RHCP Play Gig In Flea's Back Garden

Band plays charity show on bassist's birthday.

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold out some of the biggest stadiums in the world. But, according to NME they're just as happy playing in the bassist's back garden. On Tuesday night, the band took to the stage (or patio, as the case may have been) to perform a nine song set to an audience that included Owen Wilson and Edward Norton as well as producer Rick Rubin. The evening, which featured a performance by punk band Rancid, was to raise money for Flea's music school, Silver Lake Conservatory. There was also an art auction, where a piece by Banksy was reportedly sold for $100,000. The event happened to take place on the bassist's 50th birthday. Tuesday night's set list was as follows:

  • "Can't Stop"
  • "Snow (Hey Oh)"
  • "Monarchy of Roses"
  • "Soul to Squeeze"
  • "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"
  • "Right on Time"
  • "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young Cover)"
  • "Give It Away"
  • "By the Way"

    In light of the 2nd US Presidential Debate, Flea has noted: "The last thing that should happen is a funding cut for education; it should be increased. We need to put more money towards education and anything else is abusive. The most important thing to me with any politician is that they don't start wars, but education is a big part of that, too, because educated people are less likely to do stupid, violent things."

    Two weeks ago, the Chili Peppers released two new singles that had been recorded during the sessions for last year's "I'm With You" album.

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      I love stories like this, they just love to play and aren't in it for the money. Good guys too
      Agreed. They're just in it for the joy of playing they're not concerned with money they just want to play and raise money.
      7 likes!! yeah they dont care about money they just want to raise some extra cash
      Raising cash for a school. Speaking of which maybe you should attend one to learn some reading comprehension.
      FLEA'S school dude maybe you should take some reading comprehension classes.
      The one that he runs to teach others how to play music. Read jacobtheimpaler's post again. I hope you benefit from it this next time.
      Flea's birthday starring Rancid & RHCP, Banksy art, and Edward Norton. Why can't I be cool enough to attend events like this?
      Nice, Rancid and RHCP...great show
      i dont understand why they would associate themselves with that punk music. rhcp are REAL musicians stop playing with talentless punk/emo bands
      Um. Dude. Rancid is ska-punk. Not emo. And definitely not talentless.
      pff it all sounds the same. power chords, lousy vocals, weak solos. wimp music
      And here is example of complete knobhead who needs to listen to more music before he slags it.
      Maybe you haven't listened to Rise Against lately. What about Hot Water Music, or The Gaslight Anthem, or Green Day? All punk bands, and yes they use power chords (like every genre except jazz) but lousy vocals and weak solos? I don't think so. Listen to music before you judge it. Punk music is not limited to angry kids chunking out chords and screaming.
      Mostly agree until you mentioned Green Day, they're the example of weak solos. So weak that Armstrong doesn't play them live
      Actually, on their new album, the solos are much better, and yes, Armstrong does play them live. Watch their videos.
      So what do you like hotdog? Rancid has been around for years and play all around great rock/ska/reggae/blues/folk/funk music and are great live. You wouldnt know because your a tool of some sort and have not seen them. There is a good reason that RHCP hang with 'em
      ummm... listen to RHCP's song punk-rock classic from Mothers milk.
      yeah i know that one but rhcp are actually good musicians i dont know why they sometimes pretend theyre not by paying homage to that punk junk
      nice rhyme
      they need to listen to real music
      RHCP are some of the biggest punk fans ever, Anthony wears an OFF! hat during their shows..... By the way, their like first 3 albums are all heavily influenced by punk music..... They just have a diversity in musical influence, and by the way, listen to Maxwell Murder by Rancid, if you dont respect that band after listening that song, you have serious issues.....
      I guess you didn't know that for a while DH Peligro from the PUNK band Dead Kennedys drummed for RHCP...
      DH Peligro is a beast of a drummer, but wasn't he in on the whole "let's sue jello biafra and commercialize DK songs"?
      "because educated people are less likely to do stupid, violent things." wouldn't quite agree with that, many of the most violent men in history have been well-educated, and vice versa. But hey, the rest of what he said was bang-on
      Uneducated and educated: Quantity of violence versus quality of violence???
      Holy crap, Flea is fifty?! I guess it shouldn't be that surprising, but it's a bit of a shock when you realise that your musical heroes aren't forever young haha.
      This is one of the many reasons i'm such a big fan of this band. So many bands out there have members who are simply in it for the money and the 'Rock n roll' aspect of it but Flea is such a giver and a lover. Really refreshing to see. When Bieber does it you nkow his P R has told him to, this is spontanious and beautiful, hope the music school gets a big kick from this. Keep it up fellas
      Danjo's Guitar
      Man, some of you guys are dicks. Yes Flea and the rest of the guys have a good amount of money, but no one person has enough money to fund an entire school with teachers and equipment and all. They're raising money for Flea's school so they can have more funds available for it than they can contribute on their own. I'm sure Flea puts a lot of money into it himself. And if you know anything about John Frusciante you'd know that Stadium Arcadium was not about financial gain. Its all art man. Maybe Anthony worked his lyrics to appeal to more people, but whats wrong with that? If music doesn't appeal to people, thats generally become on some level its just not very good.
      what a badass setlist they played. right on time and soul to squeeze? and cant stop? they really gave a show that night.
      What does stadium arcadium being art have to do with knowing anything about John? Idiot. Also, this was just a guilty concious party for the rich where they all get together to make themselves feel better for the liberties they have been given in life. But at least they know it, most just want more and more
      They didn't just get 'given' those liberties, the people mentioned in the article worked hard and succeeded in a variety of crafts that a large number of people partake in and only very few succeed in.
      Lmao, it's getting them publicity which is something money has no real hold on. You can't set a price for publicity and yes, this will generate them money. One you make money doing anything professionally you try to make more. RHCP is not going to do a Pixies and refuse to make boatloads of money. If they didn't want to make tons of cash they wouldn't have released Stadium Arcadium.
      Stadium Arcadium was an excellent album. There I said it.
      totally agree, maybe their best imo
      I didn't like it very much, it had some good songs but way too much filler IMO. A lot of the lyrics seemed really random too, even for Anthony. That being said I saw them on tour that year and the show was amazing, they have so much energy and really change up the songs when they play them live.
      We spend more money in our education system then any other nation. I think we can easily say money is not the problem. But I agree with Flea. Education should be top priority!