Richie Sambora Quits Bon Jovi on Tour

However, the band is still on the road.

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Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has decided to quit the american band's current tour citing "personal issues" as the reason for his departure, Gigwise reports.

Sambora has been with Bon Jovi since 1983, but was missing from their Alberta, Canada concert last night (2 April) and it is unclear whether the guitarist will return for the band's UK shows in June.

Bon Jovi's official website says: "Due to personal issues, Richie Sambora will not be performing on this upcoming leg. All shows will go on as scheduled."

The news seems to have hit lead singer Jon Bon Jovi pretty hard as he told the Canadian crowd, "I had two choices - pack up and go home or give you everything I got. Richie Sambora won't be performing for a while. If there's ever a night I need you, it's tonight, Calgary!"

The frontman also promised to donate $100,000 to a local shelter to make up for the band's missing guitarist.

Sambora has had trouble with substance abuse in the past and was forced to miss Bon Jovi's 2011 tour as he had to attend rehab.

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    Sleeping in
    It seems there is very literal tolerance on UG for people that dislike Bon Jovi... wow.
    I think you'll find more tolerance when you dont troll bands' you don't like stories to exclaim to their fans they suck.
    hmm, seriously, Bon Jovi isn't the same without Richie. It might sound too hard, but if he is not playing in Europe, I think I'm going to sell my ticket.
    Have you seen em with Phil X??? Easily fills the gap left by Richie AND can more than keep up with Jon on vocals.
    Thoughts on the band aside Sambora is a great guitarist. I hope it's nothing too bad but I assume it would have to be serious to drop a tour like that.
    Three Days Grace, Dead By April, My Chemical Romance... I hoped Bon jovi wouldn't be so hysterical... but nope.
    Richie makes the band what it is, his guitar playing is top quality and his vocals far surpass Jons, Ive seen them 5 times and the highlight ever time was Richie's solo performance where he takes on the lead vocal. Gutted if he doesnt make Glasgow.
    Gerard Way Jr
    "Personal issues" being "finally realizing this band sucks".
    Funny coming from you... incredibly funny. Without Richie it's not the same, the band may be named after Jon, but it's Richie's guitar playing that makes it a great band for me. But if that means more Phil X... I won't mind.
    Shut up MCR fanboy from a few weeks ago, ok im not the biggest bon jovi fan after seeing them, HOWEVER they are FAR more sucessful than MCR ever were. Bon Jovi has been around since 1983 and are still huge worlwide to this date, MCR broke up after 12 years, realising that the band is going nowhere. Bon jovi has sold 130 million albums, MCR has sold 4 million. Please, as i told you a few weeks ago, Grow the **** up
    I'm seeing them in Manchester in 2 months, I hope he's back for it. But if they get Phil X to replace him I'll be happy with that.
    Gutted, I have a ticket for Cardiff. Really want to see the full line up ...we shall see if he returns!
    Jon Bon Jovi is a class act! True grit shows up in moments of truth, and clearly Jon has lots of class.
    Not the same without Richie at all, but good to see Phil X is filling in, he's the only person that can come close to filling in the hole Sambora leaves. Hope he's back soon and that this amazing band keeps rolling like they always have. So many great rock bands out there, and Bon Jovi definitely is one of them