RHCP Reveal New Song 'In Love Dying' - Listen

Red Hot Chili Peppers have unveiled the latest track in the set of 18 new singles they are slowly releasing to fans via their website.

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The sixth of nine installments was put online earlier. The eight-minute long track is titled "In Love Dying" and you can hear it by clicking on the player below. The song is available to download now.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' plan to release new songs direct to fans was revealed in May 2012. Originally meant to last just six months, the releases have taken longer to reach their audience than planned. According to NME, all of the tracks were written and recorded while touring their 10th studio album "I'm With You".

Red Hot Chili Peppers will headline this year's Coachella Festival in California alongside fellow headliners Phoenix and Blur. The band's manager, Cliff Burnstein, whose firm Q Prime also manages Metallica and The Black Keys, told Rolling Stone magazine that the LA band signed on as the Sunday night headliner with only an hour to spare.

"We've been in talks for months," he revealed. "It goes down to the wire. It's a negotiation."

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    shame UG didn't post their previous songs from the 'I'm with you sessions'. This is a great song but I would have thought the others deserved more publicity
    Though the style may not appeal to many RHCP fans, Love of My Life is a great song imo. Great bass solo, "Tell 'em, Flea".
    I think this is a damn good song but I still think they need to turn up Josh guitar.
    They do need to turn up Josh's guitar, but don't forget this is his first album era with the band and he was never really a lead guitarist to begin with. I think their next album will be a lot closer to their classic sound, now he's found his footing (his live playing has changed SO much from July 2011 to now).
    Danjo's Guitar
    Its not going to be the classic sound, its going to be a new sound. Josh's sound. That being said I think the next album will be more solid, because Josh will find himself more.
    It seems to me that the main Problem is not the lack of John. Flea,Chad and Josh are doing great jobs and fit well together. But Anthony is not able to ride their train.Sure he can hit tunes but his voice is not made for classical singing.The party weirdo with a good flow fits better to him then the "serious" singer.the Instrumentalists should make an album under a new name.Josh for lead vocal and flea the backings.....
    It seems to me that the main Problem is not the lack of John. Flea,Chad and Josh are doing great jobs and fit well together. But Anthony is not able to ride their train.Sure he can hit tunes but his voice is not made for classical singing.The party weirdo with a good flow fits better to him then the "serious" singer.the Instrumentalists should make an album under a new name.Josh for lead vocal and flea the backings.....
    I've got to disagree dude. I think that some of Tony's best moments is when he sings 'serious'. I'm not saying I don't love his rapping or preaching, but songs like 'Under The Bridge', 'Californiacation', 'Soul to Squeeze', 'Otherside', 'This Velvet Glove' etc. are some of my favourite songs by the Chilis.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Love the chili's, and I actually enjoy this song, but I'm not sure this is news. They've released 5 others before and none of those had articles. However I would like to know when Cliff Bernstein became their manager. I thought it was Lindy Goetz?
    I think he retired a good few years ago. dont blame him either with what he had to deal with
    Wow, they really are lost without Frusciante. No more melodies and beautiful tunes. I used to love the band, the new stuff is nothing more than average filler in my opinion.
    gotta sigh at all the default cynicism, knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing and all that. cant say i'm a fan of chilis post frusciante, but if i'm honest they started losing me with 'by the way'. its as if upon john's departure you guys think the rest of the guys got a roadie to play lead, when in fact thenewguy is a fantastic and already accomplished musician. i'm not having a go at you because of your opinions i'm encouraging you all to form one.
    I personally don't like it too much, which is odd, they rarely disappoint me. It's way too long and repetitive for my taste, but good tune nonetheless. RHCP
    Frusciante fan-boys are annoying. They were good with him, they're good without him. Granted, this isn't even close to being the best thing Josh has done with the band but for anyone doubting their ability to churn out good tunes post-John, listen to Long Progression. That song is a monster.
    I'd call myself a Frusciante fan boy, but yeah. The Chili's are just as good now as they have ever been. I defiantly love all the Frusciante material but I'm with you has some great tunes. Take "Brendon's Death song" for example. It's a killer track.
    im liking this song. its laid back and an easy listener, would be cool if the guitar was a little more prominent.
    This song is gash, but the Chili Peppers have improved greatly now my favourite guitarist has left the band. It was time for him to leave, as disappointed as I was at the time. Josh has breathed new life into one of the most important bands ever.
    What the hell is wrong with Kiedis' rythm? He's singing like a moron
    you know you dont have to sing in rhythm with the drums and bass. its called rhythmic expression.
    I have to agree the phrasing is pretty sloppy on this one. Doesn't make him a moron, but feels like they threw this together in a hurry. An uninspired hurry at that.
    what, you really expect them to have the same sound after switching musician? they still release new stuff, and good music is good music, better than nothing.
    This song kicks ass, very groovy and relaxing. People think way too much about RHCP before "Im with you", thats gone now people, accept it. Take their new stuff for what it really is, just some really good music. Everyone in the band is doing something new and experimental. When you listen to their new stuff just forget about RHCP with John, because thats the only thing thats making you hate it.
    I'm a hug Chili fan (hence my name) but this is just boring..okay it's long but it's so repetitve, compared to their old a songs.
    Same here man, i think its got that Dance Dance Dance feel to it, but more mellow of course. you're right, repetitive throughout the song. i will still always listen to RHCP till the D!
    What do you do when you lose a guitar player that is the best part of your band and you release an album that completely sucks? You listen to Bob Marely- Legend and try to change the world.... RHCP needs to turn it in now.
    Problem is that RHCP was always a bad band. And because of them Mr. Bungle had to rename their album (one of the best rock album ever) "Californication" to "California". Yeah, because californication is sure a term invented by RHCP. :x
    When Frusc was in the band, that band was incredible. Without him, they just seem to stink. This does sound awful though...like some Marley cover reject band or something.
    Sounds like they found Frusciante's stash he forgot at the studio and smoked a lil too much hahaha, just a notch above most other shite that comes out today. I lost alot of respect for RHCP with this song.
    RHCP have a couple good songs. This is not one of them. Sick of fanboys who like some bands new songs just for their past success.If it sounds like crap it is crap cough Lulu.....
    Never compare ANYTHING to Lulu. Nothing will ever manage to achieve the level of crappiness that Lulu did. Sometimes I think that Metallica wanted exactly that...
    Metallica knew that if they could scratch the bottom of the barrel hard enough, get below the surface of shitty, they knew if they could take the musical mistakes of St Anger and let a legend take some Xanax and spew vile dribble over that putrid piercing noise-music that it would be so bad..... so terrible and hated..... Lars and his pals knew they would never be judged so harshly again. Think about it, no matter what they do we will always remember Lulu and we will say, "Jesus, I don't care for the whole 'Metallica hosting The View' thing but at least it isn't Lulu!" I like this new RHCP song a lot. Everyone who wants more of the same doesn't and wont get it. There is no repetitiveness at all, listen to the jam, not the bass and snare beat by themselves. Honestly reminds me of some Built To Spill-style old-school jam. Some people on here don't even know what the Pepper's are doing.... heh heh....
    Its not fanboyism, people just really do like the band. For 99% of the fans it isnt an obsessive thing, they just like the music
    The guitar solos have gone, and its a much less guitar-oriented band anymore... So its no surprise people on this site don't like the band as much. Klinghoffer is a great guitarist. He's no frusciante, but he plays great within the band. The songs are much more about the rhythm section, and Josh just became another rhythm player. He didn't really have any great melodies (but great progressions). I hope he ups his playing chops, but I was very happy with his playing.