Richie Sambora Looking to Rejoin Bon Jovi in September

"It's a family drama and it will be resolved," the axeman said.

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Bon Jovi drama might be finally cooling down as axeman Richie Sambora recently hinted at returning to the ranks of New Jersey rockers.

During a chat with the Sun, Sambora called the entire matter "a family drama" that "will be resolved," expressing his hopes for a September return.

"I'll be in Paris with my daughter Ava while the band rocks the UK," the guitarist said. "But let's see what happens at the end of summer. September's looking good. So, maybe September."

The axeman also confirmed that he will not be performing with the group during the upcoming Hyde Park show in London, confessing he is feeling sad for skipping such a major concert.

"I am not going to be on stage at Hyde Park sadly," he said. "It's just not happening right now. I truly want to be there and I feel very sad for the fans that I won't be performing."

Sambora continued, "I love the fans, I love the band. Jon and I have been tight for like thirty years, so all of this is very sad and it affects so many people around us."

According to the previous reports, the guitarist was furious at singer Jon Bon Jovi for basically calling him a replaceable member of the group. As initially reported, Sambora left the band in early April due to "personal issues."

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    He couldn't have been that offended by Bon Jovi's "The Edge" comments, then. Maybe something that pissed him off a little at the time but has gotten over since. It's cool that he has no intentions of permanently stepping away from something he's been part of for 30 years. And when he returns, UG will no longer have to post about all this unnecessary drama...I'm sure Bon Jovi and Sambora are getting sick of saying it now "It's a personal matter!"
    Version I heard was he was disrespectful towards Sambora's daughter and Richie decided enough was enough. Either way whatever the issue, it isn't really Bon Jovi with Mr Sambora not present. Now if they could just make Slippery When Wet 2 or or New New Jersey, that would be ace.
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    If their new album was anything to go by, we won't be getting Slippery When Wetter or Still Keepin' The Faith anytime soon. Still, hopefully this issue can be resolved and the two of them can make up or whatever's happened.
    Obligatory "Phil X" nuthugging by those who don't even like the band.
    This band should be renamed to Sambora. Honestly, this band would be nothing without him, in my opinion.
    This is pretty awesome news, right here! In my opinion, Richie has it in him to do his own solo tour; (with three albums to choose from, a plethora of guitarist's that he's friends with, and if schedules lined up, it could spell complete awesomeness!) but alas, I don't think that will ever happen... But the fact that Richie and Jon are quieting down (considering what I have heard, whether it true or not, Jon has been especially vocal, including about issues with Richie's daughter) this is a promising new start. I've always been a huge fan. Albeit, 'What About Now' being a pretty dismal effort for 45 minutes of relatively nothing too spectacular, I have hopes for a comeback. I'm not asking for another Slippery When Wet, or New Jersey, or even another These Days.... But if they manage to get off their asses, and write something like the 'Crush' or 'Have A Nice Day' albums... I'll be one happy Bon Jovi camper
    Don't get too excited. He may rejoin and UG will have nothing to post about, but give it a couple months and there'll be some more "Personal issues" and the whole thing repeats itself.
    It's funny how alot of you say how tired you are of the Jon and Ritchie drama but you continue to obviously read about it and post your comments. UG is just relaying music news.
    Might as well keep Phil X at this point, I believe his following brought a lot of people to Bon Jovi shows that would not have went otherwise. Phil is one of my favourite players but I can't stand Bon Jovi, thanks to him though Bon Jovi might get a ticket sale from me he would never have gotten before.
    I understand your comment about Phil X bringing a new audience, but in reality Bon Jovi ticket sales have dramatically decreased since Richie left. Most Bon Jovi fans have a hard time seeing them without Richie being there because for 30 years its been Jon and Richie. That being said, Phil X is an awesome guitar player!
    Seen them last night at Hampden and although it was a shame that Richie wasn't there, they still rocked.
    Bon Jovi is just the namesake. One of my biggest pet peeves is people thinking that it's just Jon. I love Jon to death, don't get me wrong - he is a great artist, but same with all other members... Sambora, Torres, Bryan... all of them are amazing. and the band would never ever be the same. noone in a bandmosphere should ever feel more important than the other. Whether one gets recognised more or less, doesn't make anyone in that band any worse or better than another member. Especially with a band that has been around for 30 years... Jon constantly recognises Tico as a fantastic artist, David practically wrote In These Arms... and Richie is always co-centre of attention along with Jon. there's no need to deny anything I've said so far, because if anyone knows a lick of Bon Jovi at all, they'll know that to be true. That being said, it sucks that Richie isn't on tour with the rest of the band right now, but I am sure that he'll return - or that it'll be the end of Bon Jovi as we know it. Also, if you think that Richie is unimportant or not a central part of this band... go look at every single composing/producing credits, and then rethink whatever it is that you were thinking.
    Didn't even relaise he'd left. Might explain why the guitar work on the singles from the new album is so tame.
    He played on the album. He left mid-tour.
    My mistake then. He may as well have not bothered playing on the album though.
    Why? He was a member of the band then so why the hell wouldn't he play on the album?
    He played on the album, does backing vocals, co-wrote it and co-produced it. His skills and input go a lot further than just the guitar. I personally prefer his solo work to the Bon Jovi stuff.