Rex Brown: The Thing I Strongly Disagreed With Dime Regarding Pantera Bass Lines

"I knew Dime before he even knew how to play a bar chord."

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Rex Brown: The Thing I Strongly Disagreed With Dime Regarding Pantera Bass Lines

Rex Brown remembered the Pantera days and some of musical disagreements he had with Dimebag Darrell, telling Guitar World (transcribed by UG):

"He always wanted me to play identical to what he was doing, which I was strongly against.

"I thought playing with the drummer was very important. But I did some stuff behind the leads - some of it I wrote with guitar, but with a bass in my head on where it was gonna go.

"I did a lot of arranging in that band."

The bassist also noted:

"A lot of people don't know I played guitar behind some on the solo, especially on [1990's 'Cowboys From Hell'] - 'Cemetery Gates' and also this 'Cowboys From Hell' part behind the lead.

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"Sometimes [Dime] would play bass on something and I'd play guitar on something, it was kind of weird."

Remembering the very early days, Rex added:

"I knew Dime before he even knew how to play a bar chord. His dad kind of taught him - his dad was left-handed.

"Dime went from just being a kid that played bar chords to this prodigy overnight. And it was the most unreal thing I've ever seen in my life - for some kid, all of a sudden, just to do that

"Not seeing him for a summer - two or three months - and then see him come out this completely different thing, dude. It was amazing. It was really, really cool, man. And I miss him dearly."

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    We all miss Dime. I sometimes wonder what he'd be up to if he were still alive. Damageplan, doubtful. Pantera reborn, I'I'd like to think. Or maybe a Hellyeah that doesn't suck?
    I think Damageplan could have become pretty cool if it got some time to grow. Guess we'll never know...
    Dimebag's death is the main reason why hellyeah exists. Oh and mudvayne breakup.
    Oh for sure it's why,"Hellyeah" exists. Vinny Paul couldn't even get outta bed let alone play the drums after the death of his brother but a good friend of his coaxed him into getting up & moving convincing him that music would somewhat heal him & that's what Dimebag would want him to do. I'm not a big Hellyeah fan myself but I am glad Vinny is playing still. I got to see Hellyeah a few years ago in Toronto on the "Gigantour" with ][v][EGADET][-][,Black Label Society,Hellyeah,Device & Newsted. Device is David Draiman's side project band & it's a 3 piece band with just guitar & drums,no bass which is very odd but they were alright,the guitarist is from the band,"Filter". & Newsted is Jason Newsted obviously. Newsted kicked ass & were the first band to go on & they blew Device & Hellyeah out of the water imo. BLS were amazing as always,they have Megadeth a good run for there money. Jason Newsted came out with Megadeth & sang,"Phantom Lord", which was amazing,it was the last show of the "Gigantour" at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto so everyone was jacked up. The video is on YouTube & you can just type in Jason Newsted sings Phantom Lord with Megadeth in Toronto.
    I meant to write they gave Megadeth a good run for there money lol.
    Floods has a really cool bass thing going on behind the solo.
    Floods is absolutely amazing on every musical level. Rex's bass riff is so melodically haunting. Anything Dimebag ever wrote/played was beautifully ferocious and can never be replicated the way its meant to be played (looking at you Zakk Wylde). Dime's solo during Floods is by far my favorite. Has it all: beautiful tone, blistering speed, the squeal of a pinch harmonic coupled with a whammy bar (which Dime reinvented, since the whammy was becoming a gimmick or tacky in metal) and he captures the darkness of Phil's Lyrics- which is amazing considering the music was recorded first and Phil recorded the lyrics alone in New Orleans at Trent Reznor's studio. Pantera was falling apart during the recording of The Great Southern Trendkill and still managed to record such an amazing song/album...And Dime's outro solo on words for its greatness. RIP Dimebag! Your greatness is remembered over a decade since you were taken from this world and will be remembered as long as the guitar solo exists.
    It can 100% be replicated, not by Zakk tho, I'll give you that. That guy can't get out of his own way.
    Dime was a pretty heavy drinker when we met him in Dallas in 2002. We could see Pantera was going down then.
    He was always a heavy drinker. They broke up because Phil messed up his back so bad he was a drugged up psycho all the time.
    Left to his own devices, Dime probably wasn't too far behind.
    Based on what? Reality says otherwise...
    Based on the fact that he had developed a liver problem from his drinking shortly before his death. 
    Don't understand the downvote and confusion cause you're correct. Ask Zakk Wylde, who partied with them and had to clean himself up, his opinion and I bet he agrees. It's not disrespectful to Dime, it just was the case.
    I guess the reason why Nathan Gale killed Dime (among others) was because at a previous damageplan show, he got up on stage and the security beat the shit out of him oin front of the whole audience...oh and on top of that he was a fucking nutcase. Not saying that justifies killing people, but it's something to keep in mind. I sure miss those Dimebag riffs. R.I.P.  
    So by that logic shouldn't the security guards be the ones he wanted revenge on? That's some Friday the 13th Part 5 bullshit there.
    Gale attempted to reach the stage during a Damage plan show in Cincinnati but was restrained by security. He Caused damage to equipment but the band decided not to press charges. Even if they had, I don't think the outcome would've changed, sadly. Nathan Gale was deeply disturbed and had delusions that Pantera stole music from him. Hope there is a special place in hell for stealing a musical god from us and killing other innocent people. Dime may be gone but his riffs and solos will live on. RIP Dimebag Darrell Abbott!
    Yes they decided not to press charges for one reason being that they already whipped his ass and I believe that was the straw that broke the camel's back within his weak psyche. I know If I jumped on stage and destroyed equipment I'd deserve an ass whipping and I say that about anyone else as well, but they did it to the wrong guy. I seriously believe their actions were the catalyst for his rampage.  I'm not saying that the security team were directly responsible but I argue that they were INDIRECTLY responsible. Among several other variables in nathan gale's world this event was responsible to some degree, I believe. I want to stress that I agree that hopefully there is a special place in hell for this guy and I sorely miss Dimebag's music but I am attempting to speculate what happened, given the facts, as completely objectively as possible. If I were not familiar at all with Pantera, dimebag, Damageplan, metal music, or nathan gale, this is what I would speculate. 
    LIquidPlague · Sep 09, 2017 03:03 PM
    We should ask Gene Simmons about what Corey thinks that Lars thinks about what Phil thinks of Vinnie's opinion. Or maybe we won't need to...Gene will tell us himself.