Richie Sambora Supposedly Left Bon Jovi Due to a Money Dispute

"It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup," the report says.

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Longtime Bon Jovi axeman Richie Samboras sudden departure from the band's current tour left the fans surprised and curious about what has been going on among the group ranks these days. Sambora himself named "personal issues" as the reason behind the entire situation, thanking everyone for the support without revealing almost any details.

And now, the recent reports claim that there's more to the whole thing that we might think. According to TMZ, sources directly connected to the band say that the "tensions between Jon [Bon Jovi] and Richie have been running high for years and it's finally erupted."

Judging by the report, the singer is constantly having issues with Sambora and it would seem that the money disputes are the main reason behind it. "It's a classic Jagger/Richards blowup," says an unnamed source.

After the guitarist has missed out on Calgary concert, Jon took the crowd on his own, saying that he "had two choices: pack up and go home or give you everything I got."

In the meantime, the band has hired guitarist Phil X as a temporary replacement, welcoming him back in yesterday's announcement on the official website. With the current lack of any solid information, it still remains unknown when or whether Sambora will be returning to the Bon Jovi fold.

Thank you everyone for your concern. I'm well, but had to stay in LA to take care of a personal matter.Love you all and see you very soon.

Richie Sambora (@TheRealSambora) April 3, 2013

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    Pay the man. We want richie back dead or alive!..... Alive's probably better. Phil X is no slouch either, but they'll miss richie's vocals more than his guitar
    Phil X is great on vocals too. Plus he can shred and has a sense of energy that might ignite Jovi into not being so dang old.
    Didn't know he was a good vocalist too, good to hear, Bon jovi is one of the bands I want to see once more before they're done.
    Vicryl 2.0
    because "Theyve seen a million faces, and theyve rocked them all" thats WHY....
    They haven't recorded a ROCK song in 25 what have they been rockin people with....."You cant go home"?????.....yea right.....
    Bon Jovis music was never rock was always main stream pop with an edge that possibly bordered on Rock of some sort but not anything worth buying....
    Are you trying to suggest that anything that isn't rock isn't worth listening to?
    Phil X is only gonna be a touring musician, after their bassist got fired, they never hired a new one. I like their older stuff, up to even some lost highway, but these last two albums just sucked, and gave Richie no time to shine. I'm guessing it won't be long until this turns into a Guns n' Roses situation, and with Jon's Axl Rose-sized ego, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.
    Sambora's a solid and versatile rock guitar player and these days a much better singer than Jon Bon Jovi. Can't see them raking much in without him!
    For the people stating money doesn't matter, let me clarify something for you. Money matters quite a bit. It may not matter to a 20 year old trying to make it with his band. But it does matter to a 55 year old trying to pay his mortgage and raise his kids. Jon Bon Jovi from what I've heard views himself as a shrewd businessman. I am sure he is probably paying himself the lions share of the money generated from Bon Jovi since he is the guy in charge. If Sambora decided earning a dollar for every ten Jon made wasn't worth being away from his family and his time, then I totally understand it. What is he missing out on? Playing Wanted Dead or Alive for the millionth time to a bunch of soccer moms? I applaud Sambora for not being a pushover.
    I don't think this is legit. Richie would have a much better reason for doing this. They're a pretty professional/classy act and at this point in their career I'm sure payments and money is well sorted out and taken care of. I don't see how this is a Jagger/Richards kind of situation... Also I heard they can't stand each other, I also heard its because he wants to spend time with his daughter in LA, there are a million rumours! Leave it up to TMZ!
    Vicryl 2.0
    i wonder when they fight, do they ever use those cheesy lines from their songs?
    Yes right before Bon punches Richie he says: '' Im gonna lay you down on a bed of roses'' and then BOOM! Dental appointment.
    I heard Richie blew up at Bon Jovi and was quoted "It's my life. It's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever".
    omg no not Richie
    finally he made it...great guitar player,finally ran away from that sob
    Seriously. I hate Bon Jovi but Samboras solo record is awesome. And his cover of "When A Blind Man Cries" is top notch.
    I believe that Richie quit the band because he finally heard the new record I saw him live during his solo tour last year...he's such an amazing musician, so I hope that he's finally leaving Bon Jovi and break up with Jon....
    King Zeppelin I
    To be fair, Jon is able to rake in the lion's share of the profits because he does the lion's share of the work. Of course Richie is an integral part of the band, and has contributed a lot to the writing, but Bon Jovi is more than that. By this point it is a global brand, it tours nearly every year and plays to millions each time. Jon is in charge of this. It is his business. As much as Trump Tower is Donald's, so Bon Jovi is Jon's. He founded the business in the eighties and recruited the rest of the band as employees. It may not sound like the best way of managing a band, but to be fair to the man, few bands have been so successful. They're one of the biggest touring acts in the world (I think I read they are now second only to the Rolling Stones in ticket sales) and that is due to Jon's treating the band as a business. It could be perceived as unfair to Richie, but I somehow doubt that he was earning a pittance. That's if this is about money anyway, which I highly doubt, considering the source of this information.
    Don't kid yourself...its all about money....Ritchi can make a better living doing his own thing than working for JB for a wage, and he actually writes and records music that people other than 14 year old girls want to listen to.....
