didn't get a band member (or whole band) through a rough patch? I just don't think anyone owes anyone. It's a give-and-take on both sides.
    And why do they owe fans that? Bands don't ever owe fans anything, unless they reschedule a concert and/or need to refund people.
    if it wasn't for the fans most bands wouldn't be around, the fans are what keeps a lot bands on the road and give them the drive to make music and I hate your stupid face
    My Last Words
    If it wasn't for the band then there would be no fans.
    True, but with NO FANS, how long does a band usually last? Do you really think that any band would keep playing live or recording & releasing music with no fans providing an audience or purchasing music? Band builds the fanbase, fanbase sustains the band. It's also up to the band to sustain the fanbase interest.
    Guys, considering that Pantera is no longer functioning as a band, they certainly do NOT owe the fans a reunion tour.
    I think Zakk Wylde would be a pretty good choice since he were close to Dimebag
    Razor Rex
    That would be my choice too, since Dime and Zakk were close and played together often -- He could do justice to the style of Dime.
    Kinda like that Freddie Mercury tribute concert from the 90s, have a whole lot of different guitarists come and play Dime on different songs. Great idea. But leave it at that. No Dime = no Pantera.
    Yeah, let's get Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Robb Flynn, Phil Demmel, John Petrucci, Scott Ian and whoever else i can't think of at the moment, and that would just be ****ing awesome beyond belief.
    That's a GREAT idea. I remember they did something very similar for Jason Becker in '01 when they released Warmth in the Wilderness which was an album dedicated to him by other musicians and the money went to help pay his medical bills. It be amazing if they released a concert DVD with famous guitarist covering some Pantera songs or playing a song they wrote dedicated to Dimebag.
    Sammy Mantis
    If I were him and owed nearly half a million dollars in back taxes and penalties, I wouldn't be ruling out a Pantera reunion either!
    Would bloody love to see Pantera perform all their old classic songs, but I just don't think it would feel right without Dimebag
    if it was a memorial type thing that would be cool. They could get a bunch of different guitarists for different songs like Kirk Hammett, Kerry King, Zakk Wylde, etc. Something where we can all celebrate Pantera/Dime.
    Mr Winters
    Kerry King butchering Pantera songs? No, thank you. Get some actual guitarists in there.
    Dimebag, King, and Zakk were actually all good friends and fans of each others music. So it would make perfect sense.
    Just because King has proven to be a douche and chooses to make noise instead of playing melodically doesn't mean he isn't capable. Unless, you know, he forgot the stuff he was playing 30 years ago.
    dimebag is an easily replacable guitarist. they can find just about anyone who knows all the pantera songs and more. stage presence? all you have to do is swing your head around and power walk while you play.
    If you're going to troll, at least do it with style and on an appropriate subject.
    it's physically impossible to troll with style and appropriateness, else it's not trolling.
    Wylde, King, Hammett, Gus G., Petrucci, Tremonti, Pat O' Brien, John 5, etc. Even have some weird ones like Adam Jones and Tom Morello.
    That's my deal. I have a lot of Pantera nostalgia, but who would take Dime's place? No one, that's who.
    i have seen some liveshots by machine head where demmel was replaced by the guitarists from the supporting acts....they took his gear and the sound was 90% Phil i dont see a problem in "style"
    A Pantera reunion is not a bad idea, but finding a guitarist to replace Dimebag is next to impossible. No one has his sound, no one has his style, Dimebag is, in my book, irreplaceable.
    A line6 spider and a shitty ibanez has "his sound"
    kill it
    A huge part of a guitar player's sound come from the hands, pick attack and feel. Everybody is a bit different.
    Not the point, dude. You may be able to get a sound similar to his or kinda like his, but will never be able to match it.
    he may be able to get his sound but nobody can power walk and headbang like dime
    Am I the only one who thinks that Rex is one of the more underrated bassists in metal? He actually is quite good, he just always gets drowned out in the mix of the songs...