Rick Rubin Files to Legally Change His Name

Producer was born Frederick Jay Rubin.

Ultimate Guitar

Rick Rubin has filed to change the name on his birth certificate, according to reports.

TMZ state (via NME) that Rubin, who was born Frederick Jay Rubin, wants to have the name by which he is commonly known published on his birth certificate.

The producer has worked with a diverse range of artists under his nickname, including Jay Z, Slayer and Jake Bugg.

Rubin helped produce Kanye West's 2013 album "Yeezus," also known for producing Black Sabbath's last year's "13," Eminem's "MMLP 2," as well as the whole System of a Down's catalog, every Red Hot Chili Peppers album from "Blood Sugar Sex Magik," Metallica's "Death Magnetic," Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight," "A Thousand Suns" and "Living Things" and Beastie Boys' debut "Licensed to Ill."

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    I thought the dude who engineered Death Magnetic would be changing his name NOT the producer!!
    It was engineered fine, the mastering was the problem.
    The engineering wasn't fine if they're brick-wall compressing as they're going along just to send it off to mastering who can't really do anything with it.
    Any loudness is Rick's fault, just go to the loudness war site with the list of "loud" albums and look at the producer there is no coincidence that Rick produced them.
    there was no problem. stop crying about how bad Death Magnetic is, it's an epic album.
    AaronianKenrod didn't slate the music on the album, they slated the production. Under which case, yes, the production was god damn f*cking awful and condensed.
    Pretty sure the mastering guy (Ted Jensen?) specifically said the tracks were already brick-walled when they got to him.
    Because telling people your full name is Frederick Rubin is such a pain. That's like me changing my name from Bradley Myers to Brad Myers. Was it really necessary?