Riche Sambora: 'Bon Jovi Needs to Stop Talking'

Guitarist accuses singer of "making it very difficult to come back."

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Richie Sambora has accused Jon Bon Jovi of putting obstacles in the way of his return to the band.

Recently singer Jon suggested substance issues were behind his bandmate's latest absence, and admitted that "it's getting more and more difficult not to talk about Sambora."

But now Sambora claims he's said too much already. He tells the Daily Mail (via Classic Rock): "My opinion is Jon wants to see if he can pull off stadiums by himself. He's making it very difficult for me to come back.

"Enough with the trash-talking Jon needs to stop talking about me publicly. I am fine, working very hard on my fashion company, and this is a private matter. I don't have any major problems in my life right now."

He adds that his thoughts are with followers of the band, saying: "I love my fans and I feel bad from them at the moment. They've paid money to see Bon Jovi, and, right now, they're not getting the whole deal."

Sambora recently tweeted: "Hey there's too much to say right now so I won't say anything. Love you all. Thank u for the support. Just don't worry ... everything's good."

Hey there's too much to say right now so I won't say you all...thank u for your support...

Richie Sambora (@TheRealSambora) May 22, 2013

Just don't worry... Everything's good....

Richie Sambora (@TheRealSambora) May 22, 2013

The guitarist dropped off the latest leg of Bon Jovi's world tour just hours before it was supposed to kick off in Calgary. He was replaced by Phil X, who also stood in during Sambora's visit to rehab in 2011.

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    He should have known what this was all about when he joined a band named after the singer.
    Agree. Bon Jovi pays too much attention to this situation.
    I can understand him being so though, he has been his guitarist since the very start, 30 years ago. It'd be hard for him to replace him as a guitarist & as a friend
    Oh This is Horseshit. Sambora tell the whole story and Bon Jovi won't have to speculate or Try to ease the tension of your fans. Most bands would have kicked you to the curb by now. It certainly doesn't sound like John wants that and feel he needs you. The band may be named Bon Jovi but thats just half of the act. Step up or get out of the way.
    I love how everyone is a Phil X mark now, despite not knowimg who he was six months ago.
    I'm not too keen on Twitter being such a prominent source for information and testimonials these days. I get that it's ancillary and direct, but I think that reporters should be so loyal to such a medium where the line of professionalism is translucent. It really just fuels celebrity gossip.
    >He tells the Daily Mail (via Classic Rock) Where was Twitter mentioned as the source to his words about "Jon needs to stop talking about me publicly"? Twitter is just a source of Sambora talking that he's okay.
    I'm aware he tells the daily mail. That doesn't change the fact that twitter was involved in the story when it didn't need to be. Reporters are using it as a crutch.
    Bon Jovi needs to find his voice again. A friend of mine who is a HUGE Bon Jovi fan, she has been to 90 Bon Jovi concerts since 1985 or so. She took me to the most recent show here, before Sambora left, and I can tell you one simple thing. Jon NEVER changes the tone of his voice throughout the whole concert. Almost three hours worth of monotone singing. They dropped the keys of the songs to match his voice. It was pathetic. "Raise your hands" being sung in the same key as "Because we can" with the same vocal tone was horrible to say the least.
    I need some new Phil X vids on YouTube so get Richie back to the band!
    "I love my fans and I feel bad from them at the moment. They've paid money to see Bon Jovi, and, right now, they're not getting the whole deal." Feels so bad, he's doing sweet f a about it. Hoping Phil X can make the show I've paid good money for, a good one, 'cause I can't say I'm not a little disappointed I won't see the original line up.
    From an outsiders view, it has seemed like Sambora has been not sober for years now. Just make it official and kick the drunk out of the band for good.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Bon Jovi needs to stop making music*
    Bon Jovi needs to start making good music again.
    Guitarus Rex
    "...I'm working very hard on my fashion company..." WTF?!?! Massive man-point deduction. That falls under the stuff-I-wish-I-didn't-know category. I vote that rock bands go back to having a little mystery about them. Please stop posting every detail of your life and every thought in your head. As a matter of fact, I'm going to stop posting here. Because, really, who cares what I think about anything? Thanks for letting me spout my uneducated, uninformed and non-sought opinions about everything rock and roll. I love the site, but I'm done typing.
    xJMx PRS
    Personally, i think Jon needs to get his head out of his ass, and get Richie back. The band is named after jon, but richie is just a key part of the band as tico or bryan. Richie's latest solo album was immense, you can tell that Jon has the final say on the actual "Bon Jovi" sound!
    If it wasn't some at least important issue he wouldn't have walked out in the middle of tour (at least I hope not). I do wish they'd stop talking about it though. Leave the private conflict in private.
    I'm seeing them in 2 weeks. I'm a bit bummed that I can't see Sambora but Phil X is one of my favourite players so swings and roundabouts I suppose
    sad to know that one of my favs growing up are at ends hope he returns soon
    Yeah, and one more thing what I hope for, is that they go back to their old vibe of Slippery When Wet times. Or, at least, that they continue going with the Country-influenced hard-rock, like they did on The Lost Highway album.
    Richie's right, the band is nothing without him. I'm asking myself when he'll finally decide to leave them, 'cause he sounds much more better alone.