Ricky Gervais Hints at David Brent Glastonbury Performance

artist: Ricky Gervais date: 04/17/2014 category: music news
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Ricky Gervais Hints at David Brent Glastonbury Performance
There are still hundreds of bands and artists to be announced for this year's Glastonbury, and among that number could be none-other than Ricky Gervais, performing as his alter-ego from "The Office," David Brent.

AsĀ Gigwise notes, the comedy actor caused ticket frenzy in late 2013 when he performed London gigs as his TV creation, will perform two more shows in May of this year and has hinted that further live shows could be in the pipeline. Now, in a new interview with the Radio Times, Gervais has said that a Glastonbury slot could also be on the cards.

"It could happen," he says. "It would be amazing for Ricky Gervais but I don't know if I can justify David Brent playing Glastonbury because David Brent can't become a real pop star. He can't play venues outside the story."

Gervais takes to the road in May, and has previously told the publication that he plans to film a mockumentary about his time on the road. In character, of course.

"It's just an idea. I want to do a tour, a little tour and people think they're seeing a tour," he said. "I film it, but actually it's Brent who thinks he's making a Scorsese-type thing of 'On the Road.'

"Of course, behind the scenes, it is so much sadder and more poignant. It's Spinal Tap meets sad Scorsese meets Anvil. It's more of the breakdown of this man who thought he was going to be something else."
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