Rhapsody Of Fire: More Tour Dates Announced

artist: Rhapsody of Fire date: 03/14/2012 category: music news
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Rhapsody Of Fire: More Tour Dates Announced
The band Rhapsody Of Fire has just announced its American and Canadian tour dates as part of their world concert tour. This is the first ever headlining tour in North America for Rhapsody Of Fire. Better than expected VIP ticket sales suggest that many of these concerts may sell out quickly. "American and Canadian Rhapsody Of Fire fans have been waiting a long time for our return to North America. We've heard your demands and now it's finally a reality," says Alex Staropoli. He continues: "Rhapsody Of Fire is stronger than ever and ready to bring to you the longest, biggest and best show we've ever done in the band's 15+ year history. We're also giving fans the opportunity to spend an incredible amount of personal time with us face-to-face in order to bring us very close to our fans in a very personal and meaningful way." The band (Alex Staropoli/Keyboards, Fabio Lione/Vocals, Tom Hess/Guitar, Roberto De Micheli/Guitar, Oliver Holzwarth/Bass and Alex Holzwarth/Drums) are excited to finally return to North America. To read full concert tour details and how to get VIP tickets, go to RhapsodyOfFire.com.
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