Rick Cimato Dead: Thinning The Herd Drummer Killed In Car Accident

Rick Cimato, drummer for New York metal band Thinning The Herd, was killed last weekend in a car accident.

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Rick Cimato, drummer for New York metal band Thinning The Herd, was killed last weekend in a car accident.

"In shock and in tears over the loss of my friend and bandmate, I have to think of the band," singer Gavin Spielman said on the band's Facebook page on December 27. "I named the band Thinning The Herd when my father Steven A. Spielman passed, to cope with the loss. Rick would want me to keep writing for Thinning The Herd. If stop, I would not be doing his legacy service. His drumming on the new record is some of the best rock I have heard, and I want you guys to hear it. Thank god for this guy, what a gift as a friend, brother and band mate."

The post came after an initial post of Cimato's death with Spielman saying he didn't think he could continue with the band after Cimato's death. Later Spielman added another post stating Cimato "was not just in my band, he was a great, loyal, trustworthy friend." He also thanked friends and fans for their support in light of the tragedy.

Gun Shy Assassin reported Cimato was returning from visiting relatives in Maine when the head-on collision took place in Connecticut. A Rick Cimato Memorial Facebook page - who listed Cimato as being born in 1975 - has been set up with updates on the accident. A female occupant broke her eye socket and ruptured her spleen in the car Cimato was in, but will pull through. As will a male passenger who underwent surgery.

Thinning The Herd was on the cusp of seeing their new studio album "Freedom From The Known" released in early February, an album recorded by acclaimed producer Steve Albini.

Watch Thinning The Herd's "Oceans Rise" video:

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    R.I.P, any good musician lost is a great loss in the music world.(good as in not the likes of jb,rihanna etc)
    Honestly, it's lives we're talking about. Is it really necessary to play the I Hate Modern Pop Card here? Anyway, RIP.
    Agreed. Pop is popular because people keep talking about it. Stop talking about it, and it will slowly start to fade into obscurity. Rest in peace, Rick.