Ringo Starr Gives Drum Kit To Ill Teenager

artist: Ringo Starr date: 04/05/2011 category: music news
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Ringo Starr Gives Drum Kit To Ill Teenager
Ringo Starr brought one fan's dream to life last week when he gave them his drum kit. The young fan Alex Kipp, a brain cancer survivor with tourettes syndrome, had asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help arrange a meeting with his hero. Speaking to the LA Times, the teen's father said "Alexx came to me one morning and he said, 'Dad, I had a dream last night and I met Ringo. This was before we knew it was going to happen. "About a week later we got the call. I told him, 'It looks like your dream came true.'" They later met at the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles, where the pair talked and played drums on Ringo's kit. Before departing, the famous drummer offered Alexx the kit to keep. Ringo was himself introduced to drums as a 13-year-old in a hospital battling tuberculosis. He was humbled by the experience, saying "It's huge. It puts you in your place. You think you've got a cold - you're all, 'Oh, what about me?' Then you help these kids. You think of the families. I've got children too, and it's got to be hard."
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