RIAA Piling Up New Lawsuit Against Kim Dotcom

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RIAA Piling Up New Lawsuit Against Kim Dotcom
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been hit with a lawsuit from the Recording Industry Association of America, for allegedly sharing $500 million of copyrighted material, Rolling Stone reports.

The organization, which has spent the last 15 years suing Napster, Grokster, LimeWire and their users, accused Megaupload of allowing users to engage in "rapid, unrestricted downloading of popular, infringing content." The suit comes two years after the US Department of Justice raided Dotcom's New Zealand mansion.

Dotcom, who has launched a successor to Megaupload titled Mega, has responded on Twitter to the news of the lawsuit:

"Copyright extremists are having a party on #Megaupload's corpse after the witch hunt and public burning of a totally legal cloud storage site."

As Brad Newberg, an intellectual-property attorney in Washington, DC notes, Megaupload's prominence made the lawsuit an "easy call:"

"The combination of the publicity of Megaupload, as well as the criminal investigation giving them a head start, made this one a relatively easy call - as opposed to having to reinvent the wheel [by suing] some other sites. A lot of people know about it."
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