Rex Brown On Pantera Reunion: 'Never Say Never'

artist: Pantera date: 03/14/2013 category: music news

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Rex Brown On Pantera Reunion: 'Never Say Never'
There's been quite a lot of talk about the Pantera reunion during the last year. But despite some of the band members being seemingly open for such an idea, it looked as thought it wasn't going to happen due to various personal issues. But it seems that the bassist Rex Brown isn't willing to completely discard that thought either. In a recent interview with the Sonic Excess, current Kill Devil Hill member did admit that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but eventually stated that he will "never say never" on the group's reunion. When asked whether the Pantera reunion talk is frustrating for him, Brown answered: "Not at all. I think it's kind of funny, in a weird way. Who are you going to get to replace Dime? Who's going to be able to play the way he did? There are a ton of players our there, there are a tone of pickets out there, and we've got a ton of offers on the table, but until things are water underneath the bridge between Phil [Anselmo] and Vince [Paul], I just don't know. Let me say this also, I never say never. Phillip and I, we are open armed. It's up to Vinnie if he wants to go ahead and do something like that, but I just don't see that in the immediate forecast." The bassist is currently busy promoting his newly published memoir called "Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera". The book gives a detailed insight of the time Brown spent in the band from his own point of view. "This book is just my truth about what my eyes saw. I had the really good, cheap seats. There were only four of us in the band that really knew what went on with the internal Pantera situation. I thought it was about time for me to go ahead and spill some truths. Even with the private life I do like to lead, I think that there was something inside of me that said, 'OK, Rex, it's time to go ahead and let this thing out.' It's just my side of the story." The bassist added that if late guitarist Dimebag Darrel was still alive, he would hope that the band would somehow resolve all of their issues, which he now considers impossible. "I just hope we would have worked our stuff out by now. We all get into the same room, beat the shit out of each other, go to rehab together, and figure it out. We can't do it without the original band. There is just no way."
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