    @Uncle Buck~ You may want to fact check before writing any further posts. ALL of Richie's albums have tanked with good reason, inc. his most recent release. This goes back to his solo album when the band broke up with Doc as their manager. The facts don't lie. Yes, he plays a wicked guitar...a song writer, lyricist he's not. Without being part of BJ, the group, Ritchie's just another musician with major addiction problems. BTW, you posted Richie gets paid like a glorified common union musician. If that was the case, he may have left a very long time ago. He's got far more than enough $ for his great-grandkids to live very comfortably. Richie has from the very beginning of BJ, had issues w/ Jon being the frontman, deemed the "Sex Symbol" by Doc & others and the one to get most of the credit. Jon, however, gives Richie writing credits on songs he has not had any input on at all. Jon's bent over backwards thru the decades to keep Richie happy. For Richie to pull a stunt like this, if it's not another relapse but yet again a power trip & temper tantrum, good riddance. Its far over due. I'd like to see how far he gets on his own.....Richie who???
    You couldn't be far from the truth! Bon Jovi has stated time and time again, that all the songs with credit given to Sambora were indeed due to Sambora's input. Don't kid yourself, Sambora can write a song just as good as Bon Jovi or even better. Heck, I'd say Sambora is the main reason Bon Jovi is still relevant. Go back and read interviews with Bon Jovi stating he want x song to be the main hit off crush when Richie felt "Its my life" was the major hit.....and sure enough which song is most memorable from the album? Same with the These Days album, as Richie was right in what he felt the public would like better. Bon jovi picked the hits for circle cd and the latest one, and both albums are a bust!
    Phil X on stage would give me a reason to pay for a Bon Jovi concert.
    A money dispute. There they are playing music for a living, the dream life of millions of people, and he throws a tantrum over money. What a dickhead
    I bet every single penny I have that you would do the exact same thing if you were in his position. Really easy to judge people when you're not in their shoes.
    i cant even scrape together 2 guys to play some free pub gigs. This guy plays stadium shows every other night. Sorry if I'm a little bitter but he has everything I want and still its not enough
    Jed H
    I'm a fan of both Richie and Jon and hope this is just stupid gossip running wild. However, Jon is clearly the businessman in the group. He handles the day to day Bulls---t and that's nothing to scoff at. I saw one of the concerts without Richie in 2011 and he was missed but it was still a really great concert. Jon's the real draw when it comes to Bon Jovi. If the rumors turn out to be true, Richie can't care too much about the fans to pull a stunt like this.
    Maybe he is tired of being a major contributor to the success of the band while being paid like a glorified common union musician.....
    I highly doubt this is about money. Richie is probably doing drugs again or something.
    With as long as those guys have been together, you'd think they had plenty of money. Though, I think I have lost some respect for him(Sambora that is), music shouldn't be about money, it should be about the music.
    Music is about the music. Recording and touring bands are about the money. Nothing wrong with that.
    In the end, it always boils down to the money. Sh*t ain't free and the services people offer aren't either. Never forget that.
    Also keep in mind that the report is coming from TMZ of all people
    A lot of it's about respect I think. It's the same reason Bill Ward wouldn't get back with Sabbath. If the rest of your band doesn't want to pay you as much, then it suggests that they don't respect your musical contributions. Richie is just as important as Jon when it comes to songwriting(maybe even more), so he deserves his fair share of the money.
    I can believe that there are tensions between Jon and Richie, but I don't think Jon has control over how much money each person makes. Isn't that something that's in the contracts they signed with whomever is promoting their tour? Perhaps Live Nation?
    It's ****ing TMZ, people. It's crap. Jon was just on Sirius last week talking about plans for another album in the next 2 - 3 years. Anything is possible, but given that this is TMZ using an unnamed source that they don't even elaborate on as far as positioning within or around the band or it's members, I don't give the story much credit.
    Phil X is such a sloppy guitarist. Way too loud, as a person, too. also Sambora's daughter. nuff said.
    Phil X isn't sloppy, it's just he isn't using super sustained mega distortion like your typical shredder. I'd like to see you play some of the things he does with a stiff pick and fat strings with a lightly distorted amp.
    in fact, i was always told to learn things on a guitar thats has very little effects. even learning stuff on an acoustic. im better than phil x
    Phil X is awesome! He gets to play all these old vintage guitars for fretted americana and is definitely a better guitarist than Richie is (maybe not a singer though) plus he personally commented to me on my youtube channel which I thought was cool.
    And that last line completely explains your love fest for the man
    There is no "whomever", Jon owns and runs Bon Jovi. It's all business to Jon all the time.
    Exactly ...and that why he writes and records music for the masses.....MASSES OF 10 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRLS and their soccer moms.....
    kill it
    Bon Jovi is a solo act pure and simple. If Ritchie wants more money he needs to realize this. Without Ritchie, Bon Jovi can still continue to write terrible albums an sell out big shows. As a solo artist Ritchie will play small venues and probably only fill them to half capacity and make considerably less money. I do think Ritchie is a much better singer than Jon Bon Jovi. I also find much of Jon Bon Jovi's newer music to be very boring and middle of the road.
    I'm not convinced by this. I don't believe this is about money. If it was, why leave it until the last minute to pull out when fans have bought tickets ? The business side must have been discussed and contracts signed a long time ago. My guess, reading his post and just judging by his past history is that his addiction demons have taken hold again. If that is the case then that is sad but lets not use that as an excuse to bash JBJ as my guess is this is nothing to do with him and that it's an issue within Richie Sambora.
    This isn't the first time I've heard of Richie "quitting" Bon Jovi for good. IIRC the first time I heard about it was right before the Crush tour. Then again I seem to recall another "quitting" around Bounce. And The Circle. I'd bet, if I looked back to prior to These Days, before I was into any music at all, that he's "quit" Bon Jovi over and over and over again.