RHCP Not Covering Led Zeppelin on Super Bowl: 'People in the Media Are So Gullible Sometimes'

artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers date: 01/30/2014 category: music news
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RHCP Not Covering Led Zeppelin on Super Bowl: 'People in the Media Are So Gullible Sometimes'
Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith denied his recent comment about the band covering Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused" at this year's Super Bowl, dubbing it an obvious joke.

As Smith explained KROQ (via Radio.com), the obvious catch lies in the fact that he stressed it was the tune's live rendition the band will cover, which easily reaches the 30-minute mark.

"People in the media are so gullible sometimes," Chad jokingly said. "We will, however, be performing side one of Rush's '2112.'"

The drummer continued, "Obviously I can't tell you what we're going to do, it would ruin the surprise. Come on, you gotta watch! It's gonna be great, Bruno Mars, we met them, his band are great people, today I'm going to rehearse with them outside in the beautiful weather here in New Jersey, it'll be a real spectacle, I'm looking forward to it."

Chad also revealed that the Chili Peppers were added to the Super Bowl bill by Mars' personal request. "We know of the Bruno Mars, but we're not homies," he noted. "This is what I know: the NFL said to Bruno, 'You can have a special guest, and choose whomever you like.' Bruno chose the Red Hot Chili Peppers because he's a big fan, unbeknownst to us. He called us and said 'Hey, would you guys be my guest at the halftime show, come and do a jam?' We said sure, sounds like fun."

So now we have a "2112" cover to look forward to! Do you think the guys have what it takes to deliver the Rush mastery?
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