RHCP Praise Bruno Mars: 'Nice Man, Good Entertainer, Great Hair'

More people watched halftime show than Super Bowl itself, report confirms. Video footage inside.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith sang praises of this year's Super Bowl headliner Bruno Mars, calling him first and foremost a good person and a fine entertainer.

Admitting he wasn't aware that Mars is such a big RHCP fan, Chad told Fuse: "Nice man, good entertainer, smart, handsome..."

Asked whether the band "was in" on the big gig as soon as they got the call, Smith replied: "No, not at first. We were like, to be completely honest, we were like, 'How's this gonna work?' We kinda needed to know how we were being incorporated into his thing and he was very generous and open to suggestions and ideas."

"Great hair," the drummer got back to praises. "Good teeth."

Meanwhile, Billboard report confirmed that the halftime show had more viewers tuning in than the Super Bowl itself.

The 115.3 million viewers figure is also an all-time record when it comes to Super Bowl history, topping Madonna's 114 million mark set two years ago. The game itself attracted 98.88 million viewers this year, make sure to check out the halftime show footage below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    Okay, I was actually enjoying the performance by Bruno and then RHCP came on and it got even better, cool show.
    I might be 10 years and a penis away from his main demographic, but Bruno Mars is awesome. He's a versatile songwriter, a really good musician and an amazing live performer. He has so much energy. I really enjoyed the halftime show, Bruno looked quite awestruck when the Chilis popped up. You can tell he's a true fan.
    10 years and a penis.. Interesting.. Anyways, halftime show was great, the drum solo was pretty nice
    The whole halftime show should have been more drum solo. That was awesome. No clue who he was until that
    and he has a band! not a 'play' button! kudos to him, even though it's not necessarily my style. gotta respect someone actually making music rather than software.
    I am sure it was probably because it was actually enjoyable for a change so it probably just seemed to pass by quickly. But didn't this years halftime show seem really short compared to previous years?
    Bruno mars writes corny fagmuffin songs "I'd catch a grenade for ya"...c'mon. Cheesey as fack
    I really enjoyed this show. Easily the best since Prince did it. Bruno really proved the meathead rock sheeps wrong and pulled off an awesome performance. And the ode to James Brown? Fantastic.
    Loved Bruno's Drumming! didnt expect that from him at all
    Admittedly, I knew of Bruno Mars but I didn't know anything about him. Someone told me he could play a bit of guitar but I didn't expect the drumming. It was pretty awesome... His dancing sucked though
    Did anybody see the picture of Flea's bass not being plugged in?
    Yeah, though it wasn't just Flea's bass, Josh's guitar was unplugged too.
    Do you know why they would do that?
    The half time shows and even the singing of the National Anthem are all prerecorded so that they don't run the risk of a technical malfunction during something as big as this. But any RHCP fan will tell you that they're like this when they perform live. Hell, even if Bruno Mars' band had wireless packs I doubt they were actually performing. It looks like the only actual sound that wasn't prerecorded were the vocals.
    There's an explanation on the news section of their official site. I'd post the link but my phone hates the Captcha on this site.
    Mimed bass or not, it was a helluva show! I love Bruno and RHCP! I'd MUCH rather watch these guys than the Black Eyed Peas and Slash trainwreck.
    His bass was wireless
    Sorry, but it really wasn't. Wireless requires it to be plugged into a wireless pack, whereas Flea didn't even have a jack in it.
    and there were clear parts in give it away where there was bass and he didn't have his hand on the bass.
    I thought the show was really good Bruno did a good job then the Chili Peppers came and made it epic
    Too bad the bass and Guitar was mimed. having said that, I haven't seen Kiedis have this much energy in years!
    Apparently you haven't been to one of their shows in years
    Favourite band, don't get me wrong. Saw them at big day out band was on fire but Kiedis just bought something else here
    yeah that was just RHCP though Bruno's band was actually using wireless. At least flea was half dressed and not naked like in the past.
    I'm not the least bit surprised that more people watched the halftime show than the actual game. The game was disappointingly sad...
    I wonder how many of those 115.3 million viewers turned over to watch the Chili Peppers. I know I was one of them.
    This was the best halftime show since The Who. Bruno Mars put on a great show and the Chili Peppers were awesome. It almost made up for the game.
    I'm not really a big fan of Bruno Mars but damn I was surprised at the show he put on. Great entertainer.
    Funny how most artists here are crucified whenever they just "mime" their playing but, whenever a band that the majority of UG likes does it everyone looks the other way and chooses to focus on the performance. The double standard is strong around here.
    would u rather see madonna or beyonce lip synching or th chili peppers pretend to play instruments and we also know they r very good on their instruments normally