RHCP Anthony Kiedis: 'Justin Bieber Made Me Cry'

artist: Anthony Kiedis date: 07/27/2011 category: music news
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RHCP Anthony Kiedis: 'Justin Bieber Made Me Cry'
Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis might seem like a macho guy. But this week the singer confessed to Q magazine (via Spinner) that there's at least one thing that brought him to tears recently - the new Justin Bieber film. "I sat on an airplane recently, coming from Hawaii to Los Angeles, with Rick Rubin (RHCP producer) just across the aisle, watching the Justin Bieber movie, 'Never Say Never'. I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that!" Unashamedly, Kiedis continued: "They were doing this very cheesy giveaway of concert tickets to 16-year-old girls. The cheesiness didn't matter - it was the reaction of the kids. When you saw those little girls crying deliriously, I lost it." Kiedis highlighted his producer's emotional engagement, perhaps against his wishes: "I decided to tell Rick afterwards and he said, 'I was also sobbing during that point in the movie'. There you have it." His band will be releasing their new album "I'm With You" on August 29, after sharing a stream of their first single online, which you can hear below.

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